Ways to work and view the DXF format

Modern software allows you to avoid the lengthy process of creating drawings on paper. Today it is enough to install one of the programs, and after a while a full-fledged professional drawing will be ready. Manufacturers of software for the convenience of using their software have developed a universal dxf-format that allows the use of files in all applications for vector graphics.

Work with files with the extension DXF.

What the extension dxf stands for

Description of the DXF format shows that this is a text file in ASCII format, thanks to which its correct reading and writing are possible on any hardware and system platform. One of the drawbacks of the full DXF format is the relatively large size compared to its binary version of DWG. The DWG format was created in Autodesk in 1982, where it was developed along with the AutoCAD program. In principle, with the proliferation of AutoCAD as the main tool for drawing CAD drawings, the format has become an integral part of the design industry. It is currently one of the most widely used design data formats. Technical documents, architectural, construction projects, engineering projects, etc. are now saved in the .dwg file. The DXF file format is an interchangeable analog of DWG.

Ways to open a dxf file

This is a vector file format in which you can save both 2D and 3D drawings. The DXF file extension was developed by Autodesk to exchange data between AutoCAD and 3D Studio, which at that time was not yet a product of Autodesk. The popularity of the DXF format is due to the simplicity of file creation and the presence of a format specification, which simplifies implementation in CAD. To be able to work with the extension, you must install one of the programs to view and edit such documents. The most popular ones are described below.

Autodesk AutoCAD

Autodesk AutoCAD is a classic computer-aided design program. With it, you can design buildings, bridges and many other mechanical parts. This is a professional tool for designers and architects.


  • 2D and 3D design;
  • tremendous opportunities;
  • native support for dxf files;
  • extensive configuration options;
  • shortened development time;
  • visually enhanced solution.


  • high system requirements.

AutoCAD is all you need to develop, visualize, document, and share creative ideas — from concept design to sketching and drawing. The software allows you to quickly and easily create project documentation with a professional level of control. Thanks to the cloud service for displaying drawings, you do not need to log in or have an AutoCAD product. However, you cannot change the original DWG.

The updated conceptual design environment makes the process of creating and editing solids and surfaces easy and intuitive. Thanks to improved navigation, developers can directly manipulate models, which greatly improves the work with the project. At each stage of the design cycle, AutoCAD allows you to visualize a project using additional tools, such as animation and realistic rendering. New animation tools allow you to visualize possible errors at an early stage of the design process before their elimination becomes a problem.

AutoCAD allows you to quickly and easily convert models into drawings, analyzing and accurately reflecting the ideas of the designer. Tools for creating cross-sections and flat structures allow you to work directly on the model, creating cross-sections and heights that can then be included in the drawings. Eliminating the need to re-enter information will save you time and money by avoiding errors that may occur during manual data transfer.

How to open dxf-file in Autocad? It is enough to use the image of the opening folder on the main program ribbon or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O. After that, next to the file name field, select “All Formats” so that the program can find dxf documents. Now specify the path to the required file and click "Open". AutoCAD offers even more advanced data sharing tools, such as the ability to export files to older versions of DWG, the ability to export and import DWF files with notes and tags, the ability to publish drawing files in Adobe PDF format.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the best vector drawing software on the market. The software is equipped with a variety of tools and options for professionals.


  • large selection of templates;
  • edit control points;
  • interface configuration;
  • dxf support;
  • dynamic color palettes;
  • use of dynamic angles.


  • the program is difficult for beginners;
  • requires a large amount of RAM.

Adobe Illustrator is a program for digital graphics with infinite potential and advanced features. Once you get used to the interface in Adobe Illustrator, work in this program will become intuitive and in just a few clicks you will be able to implement creative projects. Adobe Illustrator offers many templates for creating websites, DVD menus, tickets, posters, flyers, etc. The program includes drawing tools, an automatic tracking system, dynamic color matching, and many other options. Experiments with 3D effects and filters may take some time - the better the equipment, the faster. To open a dxf document, you must use the File-Open menu. In the dialog box, specify the required format and click "Open".

With the ability to customize the elements of the workspace to suit your needs, the work in Adobe Illustrator has become extremely convenient and ergonomic. As in Photoshop, you can use libraries of frequently used brushes and colors, as well as set shortcuts for your favorite tools. Like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator includes tool palettes, but in this case they are optimized for vector graphics. Adobe Illustrator - the most popular and best software for creating vector graphics. It has been recognized by professional designers, web designers, illustrators and architects around the world.

Corel draw

CorelDRAW is a set of graphical tools. The program provides professional graphic designers with advanced tools for creating and processing digital graphics - raster and vector images. The CorelDRAW kit consists of four components. CorelDRAW offers tools for designing and creating graphics. Corel Photo-Paint allows you to process photos or graphics and adapt them to the project created in CorelDRAW. Corel Capture is used to capture graphics from a computer screen. Bitstream Navigator is a font management tool. To open a dxf file, press Ctrl + O or File - Open another. In the dialog box, specify the location of the file and click "Open."

CorelDRAW projects can be exported to PostScript files that provide identical printing on all professional printers and plotters. Thanks to this, CorelDRAW is a full-format digital graphics studio. The program is used to create marketing materials in any format - from business cards to exhibition stands, fashion design, logos and print preparation on any media. This program is definitely worth to get acquainted with anyone who intends to engage in professional graphics.

DWGSee DWG Viewer

DWGSee DWG Viewer is a powerful tool for visualizing and printing files with a .dxf extension. In addition to viewing features, the application offers the ability to convert between .dxf versions. DWGSee functions:

  • a window with a folder and file explorer;
  • file management AutoCAD - cut, copy, paste, delete;
  • view as thumbnails (5 sizes) or detailed view;
  • full screen mode;
  • program update module;
  • built-in .dxf file converter;
  • 4 types of scaling;
  • the ability to change the background color;
  • rotation around the X and Y axis;
  • three-dimensional model;
  • level manager;
  • control of visibility in the model and print area, freeze-thaw, block, determine the thickness of the line, change the color of the layer;
  • XREF manager;
  • vertical split window.

To open the format, use the File - Open menu, and specify the path to the file location.

Free dwg viewer

Free DWG Viewer is a free program for opening and printing files saved in DWG, DXF and DWF formats. Documents of this type are used by professional graphic editors such as AutoCAD.


  • opens and prints DWG, DXF and DWF files;
  • works as a separate application, and in the browser;
  • easy navigation.


  • not detected.

To open the format, use the File - Open menu, and specify the path to the file location. Free DWG Viewer allows you to open and print AutoCAD files without installing this expensive software. Great for quickly viewing a design or drawing at home, which will also be useful for professionals. The program supports layers and, in addition, allows you to save images in JPG format.

Although Free DWG Viewer is only available in English, navigating it is not a problem. Projects are easily switched, and their scaling and rotation is intuitive. The program works in two modes - it can be used as a standalone Windows application on the desktop or using ActiveX in a web browser.

Why dxf and what are its advantages?

The advantages of using the universal dxf format are obvious - the files are supported by all programs for viewing and editing vector graphics and creating drawings. Therefore, if you work with drawings at work and at home (or elsewhere), the format will allow you to continue working at any convenient time on any platform or computer.