How can I open an STP file?

The STP format is universal for presenting data (3D models) in CAD systems. It is used in various fields, even in aerospace. However, not all users know how and with the help of which such documents are opened. This is what you read in this article.

What is STP Extension?

As mentioned earlier, these files are used for exchange between computer-aided design systems. They contain various 3D models, assemblies, etc. As the STP or STEP file format is an ASCII text document, formed according to the ISO 10303 protocol, it can also be decompressed using some text editors. Next we will talk about this in more detail.

Programs for opening STF

  1. Compass 3D. This program for viewing STEP, created by Russian developers, is very popular among users.
  • Run the application. In the top menu, go to the first tab, click Open.

  • In the opened explorer, find the necessary document and click on it. Open by clicking on the appropriate button.
  • After importing, the object will open in the 3D Compass window.

  1. AutoCAD. In this utility, you can create both 2D and 3D models. You can read more about working in Avtokad in our other articles.
  • Open AutoCAD, go to the Insert panel -> Import.

  • Find the file, double-click it.
  • Then you can see the opened object in the utility window.

  1. FreeCAD. The advantage of FreeCAD is the availability of the free version. The interface has a modular structure.
  • Open the application. Go to the tab File -> Open.

  • In the explorer, find the document you need, double click on it.
  • Now you can perform your manipulations on the object in FreeCAD itself.

  1. ABViewer. This feature-rich program allows you to view and convert the STP file extension to others used in design.
  • Run ABViewer. Click on Open in the first tab.

  • Find the desired object, click twice.
  • After importing it will appear in your application.

  1. Notepad ++. This utility also allows you to view this format.
  • Run the program. Click File -> Open.

  • We denote the object in the explorer, and then unpack it.

  1. Notebook. Notepad is available on almost every computer. The process of opening a document is the same as in other cases.

Conversion to other formats

Usually, the ability to convert STEP to PDF, DWG, STL, etc. is already available in the CAD system itself. However, it is recommended to download a separate converter, for example, ABViewer.

Why exactly STP and what are its advantages

The main advantage of this expansion is versatility. A group of people working on a project can easily gather all the created parts into one. It is also supported by various programs, which makes the work more productive.

We hope you have no questions. If you know more interesting information on this topic, write it in the comments.