How to use the program Wi-Fi Analyzer

One of the main functions of any modern gadget is access to Wi-Fi. But often we encounter problems and interruptions in the work of the channels. Wi-Fi Analyzer is an interesting and extremely useful application that allows you to simplify the search for channels and troubleshoot problems with them. At first glance, this program is a complex set of graphs and functions, which are not so easy to navigate. Therefore, we begin to deal with all this in order.

Work with the application Wi-Fi Analyzer.

Wi-Fi Analyzer - what is it

Currently, almost everywhere you can find a certain number of publicly available Wi-Fi networks, but not all of them can give good quality connections and sufficient speed. Often the signal level is in no way related to how far away you are from the router - the channel itself may have speed limits or be heavily loaded. Wi-Fi Analyzer for Windows is a program with which you can get all the necessary and complete information about available Wi-Fi channels and determine the most suitable and free to use channel. The most important functions of the application are:

  • channel distribution analysis;
  • determination of signal quality;
  • interference analysis;
  • reporting

What are analyzers designed for?

Program Wi-Fi Analyzer - not one of a kind. The principle of operation for all applications of this type is similar, the difference lies in the ease of use, the presence of additional functions or in the interface. The result in any case will be presented in the form of a table. Internet analysis software and applications allow you not only to find the fastest and most convenient way to connect, but also to identify the cause of interruptions in work or even hacking. Thanks to such programs, we can identify the most successful mutual arrangement of devices, evaluate the influence of other frequencies and, as a result, make the connection as stable and fast as possible.

The main advantages of the application Wi-Fi Analyzer

The user gets access to all the necessary information in just a couple of seconds. It is enough to make a check, and two windows will immediately be available to you - in one of them you can choose the most suitable network for the connection, and in the other - evaluate the performance of each channel in particular. All information is provided in the form of a table, and the different colors of the channels help not to get confused. The application can be installed on both Windows and Android phones. Additional benefits of the utility:

  • determines even the weakest signal;
  • does not clog the memory of a PC or smartphone;
  • has sensors to determine the signal strength;
  • is free;
  • identifies the problem and makes recommendations regarding its solution;
  • sifting out illegal networks and devices;
  • allows you to enable alerts.

Where can I download the program

Google Play provides an opportunity to download the application for free to devices based on the Android operating system. Downloading Wi-Fi Analyzer for Windows 10 is available on the official Microsoft website. If your OS is below the tenth version, you will not be able to download the program. In this case, you will have to either upgrade the version of Windows, or install any other available equivalent program.

How to use Wi-Fi Analyzer

The mobile version of the utility is very easy to use. It is enough to start the program, then automatic scanning of all available connections will begin. The result will be presented in the form of a graph. The PC version looks similar. The signal strength will be displayed as a parabola, just select the one that is higher. Thanks to the graphs, it is possible to determine which networks intersect and which ones interrupt at a particular location. Channel rating allows you to determine the least interfering connection by the number of stars. Also in the AP lists you can find a summary of the channel: security mode, signal level, encryption type, etc. The signal meter will help you locate the source of the network — as it approaches it, the program will begin to produce more and more pronounced sound signals. The Tools button displays all devices on a specific LAN.

The most useful analyzer settings are:

  • Auto scan;
  • Assignment of aliases;
  • Change scan intervals;
  • Automatic connection to Wi-Fi;
  • Temporary ad blocking.

As we can see, the application is extremely useful and easy to use. If questions still arise, ask in the comments.