Top programs to speed up the computer

Anyway, after a long and faithful work at the computer fails begin to occur. This may be unstable operation of the device or poor performance. But do not despair, because not one program has been developed to speed up a computer that helps solve your problem.

It is about these tools we will talk in our article.

  1. Computer Accelerator. This utility is not for nothing that netizens consider it one of the best. It allows you to optimize computers and laptops with Windows 7, 8, 10. This accelerator is absolutely safe and compatible with all the latest versions of the OS. The program has a nice interface and a number of useful functions: finding and deleting large and repetitive data, cleaning the registry, removing programs, etc. I would like to note that you shouldn’t spare money for the licensed version, as the result of the application will please you a lot.

    Computer Accelerator window

  2. Advanced SystemCare Free. Our top completes another program to speed up the computer. This is a powerful complex that combines powerful functionality and ease of use. It allows you to troubleshoot the registry, remove garbage and other unnecessary files, clean your browser information and find malware. Advanced SystemCare Free automatically checks for updates. The program is completely free and also Russified. Professional users can perform deep cleaning, which takes much more time than fast. There are versions for Windows 10, 7, 8, XP.

    Window of the program Advanced SystemCare Free

  3. Wise Care 365. This is another popular and functional package for optimizing computer work. It includes programs for cleaning the disk, registry and other computer components. Wise Care 365 can detect significantly more errors than other similar applications. Users are attracted by a simple and pleasant interface that allows you to significantly speed up your PC at the touch of a button. It is impossible to note the high marks of professionals in various services, such as PCWorld, PCAdvisor, etc.

    Wise Care 365 window

  4. System Mechanic. This kit is also very good for overclocking a PC. It includes various optimizers (more than 50). You can perform detailed error diagnostics, improve the stability and speed of the operating system. Also, System Mechanic is able to find malicious software and delete all files that can slow down the operation of the device. You can configure the automatic cleaning on a schedule. The application interface is completely English. For the licensed version will have to pay. Nevertheless, despite the large number of various functions, System Mechanic is better suited for professionals than for ordinary users.

    System Mechanic window

  5. AusLogics BoostSpeed. The optimizers described earlier were relatively cheaper than this application. However, it has its advantages. Its cost is affected by the constant contributions of developers in advertising to promote their product. Let AusLogics BoostSpeed ​​does not have some functions, like other accelerators, it is absolutely safe and does not damage system files. By purchasing a license, you can use it on five computers at once. The basic tool kit can be used for free. Russian language is supported. Most often, users leave positive feedback about this software.

    AusLogics BoostSpeed ​​window

  6. CCleaner. Most likely all PC users are familiar with this utility. It can speed up your device, delete junk files and temporary unnecessary files. CCleaner will significantly improve performance, but there are some useful options missing. For example, it cannot detect errors and analyze the state of the computer. However, a significant advantage can be noted the free version of the program and the Russified version.

    CCleaner window

  7. Glary Utilities. Glary Utilities is a software package, united by a single interface. The great advantages are free and multifunctional. Glary Utilities can perform a huge number of different tasks. It can clean the system, speed it up, set up privacy, remove malicious files and check the drivers. The automatic mode of the program is rather weak and not very functional. It is possible to create backup copies. A Russian version is available.

    Glary Utilities window

  8. Vit Registry Fix. This program is used for complex registry maintenance. It will allow you to clean up unnecessary files, create backup copies (which is a very useful feature), check the system for errors, and quickly and conveniently uninstall unnecessary software. Vit Registry Fix is ​​supported on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Various languages ​​are available, including Russian.

    Vit Registry Fix program window

  9. Razer Game Booster. This application is not a good optimization tool, as it is designed to perform specific tasks. Razer Game Booster is designed for gamers, as it allows you to increase FPS in games. And it should be said that the program does its job very well. Some users are very annoyed by the constant updates of the Razer Game Booster. There is a manual and automatic acceleration mode.

    Razer Game Booster window

  10. TuneUp Utilities. This set of programs has been more popular in past years. It has a unique function - defragment the OP. It is indispensable on weak computers, where memory quickly runs out. The result of TuneUp Utilities is very strongly felt. Also, this software allows you to create backup copies. There are three modes available: manual, scheduler and one-click cleaning. However, now TuneUp Utilities is part of the AVG products, updates that are not at all encouraging.

AVG TuneUp window

Let's sum up. In this article you have read the information about the best programs to speed up the computer. Some of them were free, while others had to pay for the license. However, they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Computer Accelerator will appeal to both beginners and professional users. After the first launch, the application will not annoy you and work quietly in the background.

Advanced SystemCare Free is such a powerful package that, most likely, nothing can replace. Professionals will appreciate this program. Its closest analogue to Glary Utilities is not as stable.

System Mechanic in some moments can be considered even a better utility than the previous one. However, for a long time of its existence, the Russian version was never created. Most often, System Mechanic is used by advanced users.

TuneUp Utilities and Razer Game Booster will suit only a narrow circle of users. The first program is for weak computers, and the second is for a more enjoyable game of gamers.

It is also worth saying that it is not always worth the money to buy a license. The main thing is to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the functionality of the program, so that it is suitable for you.

If you know more applications to optimize your PC, then write about them in the comments. You can also write your questions there.