“Blue screen of death” 0x00000019 or BAD POOL HEADER error: self-help specifics

The flawless operation of a personal computer is an extremely important characteristic for every PC user, which is often overshadowed by various kinds of malfunctions and malfunctions that require a solution in order to restore the possibility of operating the device and its uninterrupted operation. Errors that occur in the system can have a diverse nature: some of them are solved elementarily, while others that occur at the hardware or software level are referred to by users and professionals as difficult to express and eliminate. The second category of errors often involves careful diagnosis, followed by correction of problems, and sometimes necessitates the need to contact qualified specialists. In this article we will talk about one of these precedents, which are often perceived by users, as difficult to solve, falls into the category of problems with the critical name “blue screen of death”, namely, what is 0X00000019 error, why does it occur, and how to deal with it . Despite the ambiguous and controversial origin, this kind of malfunction is removable, and without the need to appeal to specialists, if you correctly diagnose the problem and know the rules for its elimination, which will be discussed further.

Ways to resolve the error 0x00000019.

Essence and options for the appearance of an error

In most cases, the “blue screen of death” is positioned not only by users, but also by specialists as a complex category error that completely blocks the possibility of operating a computer device. Often, a similar precedent, with the appearance of an error against the background of a blue screen is really critical, however, not always. For example, the considered case, when the error is manifested with the code 0Х00000019, refers to treatable, and each user independently, without the help of professionals. In order to predetermine the correct and effective vector of correctional work, it is important for the user to thoroughly understand the nature of the problem and the cause-and-effect provocateurs of failure, which will determine the methodology for dealing with the problem.

Stop error 0Х00000019 is one of the most frequent problems encountered during the operation of computer devices running on Windows 7, however, it can also occur on later software variations, manifested mainly after the installation of various third-party utilities or when updating installed system programs. A detailed study of the message appearing on a blue background makes it possible to single out the name of the malfunction, which is determined as BAD POOL HEADER, which translates as “Bad Pool Name”. Experts interpret such an error as the designation of a variable that is unallowed for a specific task, which is often triggered by the insufficient memory that the system allocates for the correct installation and operation of the user-installed software or hardware component. The precedent does not have an unambiguous option to eliminate, because the user must be prepared to try several methods of troubleshooting, focusing on cause-and-effect provocateurs that can lead to the appearance of an error, which will be discussed later.

It is worth noting that the causes of failure and the options for eliminating faults with the cipher 0Х00000019 are almost identical for all variations of operating systems, because the information will be relevant for both Windows 7 and fans of the new OS versions, up to the “dozens”.

Causes of error

If we consider the nature of the precedent, which consists in the absence of a pool, which indicates insufficient memory, then the main reasons for the occurrence of an error that has the code 0Х00000019 for Windows 7, 8, or 10 are the following reasons:

  1. The presence of problems with the modules of RAM. The reason may be hidden both under the stamp of complete failure of the slats, and in their incorrect operation.
  2. Incorrect functioning of the drivers or their technical obsolescence.
  3. Problem work of an antivirus utility, with a negative impact on the system, with parallel damage to critical files for the OS.

Less common, however, having the opportunity to provoke a BAD POOL HEADER notification, with digital code 0Х00000019, are the following reasons:

  1. Conflict of installed software and operating system.
  2. Damage to the hard drive mechanical nature.
  3. Broken or loose fit of PC loops.

Naturally, it is impossible to predetermine the cause of the appearance of a “blue screen” by theoretical methods, the solution of the problem assumes the sequential elimination of possible error provocateurs in order to calculate the key cause of the malfunction by trial and error.

Troubleshooting Methodology

Let us consider in detail, with the successive description of the methods, how to fix the problem with the code 0Х00000019 using the example of Windows 7. The specifics of the task for subsequent versions will be similar, with minor differences of the program class. For example, it will be different in how to run the system in “Safe Mode”: on the seven, it is enough to activate the F8 directive during the PC startup, and in the case of the eight and ten it will be necessary to use a removable drive in the form of a USB flash drive or disk with the recorded one distribution of Windows. Correctional manipulations are recommended by experts in a conditional order: to begin work by eliminating the most likely causes of failure, followed by a transition to the next stage, if the previous method did not give a positive result.

Since the discussed error is most often associated with the PC memory, namely, with its discrepancy in terms of the volume of applications used on the device, the recovery process should start with the diagnostics of the RAM. To this end, experts recommend using the resource capabilities of third-party software, for example, to use the program MemTest86, which allows you to identify defective strips and fix problems if they have a programmatic nature. If the PC has more than one memory strip installed, it is recommended to diagnose them alternately, which will allow to isolate the problem module. And also the problem may lie not in technical malfunction of the slats or failure, but in their banal clogging, or in unreliable contacts. To exclude such a variant of events, experts recommend thoroughly cleaning all the contacts of the slats, as well as checking in parallel the reliability and tightness of the connection of all device loops.

If everything is OK with memory, then it is worthwhile to proceed to the exclusion of the driver option. To solve the problem, update absolutely all drivers on the PC to the latest variation. Since it is difficult to accomplish this task in the manual mode, use the resources of one of the utilities provided by the developers for the intended purpose, for example, enable the DriverPark Solution software, which has proven itself in this area, or use the resources of a decent and reliable application analog. After updating the drivers, it does not hurt to block the indexing service of the content being used, which significantly affects the performance of the laptop. To do this, go to the conditional parameter through the “Start” menu, logging in with administrator privileges: write services.msc in the search line, open the Windows Search item, and select “Disable” in the “Startup type” line, confirming the command with “OK”, Followed by a restart of the PC for the changes to take effect.

If these procedures did not lead to a positive result, you should exclude the option of the presence of malicious components in the system. For this purpose, you will need to scan your PC for viruses with any of the reliable tools available to the user, using the resources of the AdwCleaner software or any analog programs intended for use. If the version with the infection of the PC is not confirmed, try temporarily reinstalling the antivirus program installed on your PC: it is its incorrect activity that can act as a provocateur for the error that appears as BAD POOL HEADER.

Winchester, even in the absence of mechanical damage to it, is often the primary cause of the appearance of a “blue screen” if its controllers were often subjected to incorrect manipulations, such as improper shutdown of a laptop, incorrect or incomplete installation of programs, power outages or power surges, and the like. You can check and, if you need to fix system problems with your hard drive, by using Windows resources: you will need to enter the chkdsk / f / c directive on the command line, activate the scan with the Y key, restart the laptop and wait until the process is completed.

Another effective method of dealing with an error is to “roll back” the system to the point where the PC was working properly. This option involves the use of a “return” point through the System Restore tool, where you will need to choose the moment until which you need to “reverse” the operations performed on the PC. Further, following the auxiliary directives of the “Master”, it will only remain to bring the process to its logical conclusion. The only obstacle for this procedure is the lack of a return point, if the user has previously disabled the automatic archiving of the OS image. As an extreme and radical measure to combat the BSoD error by users, a clean installation of Windows is positioned; however, as professionals note, it rarely comes to such a need. Often, to solve the problem is obtained by one of the above methods.


The information in this article, with a detailed description of methods for resolving a “blue screen” error, with digital support 0Х00000019, is aimed at every PC user, which, given a serious approach to the problem and its solution, will allow to eliminate the malfunction independently, without needing to contact a service center for help to specialists. Naturally, if the problem lies in the presence of mechanical damage to components, then you will not have to do without financial expenses, you will have to purchase and install new parts, otherwise, every PC owner will be able to cope with the blue screen with his own hands, efficiently and without investment.