What to choose: Windows 10 or Windows 7

Now on the Internet you can see the constant debate about Windows 7 and 10. Some argue that the seventh version is superior to the latest, while others say it is exactly the opposite. Of course, that everyone chooses the OS and determines the pros and cons in it. So that you will no longer be tormented by such questions, today we will compare Windows 7 and Windows 10, determine the advantages and disadvantages of each version.

The choice of operating system: Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Windows 7 or 10

The seventh version of Windows was created in 2011. Many years have passed, but since then the seven remains the most popular operating system in the world. In 2009, Vista was developed, which was a total failure of Microsoft. No updates could save it, after which the developers moved on to create the most popular operating system in the world today. After her birth, everyone began to make comparisons between her and XP. It was well optimized and did not require a lot of resources. Now users did not ripen a question on the choice of OS: Vista or Seven.

The new version - the eighth - was not exactly liked by users with its mobile interface. Between her and Windows 8.1 was not visible a strong difference. Users still thought Windows 7 was better. But some changes were needed, after which everyone saw Windows 10. A dozen are also one of the most successful operating systems from Microsoft. It differs from Windows 7 in its performance, functionality and optimization. Owners of licensed copies of the OS were given the opportunity to take advantage of free test access. It is also used on mobile devices. Now let's compare these two known operating systems in detail.

Windows 10 and Windows 7 performance

Now we will test which OS is faster. The first criterion by which we will compare is the load time. Seven cope with this task one second faster. However, it is not necessary to consider this indicator as particularly significant, since you will not be able to notice this difference. But we are still trying to determine which system is better at managing its tasks. The next criterion will be the exit from sleep mode. In this case, a dozen significantly ahead of the opponent: she managed to get out of sleep mode for 10 seconds, when the seven spent about 18 on this. There is a noticeable difference, because the seven cope with this task almost twice as slowly.

Now let's compare how quickly these OSs can get out of hibernation. Here, Windows 10 again surpasses Windows 8. The difference is about 5-7 seconds. Drive performance is also an important benchmark for comparison. The reading speed is slightly higher than that of the tens, but this is a very small discrepancy, equal to only a few units. The recording speed is also higher than a dozen. It is higher than the order of 40-60 MB / s.

System requirements

System requirements for each of each of our options are different. Let's talk about them in more detail. We will specify the characteristics for the two system architectures: 32-bit and 64-bit. If you decide to install the first option, then you can’t get it out of your computer, as it only supports OP modules, the size of which does not exceed 4 gigabytes.

Requirements for installing Seven.

Minimum requirements

  1. 32-bit version.
    • 512 megabytes of RAM
    • processor with a clock speed of 0.8 gigahertz
    • at least 16 gigabytes of disk space, where the OS will be installed in the future
    • video card supporting DX9 technology
  2. 64-bit version.
    • 1 gigabyte (1024 megabytes) of RAM
    • 0.8 gigahertz processor
    • at least 20 gigabytes of disk space, where the OS will be installed in the future
    • video card supporting DX9 technology

Recommended Requirements

  1. 32-bit OS.
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 1 GHz processor
    • at least 20 GB on disk for OS installation
    • video card that supports WDDM, with the presence of 128 megabytes of memory
  2. 64-bit OS.
    • at least 2 GB of random access memory
    • processor frequency from 1 GHz
    • 20 GB of free disk space
    • DX 9 video card with WDDM driver

Requirements for installing Tens

Since the minimum requirements for dozens do not differ much from the previous OS, we will present data only about the recommended requirements.

CPU1 gigahertz1 gigahertz
Ram1 gigabyte2 gigabytes
Disk space16 gigabytes20 gigabytes
Video cardDX 9 and higher with WDDM driverDX 9 and higher with WDDM driver

We hope that this material has helped to decide a little which operating system should be given preference to you.

Which OS is more suitable for games

They say that Windows 7 is better suited for gaming than Windows 10. However, this proposition is absolutely wrong. To some extent, the new Windows even easier pulls the game. Therefore, this fact is a real myth. Bugs in games met and will occur on both OSs. The only thing that on the tenth version very old games, which were released before Windows 2007, can work incorrectly.

Which version is faster work application applications

Many people care how different programs run and work on these OSs. To begin, let us analyze office programs. There are no differences here, since both systems successfully cope with the work in these utilities. As you know, in Windows 8, they work very poorly. Let's talk about browsers. Compare Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Surprisingly, Google Chrome is more stable on 7-ke than on 10-ke. A distinctive feature of the latter is the presence of its own browser Edge, which is very fond of users of this OS. It is considered more functional and productive than Mazila and Chromium. As you know, programs from Adobe require a lot of resources from your computer. For example, we took Photoshop. There is no difference in his work on each of the systems.


The interface is one of the important characteristics. And precisely because of it, disputes often arise between users. In the top ten all the contents are presented in the form of squares, as in the eight. Seven is a classic version without any problems. This is just a matter of choice. In 10-ke, you can choose either the tile mode or the standard mode. In 7-ke there is no such possibility. If you want to install Microsoft OS on all your devices, then you should choose the latest version. The Start button in it is mixed, namely, it can be either in the form of tiles, or in the classic version. Another advantage of the 10-ki is the voice assistant Cortana. It will allow you to navigate your PC much faster. Of course, the assistant understands only English, but even knowing it at a basic level, you can safely use it.


Let's sum up. If you compare the performance of Windows 7 and 10, then there are no particular differences. However, it does a dozen tasks faster. In addition, until the moment when 7-ka became the most popular, she had to suffer many changes. 10-same became known immediately after its release. You should also pay attention to the interface, since not all users can quickly get used to the new design. We hope that our article has helped you decide on the choice of OS and you choose the best option for your computer. If you have any questions after reading the article, then ask them in the comments.