Popular bots Dating in «Telegram»

Telegram is an instant messenger that unites millions of people in groups, chats, channels and, accordingly, allows you to meet other people, find friends in interests and communication, and, perhaps, meet your love.

There are a lot of dating bots, but it is worth mentioning a few “old-timers” who have already proven themselves on the positive side.


Bot "@matchmaker_bot" in "Telegram" specializes in finding the second half or just a friend or girlfriend.

@Matchmaker_bot channel

Formed 4 main objectives of the search: "go to the movies", "drink", "flirt" and "sleep."

After selecting a goal, you must fill out a short form. Then it remains to trust the "robot" and wait for the results.


In fact, in Telegram all the dating bots have almost identical functionality. The main task - to provide information about yourself, respectively, many of this information embellished, but the other from online dating and should not have expected.


Immediately after activating the bot's work, you will be asked to fill in the basic information about yourself step by step: gender, age, photo, location to narrow the search results and find people nearby, a small description of your profile.

Stranger bot

This "robot" from the above, differs in that it creates a chat with a random user.

Yes, of course, you will not have any information, except for the contact profile, so you will have to ask all the information you need when meeting, but this, for sure, is the whole juice of the developers' ideas.


Also from the entire abundance of such resources in the "Telegram" the following dating bots should be highlighted:

  • "@ Flirt2_bot" - it is clear by name that the main subject is flirting;
  • “@Srachbot” is an analogue of the well-known “roulette chat”, however, like “Stranger Bot”;
  • "@Yetanotherbot" - anonymous chat;
  • "@Virtualgirlfriendbot" - dating for the adult half of the messenger users.

Of course, most users are skeptical of such resources, but for fans of banal communication on any topic, for those who like to meet and find new friends, these are excellent options to pass the time for a pleasant, non-committal conversation.