TOP software for defragmenting hard drives

The speed of the computer depends on many factors and may not always please the user. One of the most effective ways to optimize is hard disk defragmentation, which allows to put things in order, rationally distributing files across disk space. Files are not written evenly by sector, and the fragments are arranged in a chaotic manner, forming voids between them, so if you do nothing, you may find that the computer performance has noticeably decreased, because access to objects takes longer and applications start to run slower.

Top programs for defragmenting your hard drive.

The defragmentation process redistributes the data so that they are ordered in one continuous area of ​​the disk, following each other. This provides an increase in the speed of reading and writing files, since the distance traveled by the heads of the hard disk is reduced, respectively, and optimizes the system. The effect is especially noticeable if the defragmentation has not been carried out for a long period of time. The process of moving data sectors can be quite lengthy and take several hours, it all depends on the amount of information recorded on the disk. At the time of the procedure, you need to stop working on your computer, so it is better to schedule an event at a time when you do not need to use the device.

Defragment the HDD can be as integrated system tools, and using third-party software. In new versions of Windows, starting with the eighth, the defragmenter is added to the set of utilities for optimization, which functions in the background, when the user is not working at the computer. In the presence of solid-state SSD-drives based on memory chips, they are ignored because they do not require defragmentation, and the data is read at the same speed regardless of their area on the disk. Moreover, instead of speeding up the work, the procedure reduces the resource of a drive of this type.

In order to qualitatively perform the redistribution of data on the HDD, special programs are used for disk defragmentation, offering many possibilities. At the same time, whatever tool is used, none of them envisages the implementation of the process for non-mechanical SSD drive, which differs significantly from the HDD principle of operation.

Windows defragmentation

The system has a built-in disk defragmentation tool, which is what many users use. Integrated into Windows utility is always at hand, it is simple interface, easy to use, does not require downloading, installation and configuration. To start the service, you need to go to the properties of the storage device in the Service tab. Here you can optimize and perform defragmentation, first analyzing the state of the drive to determine the level of fragmentation, as well as automate the process by setting the required time interval.

The use of additional programs that specialize in improving system performance, including software that offers a specific procedure for optimally distributing data across a hard disk, has advantages in the form of wider functionality than provided by regular Windows tools. Proponents of this method of optimization instead of the standard tools can use the application that defragments the HDD.

The best programs to defragment your hard drive

Determining which program is better is quite difficult, since it is not possible to determine the degree of optimization in practice for the user, and manufacturers' advertising tricks usually have nothing to do with the facts. Of course, all applications differ in the set of options and interface, while even speaking about the comfort of work, everyone has their own ideas about this. And the result is either achieved or not, so the best program for disk defragmentation will still be different for a specific user, because not everyone sees the need for a large number of functions, and if they are not used, then there is little sense of their presence. Naturally, when choosing software, it is important to take into account reviews, and also to pay attention to the rating, which contains the pearls of applications in this category.

Top 10 programs for defragmenting your hard drive include commercial and free products that support both newer versions of Windows and early versions.

Smart defrag

The program for defragmenting the hard disk Smart Defrag from IObit can actually be considered the best. The software is distributed free of charge and occupies a leading position among the utilities of this category worldwide, having more than 30 million fans. The program can be downloaded both independently and in the Advanced System Care toolbox for optimizing a computer. Thanks to advanced technologies applied in the program's algorithm, in the process of defragmentation it distributes files, taking into account the frequency of access to them, which reduces the access time by several times and increases the performance of the system as a whole.

Smart Defrag offers users many opportunities, works in the background and does not use a lot of RAM. The functionality of the utility assumes flexible settings, ensuring the choice of executing the process at a specified time or upon reaching a certain value of fragmentation. If the computer is used, in order to save resources and in order not to embarrass the user, the procedure may be postponed. The interface is pleasing to the eye and is simple, so novices will be able to work with the utility. Supports Windows 10 and earlier.


The utility is unpretentious, has a simple and accessible functionality, unencumbered by unnecessary options, while its capacity is enough to perfectly cope with the task. The laconic interface allows you to get comfortable in a matter of minutes and completely defragment a disk or select individual files and directories. The software solution is absolutely free and compatible with Windows 7/8/10, but it also functions perfectly on older versions of Windows XP and older computers.

