Ranking of the best fans for the computer case

Many people underestimate the importance of case fans for the computer, and in vain. They provide the removal of excess heat, which is emitted by numerous radiators on the motherboard and other motherboards. By creating an inflow of fresh air and warm outflow, they allow the equipment to work with optimal performance. In addition, good coolers for the case can even reduce the noise from the computer, which is created mainly by the fan on the processor. Since they lower the overall temperature inside the case, all the coolers rotate at lower speeds, and in general the noise from the system unit decreases noticeably. However, a good effect can be expected only from a high-quality cooler. Therefore, we consider the best fans for installation in the computer case, which have earned their reputation for excellent performance, reliability and good reviews.

Top 10 best coolers for the computer case.

No. 10 - Thermaltake Riing 14 Yellow LED + LNC

This model opens our list of the best fans for computers installed in the case. It belongs to the 140-mm coolers and operates at a speed of 1400 rev / min, creating a powerful air flow. However, this noise is quite weak. Included is a LNC cable (Low-Noise Cable), through which noise is reduced by another 21%, and this characteristic becomes comparable with the best models. The design uses a hydrodynamic bearing with a stated service life of 40, 000 hours. But the main "trick" of this fan is an unusual yellow light.

No. 9 - Cooler MasterFan Pro 120 Air Pressure RGB

With a fairly average performance, this 120mm fan can reach speeds from 650 to 1500 rpm. Management is possible from the board. This seemingly unremarkable product has a couple of advantages. Firstly, this is one of the quietest coolers - at low revs his work is almost inaudible, and at high noise we can only compare with the best models. Secondly, in the central part of the fan there is a multi-colored illumination that fans of beautiful designs will like.

№ 8 - DeepCool Wind Blade 120

This cooler has average performance for 120-millimeter models, although the noise level can be considered below the average. Provides good air circulation at a maximum speed of 1300 rpm. This fan is quite cheap, but has a blue backlight, which is not so common in this category.

No. 7 - Be Quiet Pure Wings 2 120 mm PWM BL039

120mm fan provides good airflow at speeds up to 1500 rev / min. In general, this is a good middling with speed control and 4-pin connector. The design uses reliable sliding bearing, but the noise level is quite low. Among other similar stands out the original design, although without the backlight.

No. 6 - Noctua NF-P14s redux-1200 PWM

Fan with a diameter of 140 mm. with maximum revolutions of 1200 rpm creates an impressive air flow. It is connected with a 4-pin connector and control takes place from the board. The design is remarkable for its high reliability - it is declared to work at 150000 hours, and this is one of the longest-lived coolers on our list. In terms of noise, it is also one of the quietest. A reliable bearing with magnetic centering is used, so care is not required.

No. 5 - Fractal Design Silent Series R3 140mm

This is also a rather large fan, 140 mm in diameter. It is capable of developing up to 1000 revolutions per minute, which is quite enough for its size - due to the large blades a decent air flow is created. This cooler has a 3-pin connector, that is, the speed can be adjusted from the board. The sliding bearing is used that allows to reduce noise level. Guaranteed work time - 40, 000 hours.

№ 4 - DeepCool GS120

This cooler is smaller than the previous candidate - its dimensions are 120x120 mm. However, it has its advantages: a much smaller weight, and it creates a greater air flow due to high revolutions - up to 180 rpm. This model is connected via a 4-pin connector, that is, the speed can be adjusted as needed. Another plus is the use of a hydrodynamic bearing, which is much more durable than others. But this cooler has a minus: it creates a bit more noise than the previous model. Smaller size makes you increase the speed, so the noise also increases.

No. 3 - Thermaltake Riing 14, 256 Color LED

This 140-mm model, however, can accelerate to 1500 rpm, while creating less noise than the previous member of our list. In addition, this cooler has a low noise mode, with a rev range of 400-1100 rpm, in which it is almost inaudible. However, the air flow is provided fairly large, comparable to previous models. This fan is connected by a 4-pin connector that can be controlled from the board. The bearing is used hydrodynamic, that is, the service life is quite decent - at least 40, 000 hours. What gamers and modding enthusiasts will especially like is that this cooler has color illumination and can perform not only a practical function, but also serve as a decoration for the system unit.

No. 2 - Cooler Master SickleFlow Red LED

This 120-mm model does not accidentally take the honorable second place in our rating. With an impressive rpm of 2000 rpm, it provides more powerful airflow than previous candidates. At the same time, the noise generated by the cooler is very low, several times less than that of analogs. For silent cooling of the case, this is the quietest version of all considered here. The design uses durable sliding bearing. It is connected using a 3-pin connector. The fan is equipped with a spectacular red light, which allows it to be used in various design solutions.

No. 1 - Corsair LL120 RGB PRO 3x

This model is also 120 mm., It has an impressive performance with a small noise level. According to the characteristics, it is close to number 2 in our list, but it has an advantage: it is connected with a 4-pin connector and can adjust the rotation from 600 to 1500 rpm. For fans of beautiful computers, this fan is attractive with a very impressive multi-color backlight. The cost of it, however, is quite high, but the bundle includes 3 coolers, which can be immediately placed in all the right places of the case. Thanks to a successful combination of all characteristics, Corsair LL120 RGB PRO tops our fan rating for the computer case. Other models can have the best performance in one thing, but here everything is balanced, plus - a spectacular appearance.

Presented top coolers for the case contains models that have the best performance among others. As you can see, quite a few of them also have a highlight, which is only a plus for them. However, the main thing that was taken into account was the generated air flow and noise. For these parameters, all the models presented are very good.

Have you ever installed a cooler in your computer case and by what parameters did you choose it? Or maybe you think that these fans are not very important? Share your opinions in the comments.