Guidelines for setting up and using Google Pay

Almost all modern smartphone users know that google pay is a payment system that functions perfectly on the Android OS. Google Pay is one of many contactless payment systems that can be made using a mobile phone. The specified application was developed by Google, it is worth noting that this program is analogous to such software as Apple Pay. If the user does not know where to pay via google pay, he can read the material below. The article considers the possibility of paying for purchases in the store through this program. The only thing that will have to be taken into account is the need for preliminary step-by-step application settings. Consider all the features of the Google Play Store, learn about setting up an account, adding a credit card, ways of buying, the principles of return of goods and the ability to manage personal settings.

Terms of use with Google Pay.

Sign in to Google Play

Setting up the system will be easier and faster if the user has a Google account. In other words, a Gmail address must be created. In principle, this is the base that will provide an opportunity to continue to “tightly communicate” with the Google Play Store program. If the account is valid, the application will allow you to easily log in to the system by first entering personal data, in particular, this username and password (standard procedure for all typical programs). Only in the absence of an address Gmail will have to spend some time creating it. The primary google pay setup is to have a phone and launch this software, as well as step-by-step implementation of the recommendations below.

Create a Google Account

After activating the application, the Play Store will independently indicate to the user the need to make a personal login. In the absence of a personal address, use the “Create a new account” command (the image is located at the very bottom of the screen). After the link works, the user can enter his name. The next step is a definition with the name by which Google will identify the user. The information that is listed in your Gmail account will be used for Google. If there are difficulties with the introduction of certain words (often used names / logins are busy), you should think up something more original or enter your personal data.

After the name is approved by the system, you will have to enter a password. It should not stop at the date of birth or name, it is better to choose a phrase that can not be picked up by attackers, but the user himself will not be able to forget with time. The best can be called such a password, which will be uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers (you can use characters). The complexity level of the invented password directly affects the speed of its hacking.

To connect google pay, in addition to specifying a username and password, you must specify a personal phone number, this information is useful if the user forgets information about your account. Subsequently, a special code will come to the smartphone with which you can restore access to the system. The phone number will be useful if necessary to carry out two-level authorization. Of course, you should not add a personal phone number in the situation when the user did not read or disagree with the privacy policy of the application.

After passing through these steps, the final account page will appear. The user will become available the most popular Google services, interaction with which is established precisely by registering a Gmail address. All the features of YouTube and Google Maps will be available only after logging into the account, the user will have access to their settings, will be able to use the saved data.

The capabilities of the program connected via the account should be approved by the “Next” command, agree to the terms of the application, and if necessary, create a backup copy of all the software that is currently installed on the smartphone. Together with the applications used by google, "remember" passwords from wireless networks (Wi-Fi) and other personal settings. If you do not want to save everything and copy, use the “Next” command, or uncheck the list of listed actions.

At this step, the initial installation and configuration of google pay is considered complete. The user is obliged to enter data that will certainly concern payment for services and goods. Payment information is useful in order to be able to quickly pay for software, books or music, which are sold on a fee basis. By the way, there is no need to add credit cards, this desire and need of each individual user.

Instructions for adding a credit card

Instant use of google pay is optional, you can add payment information, but do not use its functions immediately. Of course, there is a huge mass of resources on the Internet that distribute certain data for free, if the user fundamentally denies buying any content, music or software, it’s not worth indicating credit card details, simply skip this step. However, you can optionally enter credit card details, which will help you make certain purchases.

To understand how to use google pay as a payment device, you should start by adding the first card. In the event that the user previously tied his card to a specific Google account (probably acquisitions were made via the Play Market), the program will automatically “pull” the data and allow you to select this card. Otherwise, in the absence of payment cards, the user will have to specify information that relates to the card number, CVV code, and the validity period of the payment card. However, data will be needed regarding the name and surname of the owner, mobile number.

As soon as personal payment data are entered, an SMS will be sent to the smartphone, which will contain the confirmation code. Symbols with SMS should be indicated in the special field of the program. Besides the fact that the message will be sent by the program, the owner of the payment card will receive a notification from his bank, which will confirm the successful addition of data.

Snap a card to google pay

If you use the application, you know that at the initial settings, the software performs a query regarding the parameters of the smartphone. After allowing access, it will be possible to add payment cards belonging to absolutely any banks. As a rule, when linking several cards, one remains the main one, and all the others are auxiliary ones. If payment is made, the money will be debited from the main card by default. If the user does not independently designate the main card, the program will do it for him, defining the card that was added first as the main one.

However, the application allows you to add gift and discount cards. It is worth noting that it is quite simple to do this; you only need the number of such a card, as well as a barcode scanned from it. Sometimes users encounter problems adding such cards, most likely, problems arise because of their incorrect support.

How to pay with Google Pay

If the user first installed the application, for sure, he still did not understand how to pay google pay. In fact, everything is quite simple and affordable. Once all the steps listed are completed, the system setup can be considered complete and ready for use. Now the smartphone is ready for contactless payments. To pay via google pay, you must unlock the smartphone, and there is no need to activate the program. The user can bring his device to the payment terminal. The only thing that should be considered is that the terminal supports the technology of contactless payment for purchases. As a rule, all typical terminals are equipped with a special sign.

Keep the phone above the terminal until an alert appears confirming the success of the payment. It is worth noting once again that money will certainly be charged from the main card, and not from other pegged ones. If you connect google pay, you will be able to pay for services through online services. It will be possible to make purchases in the Play Market, Uber, Yandex Taxi. It should be remembered about the need to specify such a method of payment as "G Pay".

Payment of contactless payments through non-card basis

If a user is interested in how to use a payment method that is not the main one, he should understand that only a one-time payment can be made with a non-basic payment card. If there is a need to use some particular method of payment often, you should set it as the main one. If the preferred card is not installed, as the main one, you must first unlock the smartphone, activate Google Pay software, and choose the preferred one from the list of added cards. Carry out this action will help hold from right to left on the main default map.

After that, you should bring the smartphone with the back panel to the payment terminal, which is able to carry out contactless payment. After selecting the “Credit” card type, it may be necessary to enter the password of this card (PIN-code issued by the bank). To determine the method of payment will help the Card section. In the list of added it is worth noting the card from which funds will be written off, after which attaching a smartphone to the terminal.


The above material describes the main criteria for setting up a payment system such as Google Pay. Through simple actions, the user can bind to his smartphone all valid payment cards, including discount and gift certificates. The program allows you to make contactless payments from the user's primary card without activating the application.