Search group in the "Telegram"

A similar question, how to find a group in the “Telegram”, can often be found on the Internet, because not every user knows what principle these chat rooms are created and maintained, how to join open or private communities, and what is a “secret chat” .

If we consider the question in the simplest form, we should highlight two options: a search by name or a personal invitation from the administrator of the group. And it’s not so important what platform you use, on iPhone, whether you are running iOS or you have a regular Android or Windows Phone smartphone.

How to search by name

This is the main type of community search (chat), but accordingly requires the presence of certain knowledge of the desired object.

So, you need to know what name is assigned to the community or at least part or part of the name.

Open the Telegram application and go to the search bar, in the mobile application you will need to click on the Search button, in the dextop application this is the upper right corner.

Next, start typing the desired community name, for example, “@seochat” is a community dedicated to everything related to “Search Engine Optimization” (search engine optimization).

Search community in Telegram

It now remains to click on the "Join" button in order to become a member of the group in «Telegram». But first you should familiarize yourself with the rules established in the group in order not to receive a ban from the administrator afterwards.

The names of communities and their division into categories can be freely found on the Internet, where you can get acquainted with the main topics that the Telegram community reviews and discusses.

Closed or secret conversations

Of course, some users need a lonely place where they can discuss certain issues without fear of censorship or closeness of the topic.

This is helped by the so-called “Secret chats”, which need admission, and entry is possible only at the invitation of the administrator.

The main feature of these private conversations is that all sent messages are encrypted and readable only to the sender and the recipient directly. According to the developers, even they cannot decipher the correspondence, and the message history is not stored on the internal servers, and together with the ability to set a timer to delete the message about greater confidentiality, it is difficult to dream.

As you can see, it’s not so easy to get a trust limit in such groups. They are created not just for the purpose of entertainment, but also to ensure all correspondence inside the chat is a safe accompaniment.

That is why most of these private conversations can not be found on the usual search. On the Internet there are lists of secret chats, also divided by topics. But usually it’s not the name of the group / chat that is provided, but the contact person who will consider the very possibility of your candidacy joining the ranks of the “chosen”.

As can be seen from all of the above, the search for groups in Telegram is essentially no different from the search for channels or contacts. Users find even the most closed and not advertised chats, the main thing is to have at least a bit of information.