The best services for creating collages online

As the best cameras for smartphones are increasingly capable of performing phenomenal photos, we are all looking for ways to show our images to our friends in our own unique style. A collage of photos online is a great way to showcase and share your favorite images, so it’s no wonder that collage makers offer extremely popular creative tools. As a tool for creating collages, it is enough to use common development software, such as the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

Create a collage of photos online.

However, if you do not know how to work with such software, you need some time to master the lessons and techniques of Photoshop or other software. Many popular mobile and web applications to simplify the process now include built-in tools that allow you to create a collage online, and in the application and in the browser there are several selected settings. Their quality varies greatly, so we tried to find out if they were all ready to bring your creative ideas to life.


The creator of flash collages Ribbet is simple and fun.

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Developer - Ribbet.

Price - free (standard); $ 4.95 / month (premium).

Ribbet, a free online collage maker, has recently gained a wonderful new interface that is much nicer to use. Select a template, upload images, adjust the size, round the corners, edit the lighting, exposure, etc. If you change your mind, you can easily change your template by adding additional rows or columns. Most users consider this service to be the best among other online collage makers. There is also a free app for iOS and Android.

Adobe spark

Spark stands out among other Adobe products with the perfection of a super-simple interface.

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Developer - Adobe.

Price is free.

Spark is a free service from Adobe that allows you to create a collage online. Its simple interface means that it does not require the same painstaking training as is the case with other Adobe applications: just create your project and use different design options to glue your photos into an attractive collage. To use the full functionality of the application, you need a Creative Cloud account.

Canva collage templates

Canva offers a large selection of collage templates.

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Developer - Canva.

Price - free of charge (paid packages are available).

Canva is a comprehensive photo editor and design package that you can use in a browser or as an app (originally only for iOS devices, but now it is also available on Android). The basic package is completely free, but there are paid templates if you want something more advanced. Canva's tools include a large selection of collage templates (even from 4 photos) that look great and are easy to use. You can also liven up your collages with a huge selection of Canva effects, filters, fonts, shapes and other features.


With BeFunky, it’s easy to create a collage in a browser or on a mobile device.

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Developer - BeFunky.

Price - free (standard); $ 4.95 / month (premium).

BeFunky is one of the best free online image makers from 5 photos. It offers many templates, a simple interface and quick integration with the photo editor BeFunky. The free version works well, but if you use more photo effects for higher resolution photos and the ability to use your collages commercially, you'll need a BeFunky Plus account. In addition to the online tool, BeFunky is available as an application for iOS or Android.


Free piZap is funded by advertising, but it does not interfere at all.

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Developer - piZap.

Price - free (standard); $ 5.99 / month (Pro)

An online advertising collage developer has the ability to use the Flash interface or a new HTML interface. The latter is currently in beta testing, but already striking in its functionality and appearance. It is easy to use, there are many templates, images and fonts to choose from, and you can add text or stickers to combine your photos. A nice feature is the inclusion of Facebook banner templates to help you easily upgrade your brand on social networks.

Pro version offers free design with several images - even with three photos, a much larger selection of fonts, stock images and templates, the ability to load collage in ultra-high resolution and much more. There are versions of applications for iOS and Android, so you can also run piZap on a smartphone.

Photo collage

Photo Collage has preset sizes of banners in social networks.

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Developer - Zygomatic.

Price is free.

Photo Collage has a clear name that speaks for itself, and a web collage application is just as easy to use — take 1 photo, decorate it and add a few more. The application runs on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS platforms, including touch screens, and you can choose from collage templates or use your skills to create free-form collages. You work with low-resolution images, and then, when you're satisfied with the result, you can choose to “purchase” a version of your high-resolution design. One of the disappointing features is that editing tools cannot be attached to the main screen, so they will constantly have to be searched in the list of available filters and templates.


FOTOR is a professional photo collage maker.

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Developer - Fotor.

Price - free (standard); from $ 3.33 / month (Pro).

FOTOR is a professional online collage developer. Unlike others in this list of tools for creating collages, you can import 2 or more photos into FOTOR, which are displayed in the right pane, and then choose when and where to place them in the collage (instead of choosing where they will be on import) . This is a simple feature that makes it easy to create attractive collages. You can get only a part of the free version - you can create collages, but they will contain the Fotor watermark. For advanced features, contactless interface, collage without watermarks and cloud storage, you need to purchase the Pro version.


Photovisi is an editor without passwords and other inconveniences of modern services.

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Developer - Photovisi.

Price - free (standard); $ 4.99 / month (premium).

Photovisi is a standalone collage maker with no frills and photo editing tools that only distract and confuse the user. You simply choose a collage design, add your photos and drag them until you finish, and then load and save the collage. What could be easier? If you want to download a collage without watermarks, you will need to pay a premium subscription.

Google Photos

Google Photos used to be used as Picasa.

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Developer - Google.

Price is free.

Google Photos, formerly known as Picasa, is an image viewer and photo editor, but did you know that it comes with a built-in collage editor? You can experiment with six different types of collages on the practical collage creation screen and they will be saved in your Collages folder. It’s pretty simple to do, and, as you would expect from Google, the application has a nice and clear interface, and the result will meet your expectations.

Kizoa Collage Maker

Kizoa offers dozens of pre-made templates.

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Developer - Kizoa.

Price is free (standard) plus Premium membership for life.

The Kizoa Collage Maker website is one of the most sophisticated collage tools in navigation, but it offers many pre-made templates (both static and animated) for all occasions. You can customize templates or create your own from scratch, and then add photos, gifs, videos and even stickers to your projects, as well as decorate it all with text. Membership in Kizoa also includes access to the filmmaker and photo editor, so you can perform any number of creative tasks directly in the browser.


FotoJet allows you to create collages on a professional level.

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Developer - PearlMountain.

Price - free (standard); $ 6.99 / month (plus).

FotoJet is a free online collage that allows you to create collages, photo cards, posters, Facebook avatars, Twitter headers, YouTube banners, fun photos and more. For you, there are hundreds of templates, including the most creative, for example, one where you can add images to coconuts. The paid Plus option offers a much wider range of resources for work.

PicMonkey Collage

Free PicMonkey tools give you a lot of control over your collages.

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Developer - PicMonkey.

Price - from $ 5.99 / month (free trial available).

Part of the PicMonkey package is a web application that also offers tools for image editing, selection and design. PicMonkey Collage is a fast and powerful way to organize your images into attractive frames and collages. Import images from your computer or connect to online services like Facebook, OneDrive, Dropbox and Flickr. You can fine-tune the collage by adjusting the scale and placement of your images, and then add filters. Supremium users also get access to advanced editing tools.

After creating an online collage for free, you need to subscribe to PicMonkey so that you can save it. Depending on your needs there are three different plans. However, you can create your own collage for free, and there is a free weekly trial that is worth exploring before you decide to purchase a subscription.