Selection of programs for work with printers and scanners HP

Currently, quite often there is a need to translate a document provided in paper form in electronic form. It is possible to obtain an image that can later be successfully saved on any media or on a hard disk of a computer if you take advantage of the capabilities of the special HP scanning software. The same software allows not only to save, but also edit the scanned text information.

The review of programs for work with printers and scanners HP.

What is a program for scanning

Modern users are not satisfied only with the availability of the printer. Many are interested in purchasing a scanner or a multifunction device (MFP) capable of performing the functions of a printer, scanner, and Xerox. The developers of the operating system made sure that every user could perform the simplest operations without the need to install additional software. The simplest tasks are easily handled by regular OS tools. However, in some cases, this functionality is clearly not enough to perform more complex technical tasks. In such cases, we offer to pay attention to special programs for the HP printer, with which you can scan documents, getting high-quality images.

We hurry to assure you that on the Internet you can find a sufficient number of programs that can be used to work with a printer or an HP Series MFP. Before you download any of the options, we recommend that you study the characteristics of each program, evaluate its merits, weigh the shortcomings, decide on the best option for yourself. By the way, utilities that can recognize scanned text are especially popular.

Starting the scan and print process

If you need a program to scan documents, do not rush to download the first available option. It is important to make sure that the functionality of the specific software allows you to solve the tasks set before you. In particular, there are excellent utilities that enable high-quality scanning, as well as a range of additional manipulations:

  • change scale;
  • set a password;
  • improve quality;
  • set the desired image size;
  • cut off;
  • set the desired level of contrast, brightness;
  • transfer scanned material to PDF.

When you purchase a HP Laserjet printer or scanner from a store, in most cases you will find a CD with the necessary installation software. After installation on the computer, you can find a special program for scanning. This is either “HP ScanJet” or “HP Deskjet”, it all depends on what model of device you will use.

Clicking on the program icon will launch a window in which you can initially make settings, and then proceed to direct use. If all the settings you are completely satisfied, or you have previously made the appropriate changes, then you can immediately start scanning. In the window you will find the "Scan" section. By refocusing your attention on him, you will see that the system offers you two options for action:

  • scanning;
  • control.

In the first case, you start the image acquisition process immediately, in the second case, you will be asked to enable scanning through the Control Panel. After starting the scanning process, it remains only to wait for a message to appear, requesting to specify the path to save the finished image. You can also start the scanning process using the button with the scanner icon located on the front panel of the scanner.

If the need arises to print a finished document, the HP printing utility will allow you to solve this technical problem. The program for printing photos on the printer also provides the user with the opportunity to select specific printing options, including:

  • print color or black and white images;
  • high quality printing or in economy mode;
  • printing on photo paper or paper of a different type.

The list of programs for scanning

It is possible to use other software, the functionality of which allows you to scan and print text information or images. A popular program is ABBYY FineReader 10 Home Edition, which allows you to scan and recognize text information, save a formatted document. This program supports 178 languages, allows you to send the results by e-mail, as well as, if necessary, spread on sites. The only drawback of this multifunctional universal tool is that you will have to pay for such a product. However, this product does not need to purchase blindly. It is possible to initially register, get the product for free, but only for a trial period, and later decide whether such a program is needed or not.

Also a good product is a program such as OCR CuneiForm, which allows you to convert scanned material into a printed format. The utility is endowed with unique tools that allow:

  • easy to operate with tabular data;
  • carry out text fragmentation in manual and automatic mode.

OCR CuneiForm supports 20 common languages ​​in the world.

If you are interested in a program for high-quality text decryption, then you can pay attention to the Scanitto Pro utility. Its advantages are a simple interface, simple settings, even a novice can easily figure it out. In addition, scanned text information can be saved in any format, including BMP, TIFF, JPG, PNG and PDF. At the same time, the program successfully saves texts in DOCX, TXT and RTF formats.

If it is necessary to scan a large number of documents, it is recommended to use the ScanLite program. This utility saves all settings, providing a uniform scan of the entire batch of documents. Including this program allows you to immediately identify the desired document size by selecting the minimum values ​​in order to be able to easily send documents by e-mail.

There is another great option PaperScan, which you can use for free. It is concentrated a large number of tools with which it is easy to change the contrast, brightness, and also impose interesting effects on the image.

You can also use other programs endowed with similar functionality. These programs include:

  • WinScan2PDF (you can save scanned documents into one file);
  • VueScan;
  • RiDoc (endowed with the possibility of imposing watermarks);
  • NAPS2 (capable of reading information from glass plates);
  • Scan Corrector A4.

Thus, when the need arises to scan and print documents, even a novice user can easily cope with such a task if he adopts one of the listed utilities.