Apple Pay does not work: causes and remedies

Some five or ten years ago, the various “Online shopping on the couch” and, in principle, were very cautious about the possibilities to make purchases without a direct visit to the store and with a certain amount of distrust. Nowadays, people who have not yet made purchases on the Internet can be “counted on the fingers”. The system of cashless payments is developed on an annual basis, offering users dozens of different tools and services, with the help of which in the near future and the need to leave home will be minimized. Such a dependence is particularly acute in situations where payment systems begin to work unstable, and there is simply no other method of payment at hand. This leads to a panicky search for the causes of such failures, which usually do not lead to anything. Within the framework of the topic under consideration, this situation will be discussed - about solving problems with incorrect operation of the Apple Pay contactless payment system, and about options for correcting them.

Solving the problem in the work of Apple Pay.

The reasons

As in most other problems with software operation, and in the disruptions of Apple Pay, a causal relationship can be software and / or hardware. It is logical that no one wants to “open” his iPhone, and ordinary users simply do not have the skills to implement such a procedure (also due to the lack of some necessary tools), so the first thing to be done is to exclude from the cause-and-effect communication possible software failure. You can do this as follows:

  • Reboot your smartphone.
  • Check the correctness of the time and date settings.
  • Turn off and turn on the Internet connection (mobile or wireless (Wi-Fi)), regardless of the fact that for the work of "Apple Pay" active Internet connection is not required.
  • Remove the smartphone from the case and try to repeat the payment. This is especially true of some models that provide enhanced protection for the case, but which may cause external interference to the operation of the module.
  • Try to change the regional identity of the smartphone.
  • Delete the payment card, if the problem manifested itself at the time of completion of the payment, and add it again, checking the correctness of the entered data, and wait for confirmation from the issuing bank.
  • Check if there is more free space in the memory of the smartphone.
  • Remove third-party software that could theoretically affect the correct operation of iOS. These can be various gaming products, especially those who offer not entirely fair gameplay, or applications that have been installed from unverified sources.
  • Check your smartphone for viral activity.
  • Back up the iPhone configuration and reset the settings to default values.
  • Check for an update of the operating system.
  • Reinstall the iOS operating system.

In fact, these recommendations are complete, and in addition to the methods presented, it is extremely difficult to reliably verify that there are no program failures. If the pos-terminal at the point of sale refuses to accept payment in this way, then it is also worth paying attention to what kind of feedback (report) it provides. It is likely that even at the current time in the selected outlet, the terminal simply does not support PayPass technology, without which contactless payment will be impossible. Summarizing the question of determining software failure, it is worth noting that if Apple Pay simply refuses to work, in most cases this indicates a physical malfunction of the NFC module, due to the technology of which it became possible to realize payment in this way.

Are there any options

We should start with what has already been said before. Without certain skills, trying to disassemble your device will be a very wrong decision that can only lead to new problems. Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities or you simply do not have the necessary tools at hand, with the help of which the “opening” can be carried out with minimal harm to the device, contact the nearest service center for qualified assistance. Otherwise, you can try the following wizard tips:

  1. Let's start with a narrowly professional joke: "Apple Pay does not work - change the iPhone." Funny Partly.
  2. It is extremely rarely the NFC-module that fails. For the most part, all the problems under consideration manifest themselves as a result of poor contact between the chip and the smartphone's antenna.

This may be due to the banal contamination / dustiness of contacts or in the absence of proper tension of the fixing bolts. Therefore, in quality, perhaps, the only possible option for "household implementation" will be to clean the contacts and tighten the bolts.

As you can see, there are only two tips, and only one of them is adequate. In fact, apart from the actual replacement of the “NFC-module” without a corresponding call to the service center, no one can offer anything. Do not save in this matter. If you can contact the SC, contact. An employee / specialist with the proper skill will do everything in a few tens of minutes and more than 500 rubles for this will not require.


And the last. Please note that if you purchased a smartphone with hands or the so-called rebuilt assemblies, then the NFC module may be missing in fact. And with such a development of events will require additional purchase and installation. It happens and this.