Software rating for fast and secure file copying

Every PC user has ever encountered copying files from one medium to another (from USB to hard drive and back, from disk to hard drive, and so on). At the same time, older versions of Windows often had data reading errors that could appear even on a slightly worn CD or DVD. Fortunately, the Internet offers many programs for copying files that will allow you to ignore and sometimes even correct errors reading files, and successfully complete the process without losing information.

Select a program to copy files.


FastCopy is a completely free, small and at the same time very useful tool designed to quickly copy data to the hard disk of your computer. The application also allows you to delete selected files. In addition, the program provides the ability to speed up the copying process by excluding certain files or enable the NonStop function (copying will continue despite errors detected). In addition, FastCopy makes it possible to determine the copy speed and buffer size. Using FastCopy Portable, you can copy files faster than using Windows Explorer, and without installing it on your computer. FastCopy Portable performs exactly one task: copying files to another directory. But much faster than regular Explorer.

Instead of copying only very small fragments of files, like Explorer, FastCopy reads large fragments, so the program does not need to frequently move from one directory to another to read and write on the hard disk. This makes FastCopy an incredibly fast copying program with a very low system load. The portable version can be copied to any place and used without installation - this makes it ideal for use on a USB drive. Especially useful for users who often work on different computers.

Total Copy

The program for copying files and folders Total Copy is an alternative to the traditional way of copying files to Windows. Improvements are related to the ability to pause and resume copying if the target disk fails or overflows.


  • the program can resume copying after a power failure or target disk


  • not detected.

Total Copy is very easy to use. The file should be “grabbed” with the right mouse button and dragged to the target folder. At this stage, a context menu appears that suggests copying or moving a file in Total Copy mode. An additional option is the ability to adjust the copy speed, which is useful for freeing system resources for other applications. It copies faster than the traditional system tool. Total Copy is a great replacement for the standard copy operation. Accelerates copying and allows you to fully control this action. It will be useful to users of older machines, where the process of copying large files can be a real problem.


Ultracopier is a utility for efficiently copying and transferring files. It offers convenient task list management and provides a wide range of data to track program progress. Among the rich palette of opportunities, you can find the function to adjust the copy speed, search in the task queue, pause and resume tasks. There are also many additional options, including saving access rights, moving entire folders, tracking buffer size and checking checksums. The program can be minimized to the system tray. Software management can also be performed from the command line.


SuperCopier contains a full settings menu that allows you to customize the operation of not only the program itself, as well as some details in the interface. SuperCopier allows you to copy and paste files and folders in Windows much faster, more reliable and more efficient.


  • simple integration with Windows Explorer;
  • much faster than the standard Windows copy utility;
  • allows you to create copy lists and stop the copying process;
  • settings menu.


  • primitive interface - fortunately, you can customize it!

You can start the program from the icon in the system or simply copy and paste files and folders in the usual way: SuperCopier is built into Windows Explorer and will take care of this task. This program not only speeds up copying and moving files, but also adds new useful parameters: you can now pause and resume a task at any time, check the transfer rate, check the percentage completion level, create lists of files to copy or move, and even change the list when The process is already running. Most importantly, SuperCopier does not replace the standard copy and paste function of Windows, so you can try it and just delete it if it doesn’t suit you.


TeraCopy allows you to quickly copy or move files in the Windows system - this is a program for quickly copying files, which will be especially useful when it comes to several gigabytes of data.


  • much faster than the standard Windows method;
  • integrated into Windows Explorer;
  • drag and drop support.


  • not such an intuitive interface.

You can launch TeraCopy yourself, in which case you have to drag or drop files into the program window. TeraCopy copies and transfers large volumes of files much faster than standard Windows File Manager.

Software features:

  • better removal of USB devices;
  • “CardReader” option for ini-file;
  • Option "ForceSameDriveMode";
  • new language packs;
  • improved performance when testing md5 files.
IMPORTANT. Always check the destination folder and request administrator rights if necessary.

Unstoppable copier

Unstoppable Copier is not a deleted data recovery program. This tool is only useful in situations where the usual procedures for copying, moving or reading files do not work, and the operating system reports an error. Unstoppable Copier is actually a tool for copying visible, but inaccessible data in the system, for example, due to the appearance of damaged sectors on the hard disk or scratches on optical media.

Standard procedures for copying and moving files implemented in the operating system interrupt the operation on the file (read, write, etc.) when any error occurs. If you try to copy files from a scratched CD / DVD, most often it will not work, because even if 99% of the file is copied correctly, the inability to read even the last fragment means failure of the entire operation. Unstoppable Copier ignores errors. When a read error occurs, it does not interrupt copying, but saves a previously copied fragment of the file and then tries to continue ignoring the wrong sectors. Readable file fragments are combined into one, which is ultimately stored in the target location specified by the user.

With default settings, Unstoppable Copier saves the attributes of files copied from damaged media. You can also specify the number of attempts to read data. Unstoppable Copier does not help to read data that the system no longer sees.

HDClone Free Edition

Traditional backup utilities are useful for keeping backups of your files, but if you need to back up your entire operating system, programs, or personal settings, you need a much more functional application. If you suspect that your hard drive is about to crumble, you can take immediate action with HDClone Free Edition. After a simple setup procedure, the software will clone your hard drive along with any data it contains. In addition to the free version, HDClone comes in versions Basic, Standard, Professional and Enterprise. The functionality of the free version is rather limited, but it can be used to clone a hard disk in case of an emergency. The installation file is 16 MB and it takes about a minute to install all the components.

You can run any version of HDClone in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, as well as on various servers. The software will automatically guide you through the whole process with step-by-step instructions. You can back up your hard disk and save it as an image file, create a clone and send it to another storage device or restore previously created backups.

The utility can perform the same actions on separate sections. The above features are displayed as large icons on a clean and clear interface. By selecting one of them, you can proceed to the next step by clicking the “Next” button. Preparing the process of copying or cloning is not difficult. The procedure involves selecting a hard disk or partition, assigning and making several final settings. When you select a destination, you can also select several options if you want to create a RAW or Smart image or if you want to encrypt it.


  • the utility is able to clone all hard drives;
  • the contents of the hard disk can be saved as an image file or mirrored on another high capacity storage device;
  • the process is intuitively clear, so setting up the program will not take much time;


  • significant limitations of the trial free software version.

Copying information from damaged disks or to a USB flash drive is not for the faint of heart. Especially when it comes to huge file sizes. It is especially offensive when, after copying 99% of the information, the system gives a reading error and the whole process is interrupted. Fortunately, most of the utilities described above will help solve the problem of long copying, making the process much faster, and also offer many additional functions.