How to work with Bonjour

Bonjour was created by Apple as a network configuration tool with zero configuration. It allows users to discover devices and computers on an IP network without complex pre-configuration. The developers also added an IE plugin and a printer setup wizard. Other users on the network can use these two functions without configuring DNS servers or IP addresses. We analyze in detail what kind of program. Bonjour was released in 2002 as a tool to help people connect PCs to an existing network. It allows users to automatically find other computers or servers without prior configuration.

Rules for working with the program Bonjour.

In addition, if you do not have a working network, the tool will help you create a new one. It is more useful to those who want to connect multiple Windows computers in the home network. For commercial use, it is better to pay attention to the newer paid software. The program is outdated, but you can still use it to create a network. You can use this tool to create firewall exceptions for free, which will include detected computers. The program works in Windows XP and later versions.

What it is

The development of BYOD technology on Windows 10 has led to the proliferation of intelligent devices in the corporate environment. Many companies and institutions that five years ago did not have Apple products at all, or, at best, several Mac computers for specialized use, now use iPhones and iPads as “standard” devices with hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of active gadgets on the net. . These innovations allowed employees to become more mobile and productive. Unlike other BYOD gadgets, Apple products connect and access networks using a mechanism.

What is Bonjour on a computer? It is a “zero network configuration” (Zeroconf) protocol with support for multicast domain name transfer (mDNS), used by Apple for automatic and easy discovery of computers and services in IP networks. Bonjour (like other multicast services such as Avahi and Microsoft's UPnP) uses industry standard IP protocols that allow them to automatically discover each other without having to enter IP addresses or configure DNS servers. The simplicity of this approach lies in the fact that it provides the convenience of using network services. Eliminating the need to configure services such as the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, DNS and DNS Service Directory, the software allows you to constantly publish and discover services.

Transmitting messages, printers, servers, and other common devices can advertise their services. Clients then monitor the Bonjour advertisements and connect to the appropriate servers, just like any other service. The protocol is also needed for requesting a service (Service Discovery), as well as for responding to incoming requests, which in some cases means that one device can be both a client and a server at the same time. Automatic discovery allows customers, such as the iPad and MacBook, to easily use the printer using AirPrint or to display a mirror projection of the screen using AirPlay.

Do I need a Bonjour program?

Network service zero configuration of your computer is not a necessary program. If you delete it, your computer will still function properly. Software is needed only if you use a gadget or service that requires it. Uninstalling can disable the network connection between the computer and other devices. Bonjour is standard software and is often installed with network printer software.

What is the program for? Bonjour is designed to automatically configure the network without any effort from the user. According to Apple, the product is used by iTunes to share music libraries between computers, connect to AirPort Express, and work with Apple TV. The program also integrates into the Safari web browser to search for web interfaces. According to PC Magazine, most commercially available printers use this network setup program to identify themselves and interact with computers on a local network.

The term “Zero Configuration Networking” or Zeroconf describes a protocol that allows network devices to be configured automatically. Network standards Zeroconf eliminate the need for human intervention in the setting. Zeroconf allows you to connect to the network and immediately becomes available to all other connected devices. However, Zeroconf does not fully automate the network configuration. The network user still needs to manually configure all advanced settings, such as file sharing, Wi-Fi settings, and security settings.

Setting up a home or work network to share files between computers can be a complicated process. Bonjour allows devices connected to the same network to run iTunes software to share media libraries with each other automatically, eliminating the need to set up a network group to share media. The service works only when iTunes is running on both devices, and it actually does not copy any information — it transfers data from another device.

Although removing the program will not affect the operation of your computer, the next time you try to print something, you may encounter a problem - your computer will not be able to find the printer. Unlike setting up a USB printer on one computer, a network printer must be configured as a network device to communicate with multiple devices and cannot rely on a direct device-to-device connection. The service can handle the basic network configuration of the printer and allows each computer to know that the device is connected to the network. The software can work with Windows Update, identifying the printer as a connected device and automatically installing any required drivers.

How to download and install

You can download the program from the official site of the developer - Apple. After downloading, run the installation file and follow the instructions of the installation wizard. The process will take a lot of time and will not be difficult even for a novice PC user. Removing the utility from your device will cause applications that use the functionality of the program to stop working properly. But if you do not have anything to do with home access, remote application, or syncing with Apple TV, you can remove the program. In addition, you can also remove the Apple software update if you do not need it. But do not remove the Apple App Support, because it is necessary for iTunes.

How to uninstall Bonjour

If you have Apple software on your device, there is a high probability that there is a Bonjour folder in your program files. It starts automatically and activates the mDNSResponder.exe process. Windows Task Manager cannot stop this process. How to remove Bonjour, we will consider further.

Method 1: remove Bonjour from the control panel

As a rule, you can remove Bonjour from the control panel. You can usually do this by going to the control panel and clicking “Programs and Features”. Find a program called “Bonjour” and right-click it to select “Delete.” This process may not completely remove Bonjour, so problems may arise with the operation of iTunes.

Method 2: remove the program service files

How else can you turn off the service? Another method you can use to remove Bonjour from your device, as well as its files - mDNSResponder.exe and mdnsNSP.dll - looks like this.

  1. Navigate to the C: \ Program Files \ Bonjour folder.
  2. Locate the file "mDNSResponder.exe". Right-click it and select Delete.
  3. Locate the file "mdnsNSP.dll". Click on it with the right mouse button and select "Delete".
IMPORTANT. If you receive the notification “This action cannot be performed because the file is open in Bonjour, ” restart your computer and try deleting it again.
  1. After that, restart your computer, go to C: \ Program Files and delete the Bonjour folder.

This process allows you to completely remove Bonjour from Windows 7 and other versions. If you have problems or errors, try to restore the system from the previously created image.