The tools include an integrated scheduler, which involves setting up a period convenient for you, as well as procedure modes. That is, if you urgently need to redistribute files, and very little time, you can enable fast defragmentation. Options allow you to make exceptions to files by name, extension, etc. In addition, there is the possibility of sending under-used and “heavy” objects to the end of the disk, which provides improved performance.

Auslogick Disk Defrag

Not less popular program Auslogick Disk Defrag also managed to win a lot of fans due to its simplicity and ease of management, combined with high-quality performance of the required task. The effectiveness of data sorting algorithms allows you to significantly optimize system performance. You can defragment several disks or selectively determine files and folders for this purpose. The program has the option to turn off the computer at the end of the process, as well as the provision of reporting results. Using this software, the disk is defragmented on Windows of different versions, including the “top ten”. Auslogick Disk Defrag is a free and yet powerful enough tool with an intuitive interface.

Magical Defrag

Conditionally free utility, which enjoys considerable popularity, from the well-known company Ashampoo. The program quickly and efficiently defragments the Hard-Disk, as a result of which the computer is optimized. After the procedure, the speed of opening files and applications, as well as the loading of the operating system, increases markedly. The background defragmentation mode is available, and as soon as you decide to perform any active actions on your computer, the defragmenter will pause the operation, after which it will automatically activate when you enter the rest stage of the device. There is a convenient tracking system with detailed statistics on the current status of the procedure being performed. The utility is available for use on all versions of Windows.

Puran defrag

Another program from this category of software that allows you to defragment hard drives, including boot sectors, thereby increasing the system startup speed and the performance of the computer as a whole. The application can run automatically and run in the background. There is a flexible system of settings; you can also defragment some files and folders or exclude selected ones. There is a large set of tools that make it possible to perform the procedure on a schedule, free up space from temporary files, select the sequence of scanning elements and others. Puran Defrag works on all Windows OS.

Perfect Disk

Paid software, which will appeal to advanced users. The Perfect Disk program rationally distributes files during the procedure, and further controls the writing of files to disk so that they are distributed as efficiently as possible to shorten the period of future defragmentation. It supports work with hard disks of overall volumes and RAID volumes, the utility can be useful for server owners. The application includes convenient analytics tools, a scheduler and, if desired, it is launched from the command line. Perfect Disk works on all versions of Windows OS from XP to “ten”.


It is quite a powerful tool, distributed on a commercial basis (there is a trial version for 30 days of trial use) and with a large number of additional options. The intelligent defragmenter system allows you to optimize priority applications to speed up access. Possible fast defragmentation of system files at boot, while not creating loads on the OS. As in the Perfect Disk program described above, Diskeeper uses a system of continuous procedures and optimizes the writing of new files to the drive’s memory. Despite the wide functionality, the program is easy to manage. The defragmentation procedure can be performed in both automatic and manual modes.

Ultra defrag

Excellent defragmenter, which with its small dimensions is able to cope even with the movement of complex sectors. The application also works with the registry and the paging file. The free open source Ultra Defrag utility has a portable version and is also capable of operating in console mode. Differs in ease of management, provides the ability to customize the schedule of procedures, select individual folders and files for defragmentation, and other standard parameters inherent in such a software. Detailed reports and the option to turn off the computer at the end of the process are also available.

O & O Defrag

The program effectively optimizes HDD-drives and accelerates system performance, often used by specialists. The product is available in different versions, distributed on a fee basis, but it also has a trial with a time limit. A server version is offered for work in local networks. O & O Defrag software can function in five different modes; it supports all versions of Windows, automatic selection of system depth. The program does not load the system, being in the tray and functioning in the background, and also integrated into the console for ease of management. The defragmentation process can be fully automated, then the utility independently analyzes the fragmentation and starts the disk defragmentation process as needed.

My Defrag (JkDefrag)

A fairly effective tool for the purpose of defragmenting HDD drives. The most used elements in the process are grouped, due to which increased productivity is ensured. My Defrag works with all types of drives - hard drives, USB-flash drives, memory cards on all Windows OS. The software is distributed free of charge, and working with it is simple and does not require any special knowledge from the user.

Of course, no rating can be completely objective, so it’s pointless to completely focus on the top lines of the top, because even a program that is not on the list may turn out to be the best for you. The review will only help determine the solution, which defragmenters can be downloaded to solve the problem. Before installing, you need to analyze all the pros and cons of the chosen defragmentation tool, and also to decide whether the multiple options are so necessary and whether overpayment for them is reasonable. Perhaps it is among the utilities represented in the rating that you will find a suitable option for yourself.