TOP tools for sending emails

In today's world, for many people, the Internet is not just a means of communication and entertainment, but also a tool for business, as it allows sales and convey information to the audience, even if there is a fairly decent distance. For the purpose of marketing promotion, various methods are used, among which not the last place is taken by mailing lists. With their help, you can significantly expand the customer base, it is absolutely not important what exactly you are selling, products, services or information. For a successful business, the number of people you dedicate to it matters.

TOP programs for sending emails.

It is clear that manually sending letters is quite tedious and time consuming activity, especially if we are talking about large-scale mailings, where you need to deliver messages to more than one thousand recipients. For this purpose, special web services and programs for sending emails are used, which will help in a short period of time just a few clicks to inform a large number of real and potential customers, greatly saving your time. Such tools do not require large cash outlays, and the results are impressive.

The best programs for sending emails

To get the maximum effect in creating a mass emailing a good software is needed, specializing in this. Consider the best software solutions for this problem today.

atochta mailer

Among the variety of automatic mailing tools, ePochta Mailer occupies a leading position, in this niche it is one of the most popular and effective programs. The software is included into the ePochta Studio set, but it can be downloaded separately. The tool is a full-fledged assistant in the distribution of letters, the installation of auxiliary utilities is not required. The program integrates the SMTP server, providing independence from the provider and guaranteeing the distribution of letters as scheduled, but you can use your own.

Mailer is a powerful tool that works in multi-threaded mode, so messages are not lined up, and the sending speed is quite high. After installation, you need to import the list of email addresses to which the distribution will be performed, and then create a letter (supported by text and HTML format) and click on the button, suggesting the start of its delivery to the recipients. The functionality of the program at the highest level, thanks to the available options, Mailer is also able to send spam freely.

The interface is friendly and the toolkit is easy to understand even for an inexperienced user, besides there is support for the Russian language. Advanced users can customize the settings, it is possible to also personalize messages, so that the recipient can see his name in circulation. The software is distributed on a commercial basis.

Advanced direct remailer

Program for mass mailing of letters with rich functionality, performing mail delivery directly to the addressee’s server, bypassing the provider. An SMTP server is integrated into the utility; it is possible to create messages in any format, including various mail applications. The tool can act as a remailer for another software, sending letters or mail server.

The remailer function will be useful in the case of working with mobile phones, since the letters are sent directly to the recipient. During operation in the local network, where one or several computers are connected to the modem, information will be accumulated on the device, and when connected to the Internet, it will be sent to the addresses. Remailer works in multi-threaded mode, which ensures quick distribution to addresses. The toolkit also includes the function of sending personalized letters, which will indicate the name of the recipient. The program interface is convenient and clear, the Russian language is supported, which allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the software.

Bullet Proof Mailer

Another program for sending emails with a powerful email engine, which with such rich functionality is quite easy to learn. The software quickly delivers mail using your SMTP server, a built-in message editor is available, text formats and HTML are supported. Emails saved in the EML format can be read by any of the email clients, but you can also save them as text files. The tool qualitatively performs its task, allowing in a short time to inform a large audience. Bullet Proof Mailer is a shareware application, and quite effective at the same time.

AMS Enterprise

A software product that allows you to perform mass mailings with the ability to personalize messages with an unlimited number of addresses. The program includes everything you need for the preparation and the sending process itself. You can import a mailing list from any sources, you have the means to work with contacts, the ability to set a schedule for the start of distribution, automate the subscription and unsubscribe users. In the presence of a built-in editor that allows you to format the letter, including the addition of attachments, text and HTML formats are supported. Process monitoring and detailed reports are also available. The software works in a multithreaded mode, due to which a high speed of distribution is achieved.

Send blaster

Among the good free software solutions can be noted Send Blaster, an application that also implies a quick email distribution. There are no restrictions on the number of recipients in the program, there is an automatic start of sending according to a predetermined schedule and the ability to manage the list of addresses. In addition to mass mailing, the option of letter personalization is available, text and HTML formats are supported. Send Blaster includes mailing monitoring and can provide detailed progress reports. To create messages, an integrated visual editor is used with the ability to add images and other attachments, you can also connect an external editing tool, templates are available.

NI Mail Agent

A free program for sending mass emails, simple, but has enough functions to accomplish the task. Works with text formats and HTML, you can also attach files to messages. The NI Mail Agent tool allows you to work with sock-proxy, templates can be used, the option of message personalization is available. It has a simple and intuitive interface, supports the Russian language, so it will be convenient for the user to work at any level.

Direct mail robot

A simple, easy-to-manage program for sending emails to email addresses with the ability to use the built-in mail server or SMTP provider (in the settings you must specify the protocol). The functionality includes contact list tools, a mailing list, the ability to attach files to messages and other options. Thanks to sending messages in several threads, the speed of distribution is quite high. For a paid version of PRO, the number of addresses is unlimited, for a free version - a maximum of 300.

It is logical that most powerful mailing tools are mostly paid products, and they also have a trial period. Primitive utilities with a limited set of functions are distributed free of charge, although sometimes they are enough. As an alternative to free email-sending tools, web services are also used to organize the process, for which you do not need to download the installer, but a browser is enough. Such online tools (for example, UniSender) fully contain everything you need to perform the distribution and do not require downloading additional applications.

If you do not know where to get the address database, the question also has a software solution. For this purpose there is a special software that allows you to extract email-addresses from various sources on the network. Examples of such tools include Advanced Email Extractor, Atomic Email Extractor, Mailagent Parser and other similar utilities. Such applications are used in conjunction with programs for mailing, allowing you to effectively inform customers and expand the customer base.