Rating of the best programs for working with PDF files

Every PC user from time to time there is a need to work with a PDF file. And not always we just need to open it. Some files need editing. Previously it was thought that the best PDF editing program was Adobe Reader, and rightly so, since the application has an extensive set of utilities. However, it has its drawbacks (for example, a lot of weight). Today we will look at the ranking of the best programs for working with PDF and see what programs are ideal for professional work, and which ones are enough for home use. All programs can be divided into four groups: for reading, editing, program managers (they allow you to compress and split files) and converters (convert documents from one format to another). Consider all types of programs and their capabilities.

Top 10 best programs for working with PDF-files.

Foxit reader

One of the most popular programs in this area opens our rating. The main advantage of Foxit Reader is its low weight (3.5 MB), thanks to which this program for working with PDF works fast and is compatible even with very old versions of Windows. By type, it belongs to the viewers - converters and is ideal for those who just need to read the documents. To do this, Foxit Reader has an excellent set of features:

  • The function of viewing, highlighting and commenting.
  • Ability to search by words and phrases.
  • Filling out documents and various forms.

The program also has a mobile version, in which you can convert PDF-format into "Word" documents. True, this feature is only available in the paid version of the application.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

As already mentioned, this utility has long been considered the best of its kind, as it combines four types at once: using Adobe Reader, you can not only view and convert files, but also edit them. It is worth noting that the free version includes only reading. The most useful features of the application include (including paid):

  • View documents, the ability to highlight, comment and search by text.
  • Editing texts.
  • Signing of documents.
  • Merge several files into one.
  • Compressing and converting files into various formats (including pictures).

A mobile version of Adobe Reader also exists, but it only allows viewing on a free basis and converting to a paid one.

ATTENTION. This can be done for free, but only online.

Cool PDF reader

This software for reading PDF documents is the smallest in weight (600 KV), which makes it very easy to use. Cool PDF Reader is a viewer that allows you to:

  • Read files.
  • Save and print them.
  • Convert to basic document formats.

Also a big plus is that the utility database contains 68 languages.

Sejda PDF

This manager is impressive with the number of features and features available. All tools are conveniently categorized and easy to use, allowing you to perform the necessary manipulations as quickly as possible. Main advantages:

  • Add annotations.
  • Text selection.
  • Editing text.
  • Adding images.
  • Convert from different formats.
  • Combining and compressing documents.
  • Password protection.
  • Add watermarks.
  • Reduced page size, etc.

There are paid and free versions. If you use a free application, the file size should not exceed 200 pages, and be smaller than 50 MB in size. The available number of operations - 3 per day.


It is not even a program, but a utility for viewing PDF-files, which is available with any browser and does not require installation. It allows you to view documents in the browser, correct and supplement them, as well as insert links and graphics.


Immediately make a reservation that this software has many drawbacks. For example, with its help it will not be possible to convert and modify the file, and the interface is far from perfect. However, it is free, and has some useful managerial functions:

  • Combining in several modes.
  • Splitting a file into bookmarks, pages and even different documents.
  • Turn the pages.
  • Convert some other formats to PDF.

PDF-XChange Editor

This program is very functional and will seem familiar to all users of Microsoft Office. As with all Office programs, the number of tools is impressive, but you will need time to master them. The program includes:

  • Text selection and the ability to add annotations.
  • Editing.
  • OCR recognition.
  • Extract individual pages from a document.
  • Encryption.
  • Compression.
  • Sort in the correct order.
  • Conversion and more.

At the moment, the program has several options, including paid and free.

PDF Hammer

The following program does not have any special functions, but is very simple and easy to use. Hammer allows the user to not only view documents, but also edit, combine and share them. A good bonus is the ability to protect a document by imposing a password.

Soda PDF

The main feature of this application is not even a huge number of functions, but the speed and load on the OS. Despite the impressive set of tools, the program works quickly, without overloading the system. Key features of Soda PDF:

  • Text editing, adding backgrounds and images.
  • Layer processing (like graphic editors).
  • Conversion.
  • Ordering documents.
  • Convenient reading and viewing modes.
  • Full protection (including signatures, passwords and watermarks).

ABBYY PDF Transformer

This manager for working with PDF was originally introduced as a converter, but then was upgraded to a full-fledged manager. The set of tools and capabilities is impressive, but the system requirements are also impressive. The key benefits of the program include:

  • Excellent text recognition.
  • Ability to edit, comment and modify pages in every way.
  • Allows you to instantly create PDF-documents in the context menu of various versions of Windows (including Windows 10).

We reviewed the top 10 most popular utilities for working with PDF files. Each of them has its own characteristics. Choosing the right program for you, you should first of all consider the purpose of the installation. It makes no sense to download a volumetric application with a huge amount of tools if you just need to view the files. Also worth considering the system requirements and speed. What programs do you use? Share in the comments!