Asus WinFlash: what is this program, how to download and use it

Among the proprietary software Asus you can find many useful tools for performing various tasks. Periodically, users of computers and laptops need certain solutions, including troubleshooting system operation by updating the BIOS. Using special programs, you can carry out the procedure without leaving the Windows environment. This feature greatly simplifies the upgrade process and makes it as convenient as possible for inexperienced users who do not have the skills to work directly in the BIOS I / O system and outside the usual operating system in principle. For devices of the well-known brand Asus, the company proposes the WinFlash utility, which can help in flashing BIOS within the Windows environment. What is this software and how to implement the procedure with its help, we will consider.

Work with the program WinFlash.

What does Asus WinFlash do

Software solution for BIOS firmware from under Windows from Asus can be found among the pre-installed software on the devices, as well as in the list of available applications on the manufacturer's official website. As a rule, the question of what kind of program it is and how to work with WinFlash interests owners of Asus laptops or computers with motherboards from the manufacturer. So, the software is the official Asus utility that allows you to easily update the BIOS I / O system directly in the Windows 7, 8, 10 environment, without the need for boot drives, and is used exclusively on the motherboard of this brand. Periodically, the BIOS requires an update to correct errors and bugs, as well as fix problems with device compatibility. As a result of the outdated version, unstable operation of the system software, inappropriate firmware, a number of faults occur, which are solved by installing the latest software version, and in some cases returning to the previous build.

Key features and functions

When installing new BIOS versions, there may be such problems as software incompatibility with hardware or data writing errors. About the normal functioning of the computer after this speech is not. Of course, the developers made sure that the procedure was carried out properly. The utility checks the BIOS before installation for compatibility, which eliminates the possibility of using the wrong distribution, thereby preventing malfunctions as a result of the procedure. Another feature of the software solution from Asus is the ability to run the update process from under Windows without the use of bootable flash drives or disks.

The functionality of Asus WinFlash, in addition to a preliminary check for software compatibility with the motherboard and the installation of the latest version of the latest, also allow you to return to the old BIOS version or install test ones. All the necessary data for the procedure can be found on the official resources of the manufacturer. With the help of Asus WinFlash, the user who has no such experience will be able to cope with the task on his own, but if there are no functioning problems in the operation of the device, then it is better not to touch anything.

How to download and install

If the utility is not preinstalled on your computer or laptop, it is easy to find it on the official Asus website. Downloading and installing software is performed as standard, as is the case with any other applications. To install WinFlash, simply perform the following steps:

  • We go to the official website of Asus and write the model of the motherboard in the search field on the page (you can determine the model in various ways, for example, using third-party utilities AIDA64, CPU-Z, using Windows tools or looking at the notation on the motherboard itself).
  • Select the section "Drivers and Utilities".
  • Specify the version of Windows used.
  • In the tab “BIOS utilities” we find, download the latest version of WinFlash.
  • Unpack the archive and install the software.

How to flash BIOS

WinFlash is easy to use. When you run the installed utility, you will have an alternative to choosing a BIOS update - from the Internet or from a file. We recommend that you first download the distribution package to your computer in order to apply the second option, since you cannot guarantee uninterrupted operation of the Internet connection, and in the case of firmware I / O, this factor is very important. Download the current firmware version by specifying the model of the motherboard from the official Asus website (actions are similar to those performed for downloading the utility itself) and in order to update the BIOS, do the following:

  • Run the utility as an administrator and select the update option from the file.
  • Specify the path to the distribution on the disk.
  • After reviewing the information in the program window, we launch the update process by pressing the appropriate button. The old firmware will be removed from the device, it will be replaced by a new one.
  • We wait until the end of the procedure, after which we exit the utility.
  • The system will automatically restart.

With the WinFlash utility, installing the system software turns into a surprisingly simple procedure that takes a few clicks right in Windows, which even a user with minimal skills can cope with. In this case, despite the simplicity of the task execution, one should not unnecessarily resort to updating the BIOS firmware.