How to fix 4005 error in iTunes

ITunes is a real find for users of iPhone 5, 5s and other “apples”, with its help you can not only access content from the Internet by synchronizing the device with a computer, but also update or restore the firmware of your smartphone. Ease of use and rich functionality made Aytyuns one of the most popular services that will be useful to each owner of the device based on iOS. Despite a number of undoubted advantages of using iTunes, the program is not devoid of failures that often occur during operation, the causes of which can be both software and hardware faults. You can identify the error due to its code, which is indicated in the error message that appears. A common occurrence when updating or restoring the iPhone 5, 5s firmware is a message with information about the critical 4005 error in iTunes. It is impossible to say with accuracy what the problem is provoked, since it can be caused by various factors, but most often the malfunctioning elements of the device become the root of evil. Despite this, sometimes the problem can be solved by software methods that the user can apply on his own. In addition, in some cases, even the most primitive action can correct the 4005 error in Aytyuns, so it’s better to start with simple solutions, moving to more complex options as needed.

Methods to resolve error 4005 in iTunes.

Methods for Solving Error 4005 in iTunes

It is not possible to determine the cause "by eye" without technical diagnostics of the device, but it will be useful to try the probable ways to solve it programmatically. So before running headlong to the service center, it is better to try your luck to fix the error 4005 in iTunes on your own, especially since actions aimed at eliminating the malfunction do not require any special skills from the user, but can be very effective.

Method 1. Replacing the USB cable

It is often that a non-original USB cable often leads to mistakes in the IT program, even if it is Apple-certified. For this reason, it is recommended to use only the original cable that comes bundled with the iPhone 5 / 5s or another used “apple” device. You should carefully inspect the used cord for damage and any minor defects, upon detection of which replacement is required.

Method 2: Reboot Devices

Sometimes the issue is instantly solved by restarting a computer or laptop, as well as an iOS device, using a forced shutdown for it. These simple steps help in the event of a system crash, but if the iTunes error 4005 appears again, the troubleshooting process will require a more serious approach.

Method 3. Scan for viruses

A frequent cause of software failures is malware that settled on a computer and provoked damage to IT files. After scanning the computer and removing the viruses if they exist, you need to restart the PC and try to repair the iPhone 5 / 5s again.

Method 4. Update iTunes

To work correctly, the latest version of the program must be installed on your computer, therefore, with the available updates, you should install them. Sometimes error 4005 is caused by incomplete installation of software files during a previous update or damage to them. You can see the availability of options in the "Help" section - "Updates".

Method 5: Reinstall iTunes

Another way to solve a problem is to uninstall the program and then reinstall it. Having completely removed Aytyuns from the section with the software installed on the computer, you should download the latest version installer from the official resource and install the application.

Method 6. Update drivers

Damaged or outdated drivers can also cause disharmony and the inability to update or restore the iPhone. It is recommended to refresh the drivers, then try to resume the procedure.

Method 7. Restore Windows

The tools of the operating system also allow you to return to the previous state when error 4005 has not yet occurred. If the problem is associated with a system failure, this solution is quite effective.

Method 8: Restore Registry Entries

For automatic recovery of registry files, such tools are as are used, which provide scanning and correction of errors. Before the procedure, the program creates a backup. Manually correcting registry entries is possible only with the appropriate skills, since even the smallest incorrect action can cause serious trouble. Before the procedure is also necessary to perform a backup.

Method 9. DFU mode

It often helps to cope with the restoration of the iPhone 5, 5s or another "apple" emergency mode DFU. To use this method, you must perform a number of actions:

  • turn off the iPhone in the standard way;
  • We connect the device to the computer using the original USB cable;
  • run the iTunes service;
  • Press "Power" and hold it for 3 seconds, then, without releasing the power button, press "Home" and hold both of these buttons simultaneously;
  • after 10 seconds, release "Power", but not "Home";
  • We keep the “Home” button further until Aytyuns determines the “apple” in the DFU.

Performed actions will lead to the possibility of disaster recovery. The user will be offered the only option for further actions - press the button "Restore iPhone" and follow the prompts on the screen.

Method 10: Using another computer

Instead of going the hard way and using barbaric methods with interrupting the operating system, it is better to use another computer with the latest version of iTunes installed on it. But if the same problem occurs on another PC, then you can completely eliminate software malfunctions and proceed to more drastic measures.

Error 4005 in Aytyuns can really be serious and not dare to the above methods. But don't be in a hurry to mourn the smartphone, because if a professional starts to work, perhaps the problem can be resolved without serious consequences with minimal investment.