Ways to open AMR files

Information stored on a computer in the form of files of various formats can not always be identified by the system and opened by available programs. Sometimes the user himself does not even assume that the data was stale on the device and how to find out what information is hidden there. Of course, if it comes to MP3, MPEG, DOC, HTML and other popular file types, there are no problems with opening them, this usually happens with little-known formats. Often, data transferred from other devices can become a mystery to the user, but in the Internet age there will always be quickly found the tools to solve the problem of identification. As a rule, to determine the type of a file, a part of its name is used, that is, the extension indicated at the end after the dot.

Options for opening files with the extension AMR.

If you are not sure about the origin of the unknown element found on the device, it is recommended to scan it with an antivirus, in case it is a malicious guest of the system. Among the many audio formats, instead of the usual MP3 or WAV user, sometimes there are less popular copies. For example, sound data can be represented in the system as a not so famous representative of the method of storing AMR sound recordings, although the standard is already quite old. Consider what it is and what it is listened to, as well as how to reformat the old man into a more convenient audio format.

AMR format description

AMR is an audio compression scheme optimized for operation in the speech frequency range. The format was adopted as a standard back in 1998, it is used today. The full name of the object type in question is Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec ACELP. Voice data containing digitized audio compressed using the AMR codec has the extension “.amr”. There are two types of AMR data:

  • Narrowband AMR-NB;
  • Broadband AMR-WB (the frequency range is wider, which determines the best sound quality).

The standard was created in the process of evolution of speech signal compression algorithms used in GSM networks. This type of recording is characterized by variable speed audio stream.

The format is based on the ACELP adaptive speech encoding / decoding algorithm, which provides a set of eight bit rates, allowing you to switch to different recording modes, taking into account external conditions. Due to these features, AMR sound compression is widely used in mobile devices, including voice recorders. Actually, this audio recording format was developed for them, and now it is possible to open a file with this extension on a computer regardless of the operating system installed.

Where the .amr files are used

Today the standard is actively used in GSM and UMTS networks. Thanks to its use, the capacity of the cellular communication system is increased without losing the quality of voice information transmission, which is achieved by switching to various modes and is especially important in large cities. The ability to adaptability by the choice of one of eight speeds caused the lack of dependence of the sound purity on external influences and network load. The AMR speech standard is widely spread not only in the field of communication in order to compress speech using algorithms for subsequent transmission over the network, but also in mobile phones, smartphones, and other devices and is used to store or record speech on a voice recorder and video. Files with the ".amr" extension are also found in mobile applications, VoIP or audio players.

Listening software

It is possible that the PC already has the means to play the.amr file, then there will be no confusion with the launch, the operating system will determine the application itself. If the necessary software is missing, then you will need to install any player that supports this format or converter to convert the element into a more preferred and usual type of audio recording. At the same time, applying conversion, you should not pin high hopes on improving the sound quality. Despite the lack of great popularity of this audio format, it is supported by many media players, often available in users' arsenals, such as Quick Time, VLC, KMplayer and other well-known players. There is also a player and an AMR Player converter adapted for working with these audio records. Next, we will take a closer look at how to open the file with the ".amr" extension.

Light alloy

Multipurpose multimedia player with minimal system requirements, supporting multiple formats, including playing AMR files. Like other players, Light Alloy can launch an element in two ways:

  1. Right-click on the file to open the context menu and click “Open with”, in the new window select the application from the list. You can also tick the option to always open files of this format with this program;
  2. From the menu of an open media player. At the bottom of the Light Alloy player's toolbar, you need to click the button that performs the function of opening the file (the same effect is achieved by pressing the F2 key), then in the appeared window select the desired element with the extension .amr and open with the corresponding button.

Media Player Classic

You can also play the .amr file on your computer using Media Player Classic for Windows. The classic player interface, which has similarities with the standard media player operating system, allows you to quickly master the functionality. Opening a file is simple:

  • Click "File", where we select the option "Quickly open the file" (or use the key combination Ctrl + Q);
  • We select the necessary element in the opened window of the conductor and click "Open".

You can also select another opening option in the File menu by clicking Open File (Ctrl + O), then in the small window opposite the Open option with an input field, click Select and run an audio file from the same explorer. In addition, you can simply drag an item from the system explorer into the player window in order to immediately launch it in Media Player Classic.

VLC Media Player

Considering how to open AMR on a computer, one can not but mention the popular VLC media player, which has rich functionality and plays almost all existing formats. By analogy with other players, except for launching with the help of the selected program, the file.amr runs like this:

  • We press the “Media” button in the upper left corner, then “Open file” or use the Ctrl + O combination;
  • Select the desired item and click "Open."

