Review the best add-ons for Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum is the most extensive Mozilla update since the advent of the browser, whose add-ons are processed in a completely new way. Previously, with the help of add-ons, it was possible to change any aspect in the browser. At the moment, it does not allow to make special building blocks for developers (WebExtensions), and you can only work with them. The new system has its pluses and minuses. For example, the chance of installing a virus add-on has become less, but the ability of developers to create really useful extensions has become limited. However, the Mozilla developers carefully prepared for the release of Firefox Quantum and prepared a lot of good extensions for this version of the browser. We have prepared for you an overview of the most useful additions that can greatly simplify the work in the browser and open up new opportunities for users.

Choosing the best add-on for Firefox Quantum.

LastPass Password Manager

Almost all modern browsers are equipped with a manager for storing logins and passwords. But not everyone can do what this extension is capable of. For example, LastPass not only automatically fills in all forms with passwords and user names, but also creates special shopping profiles, which makes sending faster. LastPass will offer you a password of any complexity, if suddenly you fail to come up with something really reliable. Also, the manager allows you to save documents and receipts. This extension is also available for mobile versions of the browser, which allows you to synchronize all information with a mobile device.

Evernote Web Clipper

The ability to save bookmarks and pages is a must-have feature of any browser. But only this add-on for Firefox Quantum will allow to save even separate articles and text snippets. All information is automatically grouped into tagged lists, making it easy to find any data. You can also install Evernote on your mobile device so that the stored information is always at hand.

Adblock plus

It is rare to find a user who is not annoyed endlessly pop-up ads. AdBlock Plus is an ideal solution that allows you not only to block advertising messages, but also to prohibit websites from following your actions on the page. The most useful features of the program include the function "Permissible Advertising". In this case, the user will only see filtered and unobtrusive ads. Filter EasyPrivacy protects against tracking your actions, and blocking unsafe domains will protect your PC from all sorts of virus and spyware.

Video DownloadHelper

Sometimes users need to download videos and view it offline. Video DownloadHelper is an add-on that allows you to download videos not only from YouTube, but also from Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch. You only need to choose the required quality, and then the program will do everything by itself.

YouTube Plus

Since we started talking about video content, it would not be superfluous to mention the “YouTube Plus” extension. Obviously, the main function of this add-on is to simplify working with the portal. It allows you to open video files in a separate pop-up window, rewind without a pause, configure ad blocking, create a black list of channels and much more.


This addition is ideal for those who are often not satisfied with the design of their favorite sites. Stylish allows you not only to download ready-made themes and change the look of pages, but also to create your own design concepts.

Easy screenshot

This add-on for creating screenshots is very convenient to use and allows you to take pictures not only of the whole page, but also of a specific selected part. Easy Screenshot takes screenshots quickly and saves them to your desktop.


Supplement Greasemonkey allows users to optimize such large sites as Gmail, YouTube and Facebook for themselves. This can be done by downloading ready-made scripts or by creating your own. The program allows you not only to change the appearance of the page, but also to customize the work of sites as it is convenient for you.


Anonymity protection is an important aspect of working on the Internet. The Ghostery application displays a list of all trackers connected to a website, which allows you to view and block them if there is such a need. The reverse side of the Internet is filled with various bugs and spyware programs that collect information about user actions. Ghostery makes it possible to recognize them and maintain confidentiality.


NoScript is another way to secure your PC. The application monitors the contents of sites and protects against various attacks (for example, ClickJacking or XSS attacks). This will not affect the operation of sites that are in the trusted zone.

Tab Mix WebExtension

This extension is suitable for those who open a huge number of tabs. Tab Mix WebExtension helps duplicate windows, adjust focus, override closed tabs, and more. Session manager will allow you to find the necessary information, saving current sessions.


Another extension that will suit all lovers of social networks. Buffer will greatly simplify the use of multiple accounts. Among the useful functions there are various user statistics, analysis of published information, display of likes and reposts. The application allows you to build a specific time and post publication interval, which will allow you to maintain profile activity throughout the day.


The last extension in our list will be useful to those who often write English texts. Grammarly will save you from having to chase texts through Word or Translator - spelling and grammatical errors will be corrected automatically. Also, the program will tell you how to better lead the story, stick to one or another style, and at the same time check for plagiarism.

Do not forget that various additions are developed every day, and many of them open up new possibilities for the user. If you found any interesting extension for Firefox Quantum, share in the comments!