How to make the game "fly" - a program to increase FPS

FPS (frames per second) is the number of frames displayed on the monitor in one second. It is a unit that displays moving images, and the more, the better. Although in films this is a permanent indicator, in games it changes dynamically, and its maximum amount depends on the equipment. How to improve performance with the help of special programs to increase FPS in games?

The choice of programs to increase FPS in games.

IMPORTANT. Antivirus programs can identify such software as a threat. This is due to the fact that during optimization optimization, processes and services are temporarily excluded, which inevitably hinders the operation of the system. But such tools are safe.

Razer game booster

Razer Game Booster is free software designed for gamers. The application optimizes the operating system and speeds up the work of games. Razer Game Booster improves computer performance during the game due to other applications running in the background. Also synchronizes saved games with the "cloud". The program is available for free, but after starting it is necessary to set up a free account and log into it. This free IObit tool will provide us with high performance for demanding games without the need to upgrade hardware.

The program can automatically improve the system and optimize it for computer games with a single button. All the most important components of the system installed on the computer will be focused only on running games. Thus, when testing various video games, performance and smoothing are improved (used to increase FPS).

Razer Game Booster is fully compatible with PunkBuster, Cheating-Death, VAC and all other multiplayer-protecting applications (i.e., the so-called chit chat). In addition, the program disables (deactivates) all other unnecessary applications running in the background, so during the game they are not displayed on the desktop and do not bother the user. Another interesting feature is the built-in Screencast, which offers the ability to record games in real time and create screenshots.

The Razer Game Booster application offers a number of different settings designed to improve system performance, but the key feature of the program is the “Game Mode” function. It allows you to temporarily disable unnecessary services and programs and free up as much RAM as possible so that you can play your favorite games freely and comfortably. Due to the reduced load, the running game can use the entire amount of hardware resources, which makes it as stable as possible. After the end of the game, you can freely turn off the mode - this means that all services and programs that worked before the function was launched will return to their place and will work as they were before disconnecting.

At any time, you can change the operation mode. Using a simple wizard, you can determine which services and programs should be disabled and which ones should not. In addition, all functions are accompanied by descriptions, which allows to determine whether they are needed. In addition, the game mode offers to change the power settings to maximum power so that you can use 100% of the processor resources.

Game mode is not everything. Razer Game Booster also allows you to defragment the catalogs of individual games in order to speed up the reading of their data. Due to this, you do not need to defragment the entire disk, but only the game directory itself - so it will work faster. Razer Game Booster is not only system optimization. The program notifies about the tools and updates that may be useful when playing online, but not yet installed. Moreover, the software also informs about available device driver updates.

The automatic optimization option is intended for less advanced users. More experienced users can use manual settings that allow you to control processes and increase the priorities of active applications, speed up access to data on a disk, correct system buffer settings (BigSystemCache), shorten the time for inactive programs to close, speed up system shutdowns and increase the maximum number of Internet Explorer connections. . It is worth adding that the program can be controlled using keyboard shortcuts. Quickly optimize the work also allows the icon in the system tray.

The graphical interface is nice and modern. If automatic optimization immediately gives results, inexperienced users can easily do only with this function. In case of problems, you can familiarize yourself with the manual (available in PDF format, it is easy to open through the “Settings” - “About the program” menu), as well as the “FAQ” in the support section of the manufacturer's website.

AMD overdrive

Overclocking enthusiasts and owners of processors on an AMD chip can take advantage of the new version of the free AMD Overdrive program, which allows you to fine-tune your computer. The program from the Windows level allows you to overclock the processor and RAM, and also allows you to increase the number of FPS in modern games. Overdrive is not only a large set of controllers for advanced users, but also features that help improve computer performance for less experienced users. The program has built-in monitoring and testing the stability of the computer.

The program window is divided into three main sections. In the “Status Monitor” section, you can monitor the temperature of all APUs, CPUs, and graphics processors installed on the PC, as well as fans connected to the motherboard. The System Information tab provides comprehensive technical information about installed hardware components. In the "Performance Control" section, you can change various parameters of the equipment, such as, for example, the base frequency, as well as the voltage of the processor and RAM memory.

Some models of video card processors (for example, the FX series) also allow you to change the frequency multiplier. To go to the corresponding function, you need to press the Turbo Core Control button in the subcategory Clock / Voltage. A window will appear on the screen in which different factors are set using the sliders, even for individual cores. Changes are confirmed by the “Apply” and “OK” buttons.

The Performance Control category includes a Stability Test section. It contains functions to check the stability of the computer after increasing the clock frequency. Functions from the Benchmark section can be used to measure processor performance before and after overclocking, and then compare the results.

Wise game booster

Wise Game Booster is a free program that optimizes the operating system and accelerates the work of computer games. The program optimizes and manages the system in a way that improves performance during the game. Due to this, much more liquidity is achieved in more demanding applications. The program has a very user-friendly interface, which includes four extensive tabs for managing installed 3D games, optimizing the system and active processes, as well as various system services. The application checks the status of the computer and detects problems.


  • increase the performance of the operating system and 3D games;
  • increase liquidity in more complex and demanding games;
  • the ability to optimize the system with one click;
  • management of active system processes;
  • memory clearing;
  • the ability to run games from the program window;
  • possibility of manual or automatic system optimization.

The tool allows you to perform basic operations that can improve the performance of the operating system. The application has a simple user interface that less experienced users will surely like. The following modules are available:

My games

Simple but useful setup. When the application is launched for the first time, the program offers to scan your hard drive - after a while, all installed games will appear in the list. They can also be added manually. Thanks to the module, you can quickly launch games and view detailed information about executable files (type, name, manufacturer, number of launches, last activation date, rating, comments).


Wise Game Booster allows you to make changes to the operating system. Optimization is based on changing the corresponding entries in the registry and affects the stability, acceleration of the interface, acceleration of network connections.


This is nothing more than a task manager in the operating system. The application automatically detects software that consumes most of the hardware resources (memory, processor). For each entry, you can perform one of three actions: close the process, add to exceptions, find detailed information on the Internet (using Google search).


A handy tool that allows you to disable unnecessary services running in the background. A short description is attached to each element, thanks to which you can more accurately identify unwanted entries. Using the “Restore” option, you can easily undo the changes made. An important feature of the program is the one-click optimization function. Wise Game Booster is offered free of charge.


GameGain is also a very useful tool designed to optimize the operating system in terms of improving the performance of games. The application works automatically, you just need to specify the installed operating system and processor type. To maximize the efficiency of the computer, the program makes changes to the registry and system files. In addition, GameGain optimizes the use of processor resources and RAM, allowing you to increase the number of FPS and graphics card performance.

Of course, the above tips will help the user to increase the speed of the displayed content, but some things, such as the maximum performance of a video card, cannot be configured as the user wants. Therefore, such programs are not a magic wand that will force demanding games to “fly” on weak hardware.