The smss.exe process is a virus or system file

The smss.exe process is part of the Microsoft Windows 10 and earlier operating system. It is called the Session Manager, the session manager subsystem, and is responsible for the sessions in the system. Its launch is important for stable and safe functioning of the computer and should not stop.

Features of the smss.exe process.

What makes smss.exe

The smss.exe process is a component of Microsoft Windows. It runs at system boot time and handles many tasks, including creating an environment variable, starting kernel and user modes, creating DOS synchronization for various devices, creating paging files in virtual memory, and starting Windows logins. When it is completed, these tasks are idle and can be displayed as active in the task manager. It requires other system processes, otherwise the system will be shut down.

Why smss.exe heavily loads the processor

Errors are often caused by a conflict of user profiles or installation files, improper use or appropriate directories, and a malicious attack on the system. When conflicts occur in a profile or with a file, the application may not transfer data between the necessary files. In the task manager, you can see that smss.exe loads the processor. If the file or application directory as a whole is used or damaged, it may not be able to start. Malicious attacks or computer infections by the smss.exe process viruses can make the entire system frozen or unable to perform any necessary computing functions. Regardless of the reason, when detecting computer system errors, determining the best solution should be the first step.

Smss.exe virus removal

In most cases, the smss.exe session manager manager is considered safe. However, such programs sometimes become infected, and some malware is disguised and identified as known safe system files. When this happens, it can be very difficult to detect them, but using a comprehensive check, they are usually located and safely removed almost immediately. Common error messages that users can see include:

  • File not found;
  • Cannot find the file;
  • Device not recognized by missing file.

Since the manager is connected to USB connections with a computer, keyboard, mouse, or other hardware connected via a USB cable, it may not work properly due to an error. If you do not have experience managing tasks on your computer, it is best to allow them to be processed by the system scanner or registry scanner. Many tasks are necessary to perform certain operations, and their removal can lead to a crash, restart of a program or the entire computer. How to remove smss.exe virus in Windows 10? Run the built-in antivirus. To do this, click Start, type "Protection against viruses and threats" and press Enter. In the window that opens, click the "Run check now" button and wait until the operation is completed. When malware is detected, follow the instructions of the wizard - you will need to clean the system of unnecessary software and viruses.

The only time that a system boot occurs is when an application update arrives from the software manufacturer. When downloading from third-party sites, be very careful, as they may contain additional software that is installed without the user's consent, which may cause an even greater problem than the error that you get as a result of the absence or incorrect operation of the utility! When these errors appear, check if any new hardware or software has been added. If so, simply removing a new hardware or program can solve the problem. If not, follow these steps:

  • Scan any driver updates for new hardware. If new hardware or software has been downloaded, they may need updated drivers. Download new, protected drivers and reboot your PC.
  • Download and install updates. Regardless of the version of Windows you use, it is always recommended to install the latest security updates.
  • Use antivirus software.

Most anti-virus scanners will protect your computer from major threats. To increase protection, use the malware scanner built into Windows. If the steps above cannot solve the problem, the reason may be hiding in outdated hardware or software. If winlogon.exe or csrss.exe is not recognized in the processes, the computer will not be able to boot. If any of the processes unexpectedly stopped, the computer will shut down, fail or reboot. If you notice such errors, it is highly recommended to fix the problem as quickly as possible. Since this process is vital for booting up Windows, errors can damage the system files involved in the launch. Therefore, the use of anti-virus software is required!