TOP Ping Down Programs on the Internet

Probably every modern user has repeatedly encountered the problem of packet transfer delays between servers and computers, with gamers feeling the most inconvenience. Lags during gameplay can lead to unpleasant consequences for the character, therefore, to avoid such situations, various means are used, including methods for editing the registry of the operating system, where it is better not to go without proper skills. To facilitate the task of the user, special programs are designed to reduce ping, they can reduce delays due to changes in network connection parameters, traffic analysis and control.

TOP programs to reduce ping.

With terminology in this case, a small problem. In fact, Ping is a utility that diagnoses the quality of a connection on networks based on the TCP / IP model; the same name carries the request itself. In the people, ping is called the time that is spent on the transfer of packets of information from the client to the server, and the time to transfer back (measured in milliseconds). Various factors affect the latency of data exchange, and this can be caused either by problems on the provider’s side or by the computer. Anyway, the main source of lags in online games is the time it takes to transfer information.

To ensure a decrease in ping, first of all, exclude parallel launch of applications that demonstrate high network activity. Also slow down the exchange of data can work software, devouring traffic on other devices using the same network. Network activity of running processes can be viewed by contacting Task Manager in the Performance tab - Resource Monitoring. Different software can show large values, for example, an antivirus that downloads database updates, a torrent client or another application, including under the guise of system processes showing excessive activity, a virus may be hidden. With malware, everything is clear, it should be eliminated.

Next, you need to adjust the startup list, removing all unnecessary applications from there. In case of delays due to an outdated network card driver, it needs to be updated. It is also worthwhile to check how well the provider delivers services by testing the connection speed using one of the special online services. To check the ping, the ping command entered on the command line is also used. If we are talking about online games, then usually in their interfaces the average or maximum value is displayed, so you can not bother looking for ways to view information about delays. There are many ways to reduce ping manually, changing parameters using the system, setting up a network and performing other shaman rituals. Now we’ll focus on software that reduces the interval between information transfer.

The best programs to reduce ping

The principle of operation of such software lies in the changes made to the OS registry, setting up a connection or integration into network protocols, which allows speeding up the processing of packets received from servers.


A program with a large set of features that helps optimize Internet connections by increasing bandwidth and distributing traffic. Thus, a high speed of data exchange and a decrease in ping is achieved. The program gives priority to more important processes, improves the quality of communication in VoIP, reduces delays in online games, provides fast file downloads. Another advantage of cFosSpeed ​​is the ability to work with any Internet connection. In addition, the software shows the statistics of the use of the channel, allowing the user to see which of the applications is the most active.

Leatrix latency fix

Free utility that allows you to lower the ping in online games by a small correction of registry entries. The essence of its action lies in disabling the Windows option, which limits the amount of received information from servers. This significantly speeds up the reception / sending of data, which directly affects the performance and reduction of delays. Fix is ​​appreciated by gamers of games such as Warcraft, Dota 2 and the like. The settings entered into the system can be canceled, for which you need to use the Remove button when you restart the utility.


A program to reduce ping, which correctly sets the priority and increases the connection speed when playing online games. WTFast service is a gaming private network (GPN), designed for MMO gamers, it allows you to minimize data loss during the transfer process. The software is distributed on a commercial basis, but the trial version is available, the current month is free. The disadvantages of use include incompatibility with some games.


Free application to optimize the parameters of the modem and operating system, allows you to increase the speed of the Internet due to making adjustments to the registry and system settings. Throttle has a simple interface and ease of use. The utility works on all versions of Windows and with all types of connections.

TCP Optimizer

Multifunctional program for setting TCP / IP parameters on various versions of Windows, including the earliest. The TCP Optimizer utility calculates RWIN / BDR, determines the MTU (maximum transmission unit), allows you to set the best value, restores the network settings, taking into account the features of the operating system. The program is easy to use and is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.


A simple fix for optimizing gameplay, which is very popular among gamers and allows you to reduce ping in Counter Srike games, Half Life and mods based on them. The interface is missing, to use this program, simply install it in the game folder and activate it via the command line. To decrease ping, use the F1 key.

WOT Ping Clusters

Effective software solution for fans of Word of Tanks. The operation of the mod is based on the selection of optimal WOT servers with stable response rates, when checking it finds the best option in the region of the user, providing the choice of a suitable cluster. The modification is free and has a simple, attractive interface.


This proxy service for lowering ping supports a large number of computer games, works on current versions of operating systems and is well compatible with them. Ensures the safety of information packets during transmission, directing them to bypass problem areas, can work through a firewall, which allows you to play around network restrictions. The WoWPing application has an intuitive interface and is easy to learn even by a beginner.

Using programs to reduce ping does not give one hundred percent guarantee for reducing delays, since there is also a direct dependence on computer resources and the Internet provider. In some cases, only a change of equipment or provider can help, even though it is an extreme measure. In most cases, special applications successfully cope with their task.