Self-replacement laptop matrix

The laptop screen, or its matrix, is one of the most expensive parts, and moreover the most vulnerable to all sorts of damage. Repairs can be very expensive, and replacement often comes at half the cost of the computer itself. But you can do it yourself, because changing the screen on a laptop is not so difficult. Of course, such work will require some skills and knowledge in terms of the design of computers. You will also need some tools, mostly a screwdriver, and neatness - the plastic parts of the laptop case are rather thin and fragile.

The procedure for replacing the matrix laptop.

The main defects of the matrix and causes

Display faults are usually visible as soon as they appear. Sometimes image defects appear imperceptibly, and increase with time until they spread to a larger area. But most often they are the result of careless handling - hitting the screen, dropping a laptop, and other troubles. They can look different:

  • In some areas of the screen appear areas in which the image flashes, and in the rest of the normal. It happens when liquid is spilled on the screen.
  • The image is blurry, the colors shimmer, stripes appear. This is due to the violation of the liquid crystal structure of the matrix, if a strong magnet is brought to it.
  • White stripes across the entire width or height of the screen are dead pixels. Such a defect appears due to a factory defect, and is usually detected fairly quickly, when the warranty has not expired.
  • Drops and blurred image is due to broken glass. The reason - a blow to the screen, the fall of the laptop and other mechanical damage.

You can change the screen on the laptop yourself or take it for repair. In any case, using a laptop with a defective matrix is ​​almost impossible. Sooner or later it will completely fail.

Signs of breakage

When the screen has mechanical damage in the form of cracked glass, it can be seen immediately and no doubt. But it happens that the matrix does not matter, and the defective image produces a graphics processor. The problem may be software, for example, due to inappropriate drivers. Therefore, even before replacing the matrix, it is necessary to clarify this question. It’s easy to do - just connect another monitor or TV to your laptop with an HDMI cable. If they do not have an image, then the problem is most likely software. If the image is normal, then the video system has nothing to do with it, and it's in the screen itself, and then it definitely needs to be changed.

How to choose a new display for a laptop

The first thing you need is a new matrix, and the same as the old one. Repair it will not work, just replace. From laptops of other models, even of the same size, will not work. This is one of the most expensive parts, so the selection should be approached responsibly. You can, of course, find out the exact model of the matrix for your laptop and buy it in the store, but you have to be prepared to pay several thousand rubles for it. You can do otherwise - buy exactly the same faulty laptop, but which has a normal display. It will cost even less than the new matrix, in addition, it will be the source of other spare parts.

Preparatory work

To replace the laptop screen, you do not need a soldering iron or any other complex tools. You just need to find a well-lit, clean place, where it will be convenient to work with small details and nothing is lost. There should be enough space on the table so that nothing can be dumped in a pile, but it is convenient to decompose - otherwise you may accidentally damage the new matrix. From the tools you will need:

  • Cross screwdriver small.
  • Tweezers.
  • Plastic spatula - for disassembling the case, where a large number of latches are used.

Before you begin to work, assess your abilities to work with such a technique - disassembling a laptop requires care and attention, this is a rather fragile device. If in doubt, it is better to entrust this work to specialists.

Detaching the laptop screen

Very seldom there are models where for access to the matrix it is enough just to remove the protective side frame. Usually this requires removing the keyboard and the upper part of the case - do not forget to first turn off the computer from the network and remove the battery. Then the cable is disconnected from the matrix and you can disconnect the entire screen block - it is attached with bolts. When disassembling, pay attention to the screws - they are in different places of different sizes, and arrange them at once in separate piles. The frame of the screen is fastened with several screws, and in addition - with latches along the entire perimeter. Therefore, unscrewing the screws, you need to raise the angle of the frame and loosen all the latches along the perimeter with a plastic spatula. There are wires near the webcam, be very careful there, otherwise you may accidentally catch them and break them.

In general, changing the matrix on a laptop is easy if you don’t rush and memorize the entire sequence of actions, so that you can put everything together in the reverse order. And do not apply excessive force, if something does not detach - it is better to look carefully, maybe somewhere just did not loosen the bolt.

Extract and replace matrix

Replacing the matrix on a laptop Lenovo or Acer, and any other, reaching the stage of the disassembled display is very simple. It remains to unscrew the bolts securing it to the back of the cover and disconnect all cables. After that, the matrix can be gently taken over the side surfaces and raised. Behind the matrix there is a cable from the Wi-Fi antenna and a webcam. It is disconnected by simply pulling on its end. So you can change the matrix and on the laptop Lenovo, and Acer, and all the rest.


When everything is disassembled and the defective part is removed, it remains a mere trifle - change the display on the laptop to a new one and put everything in reverse order. Describe everything in detail does not make sense - the design of laptops differ in the details, but difficulties should arise. Do not forget to connect all the loops into place. And do not try to collect everything at once tightly, and then only turn on - there is always a chance that the new matrix will not work, or the defective itself. Therefore, you can first simply connect all cables, insert the battery and turn on the computer. If the image is good, you can turn it off again and continue assembly - without a battery, of course.

The job of replacing the screen is not very difficult, but it requires an almost complete disassembly of the laptop, which in itself can cause problems due to design features. So take your time and everything will work out. The process of disassembling the case of a particular laptop model can usually be found on YouTube, and this greatly simplifies the task. And the disassembly of its cover is much easier - here you just need to carefully unfasten the latches.