How to work with files with the extension GDB

The GDB extension is the format of a database file created in InterBase. It is an open source program (free software), unlike GnuPG and PGP. This is the default format previously used by InterBase 6.5, and later versions (starting with 7.0) use the IB extension.

Ways to open a file with the extension GDB.

What is the GDB file format for?

The GDB file extension indicates that it contains any information for GPS navigators or satellites. These can be points of the route, the route itself or something similar. Such components are necessary for proper operation of most navigators or other devices using maps and GPS technology.

Software for working with GDB

How to open GDB files? There are many editors and interactive programs for developers on the Internet - basically, they are specialized software for programmers. Below we look at the most popular software that will allow you to open the gdb file, it is IBExpert, Embarcadero InterBase and Recovery For Interbase.


IBExpert is a very useful and functional tool for managing various databases on a computer. The program fully supports SQL and has a simple and at the same time clear user interface that will not cause any problems when using. An additional advantage of the program is the support of almost all the necessary extensions, including the gdb file. To merge and share individual tables, the program is characterized by support for various modules, as well as full support and the ability to manage any database based on the Firebird or InterBase mechanism.

Using the program, you can also create a standard database or such databases that support the SQL query language. For educational purposes, the program is also available in the free version. The free license has similar functionality, but limits the size of the database to 50 megabytes. All information about the free version is on the official website of the manufacturer. IBExpert also allows you to monitor created databases, manage multi-step scripts and optimize the performance of the entire database.

IMPORTANT. Access to the installation file can be obtained after free registration on the manufacturer's website.

The software allows you to organize the interaction and visualization of all database objects, change the request code, SQL, makes it easy to jot down even a complex database. It monitors and optimizes database performance. IBExpert is equipped with a module for combining and reading together existing tables and multi-stage scripts with a preview of the results of individual queries. In addition, it provides a system for analyzing OLAP, metadata and documentation of the basic structure, as well as a debugger of stored components. The most important functions of IBExpert:

  • Unicode function;
  • monitoring and optimizing database performance;
  • running extended SQL queries using scripts;
  • IBExpert allows you to create a database using the model;
  • copying the database;
  • acceleration and optimization;
  • IBExpert has an extensive reporting module;
  • extracting metadata to create a copy of the database structure;
  • export to CSV and through ODBC;
  • user rights management;
  • IBExpert provides syntax hints and helper.

IBExpert is InterBase and Firebird, a professional integrated development environment (IDE). It contains many utilities for encoders, visual editors for all database components, SQL iScript Executive editor, debugger, etc. This is one of the most comprehensive and extensive IB database management software and FB programs available on the market. Despite the great opportunities, software is intuitive and does not require special skills. Thanks to the visual database management, perfect knowledge of the DDL or DML syntax is not needed, and working with the database becomes much faster and more convenient.

To open a file with a .gdb extension, follow these steps:

  1. On the toolbar, locate the “Database” button. In the drop-down list, select "Register base".

  2. In the settings window that appears, you must enter the following data:
    • server / protocol - local, default;
    • version - Firebird 2.5;
    • encoding - UNICODE_FSS;
    • user - sysdba;
    • password - masterkey.
  3. Next, click the "Database File" button, which will open a dialog box where you need to find and specify the gdb file.

  4. Click the Register button.
  5. PCM on the booted database - “Connect to the database”. Done!

Embarcadero InterBase

Embarcadero InterBase is a noteworthy commercial SQL software with data protection, synchronization and disaster recovery features. From one device to a small enterprise solution, InterBase, the IoT award-winning, is the choice of developers and the global deployment of ISV. The application is used all over the world - from medical, railway and airlines to POS, CRM and even MARS Rover.

Open gdb format in Embarcadero InterBase:

  1. Server - Add;
  2. Next;
  3. Next
  4. Click the Use Default button, then Next;
  5. Finish;
  6. A new server will appear on the left side of the program. To add a database, you need to “expand” it and right-click on “Add”;
  7. In the window that opens, select the button with the ellipsis, then a dialog opens where you need to specify the path to the gdb file;
  8. OK. Done!

This is an easily accessible commercial database that is ideal for distributed systems requiring ultra-low TCO with additional protection throughout the development life cycle. Focus on your product without worrying about the data.

Recovery For Interbase

Recovery For Interbase is database recovery software. It uses a powerful recovery algorithm that makes the process faster. The key feature of Recovery for Interbase is to restore the entire contents of the database, for example, tables, fields and indexes. To start the recovery, the user just needs to click the “Restore” button at the top of the interface.

The advantage of Recovery for Interbase is also in the fact that it is able to save all recovered data to a SQL file. These elements can be added to the base data by simply browsing the files or dragging the mouse. The program can recover files from Interbase and Firebird, Recovery for Interbase supports many formats of these types of databases, such as, for example, gdb, ib or fdb.


  • The software is equipped with an interface that facilitates all actions.
  • The software is easy and does not require a lot of free space on the hard disk.


  • In trial version data recovery is not available.

To open a database in gdb format, you must do the following:

  1. Add files;
  2. A browser opens where you need to specify the path to the gdb file;
  3. Next;
  4. Next;
  5. Start;
  6. Done;
  7. Done! Database restored.

The described software will allow you to easily open or restore a database in gdb format. The first program from the list, IBExpert, is recommended for use. It is more simple and even an inexperienced user can handle it. The disadvantage of Embarcadero InterBase is the lack of the Russian language, and Recovery For Interbase will help restore the damaged file if necessary.