How do I open .aspx files?

An .aspx file is an advanced Active Server page file developed for the Microsoft ASP.NET platform. ASPX files are generated by the web server and contain scripts and source codes that help inform the browser how to open and display the web page. How to open aspx file? There are several proven methods.

Options for opening a file with the extension .aspx.

What is File Extension aspx

Most often you will see the .ASPX extension in the URL or, when your web browser accidentally sends you an ASPX, and not the one that you thought you were downloading. If you downloaded the .aspx file and expected it to contain information (for example, a document or other stored data), most likely something is wrong with the website, and instead of generating useful information, it provided this document from the server . In this case, the first method of opening is simply to rename the .aspx file into the format you need. For example, if you downloaded the PDF version of the account from your personal account on the bank's website on the Internet, but instead got ASPX, just rename it to bill.pdf, and then open. If you need images, try renaming aspx to image.jpg. Similarly for other formats.

IMPORTANT. To rename a file, your computer must be configured to display the extension. To do this, open the "Run" dialog box (in the "Start" menu or use the key combination Win + R) and enter the "control folders". In the "View" menu, find "Hide extensions for registered file types" - uncheck the box and apply the changes.

The problem here is that sometimes the server (on the website from which you get the .aspx file) incorrectly describes the generated file (PDF, image, music file, etc.) and presents it for download. The above method helps in most situations. You can not always change the extension to any other and expect that in the new format it will open correctly. Especially often this happens with a PDF file and an .aspx extension, so this method will be ineffective here. Sometimes the cause of this problem is a browser-related plug-in, so loading a page that generates ASPX in another browser than you are using may help. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer, try switching to Chrome or Firefox.

Open the format

A URL with an ASPX at the end means that the web page is running within ASP.NET. To open this type of document, you do not need to do anything, because the browser does it for you, be it Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. The actual code in ASPX is processed by a web server and can be encoded in any program that encoded in ASP.NET. How to open a aspx file? Microsoft Visual Studio is one of the free programs you can use to open and edit aspx. Another tool, though not free, is the popular Adobe Dreamweaver. Sometimes ASPX content can be edited using a simple notepad text editor.

Microsoft visual studio

Visual Studio 2017 is a version of the Microsoft Visual Studio Professional (IDE) programming environment. The program is addressed to students, software developers in the spirit of open source. Visual Studio is used to create desktop applications with a universal user interface, web applications using ASP.NET and Silverlight, and the cloud. It also allows you to create programs for the Windows Phone, Android and iOS platforms. The code can be written in one of several languages, including: C #, Visual Basic, C ++, F #, and JavaScript. Many people believe that the program is the highest level programming environment.

As for the professional edition, the program involves the parallel use of several programmers when working on a single project. The aspx file can be opened by dragging and dropping or via the File - Open system dialog menu. After that, you need to find the folder containing your file with the aspx extension (usually this is the download folder of your browser).

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is a new version of a great tool for professionals. The program is used for graphic web design. The application supports JavaScript and Dynamic HTML (DHTML). It also allows you to position elements, drag and drop when designing frames and tables. Dreamweaver integrates perfectly with other programs in the CS3 family. Adapting links, setting up DHTML documents for older browsers, etc. To open an unknown aspx file, use the method described above - using the drag and drop function or through the system dialog through the tree of folders.

Microsoft Expression Web

Expression Web is a program designed for editing and layout of sites. It is part of Expression Studio, contains all the components necessary to produce high-quality pages. By definition, an application is a competitor for Adobe Dreamwaver. To open an .aspx file, use the File-Open menu? Or click the symbol of the opening folder in the top pane of the program window.

Internet explorer

The standard Windows browser is Internet Explorer (in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge was added as the default browser), allowing you to open the aspx file without much difficulty. Just drag the file from the folder where it is stored into the browser window or use the File-Open function.


The built-in notepad in Windows will allow you to view the code of the aspx file and, if necessary, correct it. To open a file, drag it with the left mouse button into the open editor window or use the File-Open menu and locate the file in the explorer. ASPX files have a specific purpose. Unlike images such as PNG, JPG, GIF, etc., where the conversion is compatible with most graphic editors and software for viewing them, ASPX files will stop doing what they are intended for if you convert them to other formats. .

For example, converting ASPX to HTML will certainly make the HTML result look like an ASPX webpage. However, since the elements of the .aspx files are processed on the server, you will not be able to use them correctly if they need to display HTML, PDF, JPG, or any other file that is saved to the computer. Visual Studio, for example, can save open .aspx files as HTM, HTML, ASP, WSF, VBS, MASTER, ASMX, MSGX, SVC, SRF, JS, and other formats.