Programs for viewing and editing MXL tables

The mxl format was developed specifically to ensure a comfortable and stable use of the 1C: Enterprise control automation system. It contains tabular data from 1C databases, which can be easily used on any other device where this software is installed.

Work with MXL tables.

What the extension mxl

The mxl file contains table values ​​from 1C. It can be easily transferred to another computer and exported to 1C.

How to open mxl

How to open mxl? There are not so many ways. The most obvious is to purchase a licensed version of 1C. But there are other, free methods that we consider below. With their help, you can easily work with the extension mxl.

1C: Enterprise - Working with Files

“1C: Working with Files” is a free utility that was created specifically for viewing documents created in 1C: Enterprise. Moreover, to view, edit and print such documents, installing a full version of 1C is optional. "1C: Enterprise 8" opens any documents of previous software versions and is considered the most successful and convenient compared to the previous development - 1C: 7. The latest additions and extensions to 1C: 8 allowed specialists to prepare more detailed reports, as well as form suitable for economic analysis registers. The eighth version works better in the context of a single platform. In other words - the entire information database is stored in a single document, which allows you to create backup data.

The speed of 1C: 8 compared with version 7 is much lower. In the updated eighth version, the compliance of the reporting form is monitored automatically. In Accounting 7.7, this process must be controlled independently. All sections of the "heavy" report can be easily tracked on one screen, as well as quickly move between departments and make additions. In contrast to “Accounting 7.7”, in the new version, checking the correctness of filling in the reporting takes place in automatic mode. Determining the amount of charges and deductions also occurs automatically.

How to open a mxl file? To use such a table (as well as any other table created in 1C) in 1C work with files, it is enough to start and use the “File” - “Open” menu. The application allows you to view the table in the comparison mode, as well as print data. Its main advantage is that the utility is offered completely free of charge and can be downloaded from the official site for reading files.


Yoksel - a set of special utilities and components for viewing and editing tables and files created in 1C. With this application you can quickly view and print any documents 1C, as well as open the format mxl. To use the table, run the program to open 1C and use the menu function "File" - "Open". In the dialog box, specify the path to the location of the table and click "Open".

Microsoft Excel Plugin

The 1C: Enterprise developers offer an additional opportunity to view and edit using Excel office application. With it, you can view the table in normal form. To do this, you need to download and install the plug-in for Microsoft Office from the official site, after which opening 1C tables is easy. After installing the plug-in, simply launch Excel and use the "File" - "Open" menu. It automatically converts table 1C to a format that is suitable for Excel. The disadvantage of the solution is the limitations of application versions - developers offer a plugin for Office 95-2003 packages, as well as for 1C version 7.

What else can cause problems with the file?

If when you try to open such a table, an error message appears or the table is displayed incorrectly, the document is likely to be damaged or infected with a virus. To fix it, try opening the document in 1C and saving it again. You also need to run antivirus and scan your system for malware and files. The mxl extension is not particularly popular, since it is intended exclusively for working with the databases of the “giant” of accounting 1C.

Despite the fact that the software is provided for a fee, there are several free ways to open, edit and print 1C tables on your own PC at home or elsewhere. If after reading the article you still have questions, then ask them in the comments.