How to quickly and accurately translate any text - an overview of the best translators

Many modern specialties require at least superficial knowledge of foreign languages. And this is not to mention how important it is to have the skills to communicate in a popular foreign language in school or when moving up the career ladder. It is for these purposes that specialized programs are developed for translating text to a computer. With their help, it is difficult to achieve perfect translation even of simple text, but they are quite suitable for understanding its meaning.

Choosing the best program for translating text.

ABBYY Lingvo

ABBYY Software Ltd., known as the manufacturer of FineReader software and the leading provider of technology and language applications for OCR, has released a special version of the electronic dictionary ABBYY Lingvo, developed for the Russian market. ABBYY Lingvo is the best translation software. This is the first electronic dictionary that supports translation in four languages: English, German, Ukrainian and Polish. This is a collection of 11 modern electronic dictionaries that are available both to users of personal computers and smartphones.

ABBYY Lingo contains dictionaries published by renowned authors and publishers around the world, such as Collins and Oxford. The range of dictionaries is complemented by extensive explanations in English, German and Ukrainian languages. All sources were developed or updated in 2005–2008. ABBYY Lingvo guarantees high quality and accuracy of translations. The product is intended for people who are forced to work with foreign languages ​​at work or school, or simply learn a new language. The dictionary contains about 3.7 million translations of over a million terms. In terms of the number of words contained in one product database, the developers set a new record, and at the same time, the software is offered at a reasonable price, comparable to other electronic dictionaries.

In addition to the translation options, ABBYY Lingvo offers access to phonetic notations, sample comments, explanations of grammatical rules and forms of words. The database contains 35 thousand words in different languages, registered by professional lecturers who are native speakers. The system is equipped with a modern, convenient and functional user interface, offering the possibility of instant translation of the words highlighted by the cursor by displaying the translation window. Explanatory dictionaries and the possibility of full-text search in all dictionary resources provide quick and easy access to the entire wealth of linguistic knowledge, useful both for ordinary users learning the language and for professional translators. The program comes with a special application Lingvo Tutor, which helps to learn a foreign language.

The mobile version of the ABBYY Lingvo application can be installed on devices with Symbian or Windows Mobile systems. The dictionary in the mobile version offers access to the same dictionary database as the version for personal computers, while retaining most of its functions. Thanks to the mobile version of the dictionary is at hand almost always when necessary: ​​on a business trip or on vacation, during business negotiations or in the library, in a restaurant, shop or museum.


Babylon is a modern translation program that translates words and sentences with the support of the most popular languages ​​in the world. He can also translate sites and pronounce words.


  • many languages;
  • website translation;


  • average quality of automatic translations.

The Babylon interface by default is a computer dictionary module. Just enter a word, select several languages, and you can already use the translation and pronunciation of the word. Additional modules are available at the bottom of the interface. One of them is automatic text translation. The procedure is similar - after choosing the languages ​​we get automatic translation of this text. You can insert a piece of text, and the program automatically recognizes the language in which it was written.

Babylon also offers website translation, but this option is hidden. Click "Menu" and then "Translate Web Page." The same operation can be performed by right-clicking the program icon in the system tray, which is located in the lower right corner of the desktop. Website translation will appear in the default browser window.

The free version uses standard dictionaries. The translated text can be understood, but in most cases the translation is only suitable for understanding the meaning. The full version of the program Babylon also has the ability to automatically listen to the translated text. In the free version, the user can only use English. Babylon is a vocabulary with pronunciation and a module for translating sentences, texts and websites. Its translation into Russian is not perfect, therefore, if we have constant access to the Internet, it is worth considering an alternative option in the form of a Google translator.

Free Language Translator

Free Language Translator is a universal translator that uses Google Translate technology. Thanks to this, we can translate text by selecting one of 50 languages! The program itself can determine the language in which the text is written, and assess the accuracy of the translation.


  • translation between 50 languages;
  • automatic language detection;
  • the ability to create a custom dictionary.


  • Internet connection required;
  • sometimes freezes;
  • problems reading PDF in some languages.

Free Language Translator offers the possibility to create a personal dictionary with corrected translation. This feature is very useful because Google Translate technology is far from perfect. It is effective when you need to understand the general meaning of the text. If you need an accurate translation, the application is not particularly effective. The software is very easy to use. You can enter text for translation manually, paste from clipboard or download from file. Free Language Translator supports the most popular text file formats: PDF, DOC, RTF, HTML, and TXT. Unfortunately, import does not always work correctly. In short, this is the perfect translator for extreme situations when you need a translator from exotic languages.


TranslateIt! is a very good translator for Mac OS X. It supports many languages, including English, German, French, Spanish and Russian. The application allows you to translate from Russian and English to any available language and vice versa. The big advantage is the excellent integration with the system. For example, each word can be translated by typing, pasting, dragging into the program window area, or moving the cursor. TranslateIt! while working does not require an Internet connection, works offline. In addition to the translation itself, the tool supports language learning. All dictionaries for the program are free and can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. 20 day trial. Supports Mac OS X 10.6 and newer versions.


Dicter is a useful program for direct translation of texts from web browsers and any other programs running on Windows. The application is offered to users completely free. This program has been designed in such a way that it provides easy and fast intuitive maintenance. The application is placed on the taskbar. To use it, simply select the given text fragment with the mouse and press the key combination Ctrl + Alt, after which its translation will appear next to the selected text.

Due to the fact that user needs are very diverse, you can change the font size so that reading the translation is convenient. With a standard installation of the program, it starts at system startup. If this does not suit you, simply right-click the program icon on the taskbar and deselect the "Run from Windows" checkbox. The application does not introduce any unwanted changes when you install your own home page in the browser and does not display ads, registration is also not required. The program copes with the accuracy of translations, due to the fact that it uses Google translator - it is his unofficial client. The disadvantage here is the lack of copying the translation and the fact that an internet connection is required to complete the transfer.

The window size automatically adapts to the amount of text - this is a great function, because when translating several lines of text, the program window does not take up much space. The application, despite its small size, is very efficient and does not load the system - transfers are performed at high speed, while other programs running at the same time work more slowly.

Easy translator

Easy Translator (Ace Translator's successor) is a small, convenient program, thanks to which you can translate text from one of 91 supported languages ​​(including, of course, Russian and English) to any other. TTS is also available in many languages, which is text-to-speech. The program uses online translation systems and makes it easy to translate the contents of websites, chats or emails. Ace Translator can also be very useful for people learning foreign languages.

Easy Translator is fully adapted to the needs of modern users and is very easy to use. Paste the text into the upper window, select the source language (if the program does not automatically detect it) and the target language, click the Translate button and get the translated text. Translated text can be saved, printed and pronounced with the TTS function, and also saved as an mp3 sound file. Unregistered trial version allows you to use the program for 14 days. After this period, you must purchase a full license or remove the program from your computer.

What else do translators need? With their help, you can quickly get any information that interests you, which sometimes even on the Internet can be difficult to find in your native language. Unfortunately, all programs and systems are far from perfect, but in most cases the translation allows you to easily understand the source text in a foreign language. It is possible to choose the translation program that is most suitable for you or your specialization in a simple, proven way - by trial and error.