Free calls from computer to phone

In today's world it is very important to keep in touch with the right people. You can do this not only with your smartphone. For such purposes, a laptop and a computer may be suitable. You can perform this operation using additional programs or using a variety of Internet services. In this article, we describe in detail the various options for how to call via computer to phone.

Variants of free calls to the phone in the computer.

Ways to call from computer to phone via internet

There are several methods by which you can call from computer to mobile. Immediately it is worth noting that to make calls from a PC or laptop, you need a reliable and fast Internet connection, microphone, speakers. One way is to use special software that needs to be installed on a PC. Another is the use of various Internet sites that can make calls over the Internet.

Programs for calling over the Internet to mobile

There is a wide range of different applications using which you can call from a computer to a mobile device. They are very popular, as very often there is a need for a call over the network. Some of the applications are completely free, while others charge for calls to cellular and home phones, but this fee is often much lower than telecom operators. In addition, these utilities do not occupy a large amount of memory, if you do not take into account received files. Programs for online communication are constantly updated: new features are added, the interface is improved. They are great for people who work with a computer, because with their help you can hold conferences, share files and messages. Let's take a closer look at their description and capabilities.

  1. Viber. Our list is opened by one of the most famous instant messengers, which is supported on both phones and PCs. This program has a large list of features, for example, free calls to other cities and countries, video calls in HD quality, sending long messages and all sorts of documents, creating group chats. The program also has paid features, such as Viber Out. This option allows you to make phone calls to people who are not registered on Viber. In order to use Viber, you must have your personal mobile number to which you will register your account. For some, this may be a problem, but nowadays, most people have a SIM card. To install, go to the official website.

  2. Whatsapp WhatsApp is also no less popular program for free communication. The differences between him and Viber are insignificant: different color palette, minor differences in the safety of communication. Registration in WhatsApp is also carried out via a mobile number, so no usernames and passwords should be kept in mind. To download, go to the official website.
  3. Skype Skype is a reliable program, time-tested. It has the ability to carry out large video conferences, exchange messages and files. If Skype is installed on your PC and interlocutor's smartphone, then you can easily contact him without spending a penny. If you want to directly contact the phone by calling a mobile number, you will have to top up the balance. The cost of this service will depend on your region. The ability to do this without depositing money is only in the first month of use. To start chatting on Skype, click on the link to install.
  4. Mail.Ru Agent. Mail.Ru Agent is software from the developers of the well-known Internet portal. As in the previous examples, in this Agent you can make both video and audio calls, make calls to cell phones (for a corresponding fee), chat, exchange materials. In addition to the application itself, there is also its browser version. Mail.Ru Agent binds to your account in “My World”, so you can quickly go to your page, check your mail, view notifications. To start working with Mail.Ru Agent, install it by reference.

  5. Sippoint. Sippoint is also designed for online calls. It allows chatting, calling to other cities and countries. Pleasantly surprised by the prices of this service, which everyone can afford. To start using Sippoint, install the utility by reference and register.

Online services for calls to the phone via the Internet

If you do not have the desire or the ability to install additional software on your PC, then you can use various online services that allow you to make calls to cellular devices.

  1. Calls Online This service allows you to call anywhere in the world without installing other software. You only need to dial the desired number and press the call button. There is only one free minute per day. More detailed rates for each region can be read on the website.
  2. This platform allows you to make calls from PC to smartphone, communicate at conferences, use additional functions. But nevertheless, to work with it, a purely symbolic fee is needed, in more detail with which you can on the official website.

  3. Service for incoming and outgoing calls. During the first week you can use 5 minutes of talk a day without recharging the balance, then you will have to choose a tariff plan and pay for it. To be able to work with the site, you must register on the appropriate page and provide personal information.
  4. This platform is also one of the most popular ones. You can call absolutely all countries. The duration of a free call can not exceed 2-3 minutes. However, do not be upset, as the cost of a paid call is small and everyone will have to afford. Read more about the platform on the official developer page.
  5. Zingaya. This service, although not free, is in great demand. Zingaya is a Russian project that allows you to make calls to both mobile and stationary devices. Target site flow - various companies, entrepreneurs, managers. The prices on the site are reasonable, considering that it is aimed at working with enterprises. More information about them can be on the website of the company.

Above, we have described some of the most well-known and reliable services for online calls from a PC to a mobile device. Some of them are completely free, some require pre-payment, which is not very high on most services. Of course, the best option for such an operation are various kinds of messengers: Viber, WhatsApp. After all, they can not only talk, but also correspond, exchange files. To work with instant messengers, they must be pre-installed on the device. Online services are less practical than installed programs. This option is suitable for those who do not want or can not install additional software.

In conclusion, I would like to note once again that for online calls you must have the appropriate equipment (microphone, speakers, webcam (if necessary)) and a fairly fast Internet. If you have any questions, please contact us in the comments.