If you want to play multiple files, proceed as follows:

  • select the item “Open files” in the “Media” menu (Shift + Ctrl + O);
  • in the new window with the button "Add" open the list of directories to add, select the necessary objects and open;
  • returning to the previous window, you can find the selected addresses in the list. If necessary, add more elements;
  • We press the button "Play", after which the sequential playback of the added objects will begin.


The AMP format is played by various video players, including the well-known KMPlayer player. To open the.amr audio file with it, perform the following actions:

  • In the open program window, click on the logo with the name in the upper left corner, click "Open file (s)" (as an alternative to Ctrl + O);
  • We find among the list elements the desired variant, we launch.

Another launch method involves using the integrated File Manager:

  • Click on the logo with the name in the left corner of the running program;
  • Select "Open File Manager" (Ctrl + J);
  • Here we see the tree-like structuring of directories, as in the explorer. Go to the address of the location of the desired item, select it.

You can also drag an object from the standard System Explorer to the program area.

Gom player

Another powerful multimedia player with a huge number of functions that supports a lot of formats, is also considered. To run the .amr audio file, the same actions are performed as with KMPlayer:

  • Click on the GOM Player logo in the open application window, where we go to the option “Open file (s)” (F2) or “Open” - “File (s)” (Ctrl + O);
  • The result will be the same - a window will open for selecting objects, from where we will start the necessary one.

You can also use the File Manager by launching it with the Ctrl + J buttons or from the “Open” menu section. Here in the window with the tree structure you need to find the desired item and click on it. Playback is also possible after dragging an object from the explorer into the player's area.

AMR Player

In the public domain there is also a simple player that allows you not only to listen to AMR, but also convert it to MP3, WAV and back. The interface is in English, but this does not complicate the use of the application. To listen to the AMR file on a PC using this player, do the following:

  • In the “File” menu, select “Add AMR File” or press the “Add File” button with a plus sign;
  • In the opening window we find the desired item, open it. The object will appear in the application area, then you need to select it and click the "Play" button.

The application's tools also allow you to convert data, after adding it to the workspace, select an item and press the “AMR to MP3”, “AMR to WAV”, “MP3 to AMR” or “WAV to AMR” buttons, depending on the need for conversion one format or another to another.

Quick time

Multifunctional program from Apple, which allows you to play a large number of formats without the use of additional codecs. To launch an object in Apple Quick Time, perform the following steps:

  • In the File menu, select Open File or use the Ctrl + O hot keys;
  • In the opening window that appears, you must set the value of the type of the element being opened (audio files or all files);
  • after that, the desired object will be displayed in the window, select it and open it;
  • To play, click the standard PLAY icon in the form of a triangle.

Universal viewer

AMR can also open some viewer tools. Product Universal Viewer is a powerful program that supports a lot of various formats. Here's how to open an AMR file on a PC with it:

  • in the open program, go to the menu "File" - "Open" or click on the icon in the form of a catalog, or Ctrl + O;
  • we select the necessary element in the conductor, we click "Open". Playback is activated.

Also, files are launched by dragging from Windows Explorer to the program area. In a word, this format is supported by a fairly decent number of different players, as well as coders, and not the entire list of software that allows opening files with the extension “.amr” is presented above. The impossibility of launching the AMR file can be associated not only with the lack of necessary software, but also with its damage, then all the opening actions are ineffective, you need to try to reload the file from the source. Next, we consider the opening option with converting an AMR standard audio record to another format.

How to convert AMR to another format

If there was a task to convert an audio file to another sound format, for example, MP3 or WAV, convert it using special software. Simply renaming the extension is not enough in this case, since it will not match the file type, and the system will not recognize the object after such actions. The conversion is carried out by online converters or programs that require installation on a computer.

There are many free web resources that allow you to convert AMR to MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA or any other popular audio format for free. For example, using online-converting.ru or convertio.com, you can convert required files in the blink of an eye. The principle of converting on such resources is simple: upload a file from your computer, choose which format you want to transfer it to, press the button that activates the action and wait until the procedure is completed, after you finish it you get the finished result.

You can use software installed on a PC, for example, Mobile Media Converter, AMR to MP3 Converter, Freemake Video Converter, the same AMR Player, discussed above and including the conversion function, and other software. The algorithm of the procedure for all such applications is the same.

Do not forget that, despite converting a file from one format to another, the miraculous transformation will not happen, and you will not be able to improve the sound quality. If the actions are aimed at getting the perfect sound, you can forget about it, but special programs are used to process the voice recording that allows you to make adjustments and slightly upgrade the audio recording.