Software that allows you to securely encrypt files and folders

Modern man is no longer able to imagine his life without gadgets (computers, cell phones, tablets, etc.). This technique allows not only to diversify leisure, but also contributes to the rapid finding of answers to many questions of interest. In addition, information technology allows you to make even financial transactions without the need to visit bank branches. However, such advanced features become possible only if confidential information is entered.

TOP programs to encrypt files and folders.

The user has to enter logins, email addresses and, of course, passwords. If someone with criminal tendencies takes possession of such information, the user will have to face sad consequences. It is unlikely that someone will easily be able to treat the loss of personal data. For this reason, many people have serious fears, and sometimes panic against the lack of a response to the “global” question for them to understand how to protect their data and prevent the theft of confidential information.

Purpose of programs for encryption

IT specialists develop all kinds of software aimed at improving and accelerating user productivity, expanding capabilities, including data protection. Against the background of existing needs, programmers have developed a unique product in the form of programs for encrypting files and folders. Such programs are of interest not only to private users, but also economists, accountants, lawyers and other executives who operate in the course of their professional activities with important information, access to which is limited and which anyone who does not have the right to know even if they have an incredible desire.

It is imprudent to keep confidential information in the public domain, because computer equipment or a mobile device may be in the wrong hands in extraneous hands. Logging into the system with fraudulent intentions is not difficult, besides, some users unknowingly miss the fact that information can be read not only where it was originally placed, but also in other places. After deleting folders, files, visits to Internet resources where passwords could be entered, data in the temporary files storage can be saved on the computer. In order not to become “easy prey” for computer fraudsters, it is useful to familiarize yourself with recommendations on how to protect your personal data, which programs for encrypting confidential data are the best.

Top programs

For many years, TrueCrypt, which encrypts information and folders on a computer, has held a leading position. At the moment, it continues to be used by users, but it is no longer possible to call it the best product. In addition, this IT project is currently closed. There is no need to worry about this or worry, because the new open source product VeraCrypt has become an excellent successor to the TrueCrypt program. When developing VeraCrypt, the TrueCrypt code was taken as the basis, which was refined and improved, thanks to which the quality of the encryption was significantly improved.

In particular, there is a significant improvement in key generation from the password. Also, users seeking to encrypt not only individual documents, but a full hard drive, can easily carry out such manipulations. At the same time, programmers have implemented a completely different encryption mode for hard drives. In particular, instead of CBC, XTS is now used. Such a change provides for encryption the addition of a sector number and an intrasegment offset. Hurry to draw your attention to the fact that even this advanced program VeraCrypt is not out of competition. At the moment there is an opportunity to download and start working with one of several programs whose action is aimed at data encryption.

If you want to deny access to all unauthorized persons to folders and files on your computer and removable media, then you can use the excellent Anvide Lock Folder program. This small program is accompanied by a clear interface, so you do not need to have any special knowledge. However, this little “miracle” really restricts access to everything you impose a ban on and encrypts. The advantage of the program Anvide Lock Folder is the ability of the user to change the interface, adjusting it to your own preferences. Also attracts this program users and that is free.

Popular utility is accompanied by such a utility as Folder Lock. It also allows you to successfully encrypt data, but as a bonus, users can not only encrypt, but also hide the folder from the attention of third parties. Hidden files with a password are doubly protected from theft. Unfortunately, some users may be faced with the fact that download Folder Lock utility for free fails. Indeed, depending on the operating system of the computer to which you plan to download and begin actively using Folder Lock, the network offers both a free and paid version of the utility. By the way, this program perfectly copes with the tasks of encryption not only on computer equipment, but also on smartphones.

The Hide Folders utility has similar capabilities and characteristics, accompanied by tools that any user who does not have special technical knowledge can easily understand. Access to encrypted folders is obtained only by those who correctly enter the previously set passwords.

Wise Folder Hider - a program that provides easy and fast encryption of files, folders on your hard disk, removable media. At the same time, this utility is able to provide double protection. The program requires you to enter a password initially to run, and then to access encrypted folders or documents.

A good option to ensure reliable protection of confidential information is the program Secret Disk. She received such a name for a reason. Using such a utility, the user creates a virtual disk, which can be accessed only by the password holder. As a result, this program allows you to create a reliable repository of various information.

Many advanced users prefer to work with the CryptoARM program due to its advanced functionality. CryptoARM allows you to encrypt not every single folder, but to launch a batch processing, which accelerates the encryption process. In addition, the CryptoARM program allows you to:

  • decryption of folders and documents;
  • electronic signature overlay.

The uninitiated will try to introduce into the course that there is a whole science (cryptography) aimed at finding and improving methods to ensure confidentiality, authentication, data integrity. Of course, each user does not need to dive into it headlong, but it’s still useful to know that it is easy to find the right “assistants” on the network who provide reliable protection of personal data, as well as those who are able to easily create effective passwords.