Windows MOM.exe process: purpose and origin, causes of errors in the file and methodology for their elimination

Operation of a computer involves not only using the device to perform certain tasks, but also requires systematic tracking of software components and files “settled” in the system in order to optimize PC performance and actively counteract virus infections. Sometimes, when inspecting installed and running applications and programs, users find tools in the system with “incomprehensible” names, which implies the need to understand the origin and purpose of the conditioned components. In this article we will tell about the MOM.exe application, having found that on your PC, the user rarely understands his character and work obligations, we will analyze the process of his appearance in the system, errors occurring under the supervision of the file, with the prospect of eliminating them.

Work with the Windows process MOM.exe.

What is MOM.exe?

With the appearance of various file components, with the exe extension, with unknown aspects of the emergence of the module on the PC, users often start to panic, since such processes may hide malicious utilities running in the background and causing significant damage to the software. No exception is the MOM file, which, by default, is not installed by the user as a functional application, which causes a number of suspicions. This reasoning forces one to understand what this process is, with the incomprehensible name MOM.exe, which works mainly on a permanent basis in the background format, whether it is malicious, or whether its origin is legal.

I want to immediately reassure the owner of the PC: if the file is correctly located and it works correctly, there is no reason to worry, as the conditioned process is a legal component of the Catalyst Control Center, which is part of the AMD video card software. In this process, which is installed directly with the video card drivers, a part of the tasks lies in managing ATI, its settings, initialization, operation, and monitoring the performance of the device responsible for the graphics.

The MOM application works in tandem with the Microsoft Framework installed on a PC, and the synchronized operation of these modules determines the correct operation of the Catalyst Control Center, which is necessary for the possibility of high-quality image playback on the laptop monitor and the ability to customize the graphics to fit the user's needs. The reasons for doubts about the legality of finding a file in the system can be:

  1. The computer is not equipped with AMD video card.
  2. The location of the conditional file in an inappropriate place. If the process is authorized, it should be located at C: / Program Files (X86) / ATI Technologies.

In doubtful situations, it is worthwhile to be vigilant and check the system for malicious components of any of the reliable programs, with class purpose to detect and destroy viruses in the system, as well as spam and garbage.

Common MOM Errors

Often, the user does not even know about functioning in the background file format with the name MOM, if his work is correct and unprecedented in character. Questions to the MOM application, which has the exe extension, appear only in cases when the file makes itself felt certain errors and failures that limit the user's ability to operate the PC. It is noteworthy that the error associated with the incorrect operation of the resulting application can manifest itself at any stage of the PC operation, and most often such precedents occur when the laptop is started up or trying to open any utility, and are expressed by the message about the inadmissibility of software component initialization, or during work, if necessary, use the option of a specific nature.

When there is a need to resolve an issue with an error, the moment of its appearance is not a key aspect in determining the root cause of a failure. The error notification text can also be spelled differently, with the emphasis on the impossibility of activating the file operation, the inconsistency of the specified path to the system sought by the component or the inadmissibility of launching a specific utility. The problem categorization is determined by the presence of the name MOM.exe in the message structure. When there is a need to eliminate the malfunction of the conditioned category that has a causal relationship, it is important to focus on the factors that can provoke a similar precedent, which will be discussed further.

Causes of faults

If you had to deal with a malfunction whose essence lies in the impossibility of initializing the MOM.exe file, you must begin to solve the problem by searching for the cause of the precedent. It is noteworthy that, like most other problems that occur on the PC, the failure of this class is solved by trial and error, with the possible exception of possible provocateurs of the problem. Common causes of precedent include the following factors:

  1. The error manifests itself based on the existence of a conflict between the conditional file and the NET Framework software platform. The source of the problem often comes in the outdated version of the base platform, which necessitates updating the fundamental Framework to the latest variation compatible with the OS.
  2. The MOM process may not be initialized due to the presence of inoperable components in the structure of the Catalyst Control Center, which is often triggered by the unproductiveness of the drivers for the working video card.
  3. A file called MOM has a malicious, viral origin.

Knowing the main, most probable causes of problems causing a notification, in the body of which the name of the executive module MOM.exe is present, it is worthwhile to start checking versions one by one with orientation to a positive result.

How to eliminate process errors

Starting to combat the caused error is to exclude the virus infection of the PC, so this development, namely, the introduction of malicious elements into the system, can result not only in the inability to start a certain utility, or perform a specific task, but also entail more dangerous consequences. until the complete failure of the laptop. To this end, you should use one of the powerful programs offered by official anti-virus developers, inspect your PC for viruses, and at the same time clear the system of garbage, caches, temporary files and processes running in the background, but irrelevant for the user. Such a procedure will not exactly harm the computer, will allow to optimize the operation of the device, improve its performance, and also eliminate the error if it consisted in the malicious origin of the MOM file.

If the variant with computer infection by viruses has not been confirmed, then the second stage in dealing with the malfunction should be the update of the drivers of the existing equipment, in particular, the video card. Outdated drivers often become the cause of a malfunction with the initialization of exe class files, and precedents arise unexpectedly, against the backdrop of the recent, excellent functioning of the system. You can update the driver either manually, alternately downloading the latest versions of programs for each component of the system from the official sites of the hardware developers, or through a special application, for example, using the DriverDoc software, which performs the procedure automatically. In parallel, you must download and install an updated, the latest version of the platform from Microsoft - NET Framework.

If these actions did not work, try to restore the OS by its “rollback” until the moment everything worked properly: perform the “System Restore” operation, by agreeing with the recommendations of the “Master”, selecting the point to which the process should be returned, focusing At the time of the start of the initialization of the problem.


TIP. Errors related to the inability to initialize exe class processes are the most common on computer devices. The danger of this kind of malfunction is a high probability of virus infection of the PC, under the heading for the introduction of malicious components into the system, disguised as “familiar” files for each user. This fact requires the immediate verification of the PC for viruses and the removal of unsafe components, while confirming the infection.

In other cases, if the version with viruses is not confirmed, the error is not critical for a computer device and system. Acting according to the above algorithm, each user will be able to cope with the problem that has arisen, and the manipulations almost always lead to a 100% positive result. As an extreme, radical measure of dealing with a malfunction by professionals, a complete reinstallation of the system is positioned, however, this happens very rarely, often the user can cope with the problem using one of the methods described above.