Review of the best software for converting and viewing .m3d files

It is hard to imagine graphic design without 3D modeling. It became the basis for spatial design, the creation of film effects, animations, games, used by architects and interior designers. 3D models have long been key elements of many projects, so for novice developers it is especially useful to get acquainted with the m3d extension.

How to work with files with the extension .m3d.

What is File Extension M3d?

The m3d file format stores the information needed to display a certain three-dimensional model in specialized software. This category includes editors and viewers for 3D graphics, vector graphics, and so on. The format gained particular popularity at the time when computer games began to completely switch to 3D. It was in this expansion that the data about all three-dimensional textures were stored, including characters and gameplay details.

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The choice of software depends primarily on the future use of the model created. One software will be used to develop a sophisticated design of piston engines, another will be used to model an animated character. Extensions are often assigned to specific project programs, thereby revealing the purpose of the model being created. Than to open m3d, read further.

Compass 3D

Compass 3D allows you to create models for free, as well as import solid bodies in SAT format (from AutoCAD) and conveniently create flat projections of cross sections. The 2D drawing module allows you to upload DWG and DXF files. The program supports tracking points, object descriptors and standard tools for editing a flat layout. The created model and drawing can be saved in the m3d file and printed.

In the free version are absent:

  • module for kinematic and dynamic analysis;
  • rendering;
  • module for recognition of three-dimensional models (automatic parameterization of solids with no history, for example, after importing in the STEP format);
  • FEM calculations;
  • the ability to create animation with prediction of joints;
  • nodes;
  • several tools for creating solids and drawings;
  • sheet bending module and much more.

Compass 3D is a software for parametric 3D modeling. With it, you can also create 2D-drawings, design assemblies with the ability to move elements, check joints, as well as the resistance of materials. Compass 3D is also equipped with a module for bending sheet metal. The program allows you to import solids in SAT format from DWG, DXF. To download, you must register on the developer's site.

The software has such functions as:

  • the ability to open formats from other CAD programs;
  • direct modeling of solids that do not contain the history of operations;
  • display of direct measurements of selected objects;
  • the ability to save the model change history in the file;
  • the ability to determine tolerances when creating models;
  • 3D-models with additional parameters;
  • creating holes with positioning;
  • integrated module for the calculation of finite elements FEA;
  • module for the design of dies and molds;
  • marking of welds;
  • tools to quickly send a project.

This is a program designed for intuitive 3D modeling, creating assemblies and drawings. It has a modular structure - divided into interacting parts. The latest version has more than 100 updates and improvements. The most important features are:

  • the program has become easier to use;
  • solid modeling and drawings;
  • surface modeling;
  • list of materials;
  • new add-ons.

The program includes such functionality as keyboard shortcuts, various icon sizes for the properties panel and model tree, as well as undo and reuse operations for 3D space, which will greatly facilitate the work of each designer.

Dialux Evo

DIALux Evo is a modern environment for interior designers and architects, which also allows you to discover the m3d extension. Together with it, you can create professional visualization of buildings, streets or rooms, including lighting. To enhance the reality of the project, you can apply different textures to objects, such as furniture. This will further add to the concept of naturalness. The user can observe the results of their work from inside and outside the building.

When designing lighting, you can temporarily disable the remaining components and focus only on the one you are working on. DIALux Evo is equipped with a tool that gives advice that should be taken into account in each type of room. The software allows you to calculate the cost of energy consumption. In order to achieve maximum performance with the help of the application, the developer has optimized the use of RAM and increased efficiency on 64-bit processor platforms.

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker is a modern application designed to create and simulate three-dimensional subtitles and other graphic elements. The application is characterized by rich functionality and a huge library containing various styles, effects and shapes. One of the advantages of the software is the ability to work with the format m3d. Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker is characterized by:

  • excellent editor for creating and modeling;
  • rich library containing many useful forms and styles;
  • unlimited possibility to cancel and repeat the operation;
  • the possibility of texturing objects;
  • the ability to export files to other image formats or video in Flash format.

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker will allow you to create a professional logo or lettering in three-dimensional form. The program is available in trial version and can be tested within 10 days. After this period, the product should be removed or purchased a license.

Software to convert m3d files

Experts do not recommend using converters for 3D modeling - this may cause damage to the file or model contained in it. And it will be impossible to fix it even in the Compass. Although there are several proven tools for converting 3D formats, one of which is 3D Object Converter. 3D Object Converter is a professional interactive tool for visualizing, controlling and converting 694 different standard formats for 3D models. It offers a quick process for importing and exporting files and allows you to edit texture materials for geometry conversion. A version of i3DConverter is also available for Mac OS X users (starting with 10.7).

Main functions:

  • support for reading and writing for files of 694 different formats;
  • automatic format detection;
  • automatic inspection and "repair" of polygons;
  • you can download the installation or portable version;
  • Drag & Drop support for uploading files
  • individual model conversion and batch conversion module;
  • display tree model elements;
  • management of the process of visualization and transformation from the command line;
  • control modes of displaying models / scenes;
  • 9 modes of rendering objects with texture support (Ctrl + F);
  • support for texture files in .BMP (8/16/24/32 bit), .BDS (compressed), .DDJ (compressed), .DDS (uncompressed 16/24/32 bits, compressed DXT1 / DXT5), .DXT ( compressed), .JIT, .JPG (24 bits), .PCX (8/24 bits), .PPM (uncompressed binary 24 bits), .EX (compressed), .RAW (24 bits), .ACT, .RAW ( 24 bits), .STF (24 bits), .TGA (compressed 8/16/24/32 bits), .EDV (compressed), .PNG (compressed 24/32 bits), .EX (compressed), .WYS ( compressed), COL / COMP (compressed), .PIC (24/32 uncompressed bits);
  • point display;
  • view management;
  • four predefined camera positions, automatic rotation, rotation along the X and Y axis;
  • dynamic scaling with the mouse, dynamic rotation;
  • model information; texture amount statistics;
  • tools for editing geometry models and textures;
  • scaling, rotation, displacement, calculation of the area and volume;
  • export texture materials to .BMP format;

It is a powerful tool that allows you to import various 3D models from external sources. It can automatically recognize the file format, and then convert them in a large amount. Models can be loaded using the drag and drop method. It is characterized by a quick process of importing and exporting files.

The program has cross-platform technology for downloading ASCII files. The tool uses very little memory - as much as it needs. It has the basic effects of processing models. The program does not require any DLL files, it has web update functions. 3D modeling became most popular after the invention of 3D printers. To work with such graphics, the m3d format is used, which the average user is not always able to open from the first time. For ease of use and functionality, programs are developed for viewing and converting files containing data from 3D models.