How to return the sound icon to the taskbar

The icon on the taskbar of the Windows OS is sometimes the only way to get the information you need or adjust it. This is especially true of sound - more and more people are switching to laptops lacking an adjustment wheel. But there is a chance to return it. The article focuses on such measures. The user does not have to blame himself for this or that act. The icon could hide under the decision of the operating system. For example, too many icons on the panel - the system hides some of them to save space. It is also possible to set the curve or violation of the functionality of the audio service.

Restore the volume icon on the taskbar.

The problem of hidden icons

To save panel space, the system hides under-used icons behind an arrow on the right side of the screen. If you use it rarely, you can leave it as it is and periodically open hidden icons. But if this option is needed all the time, then drag it with the mouse manually. But the touchpad is much more difficult to do. Proved by the author.

Restart computer

Sometimes something goes wrong when you start the system and as a result, not all icons of the operating system are displayed, including an audible indicator. A restart may help here. But it is necessary to undertake it only in case when adjustment of a sound or use of a mixer is necessary. With any chance to do without it - adjustment on the speakers or stereo - continue to work.

How to enable the icon in the system settings

To do this, follow the simple steps.

  • Right-click or touchpad on the free space of the taskbar and select "Taskbar Options". If the user is still sitting on the seven, he will be helped by the desktop and right-click. Then select the item “Personalization” in the context menu.
  • Then you need to configure the icons on the notification panel. This is done in the same section of the personalization menu on the seventh Windows or on the “Turn On and Off Icons on the Panel” tab in the top ten.
  • For the volume icon, select “Show icon and notifications” or “Show only icon”.

Sometimes you can return to work the sound control icon by restarting the "Explorer" system program. It is quite simple to make it - you need to select the restart option in the “Task Manager.

On a 7-ke scheme is different. Here restart occurs in two stages. First you need to go to the Manager processes tab, find explorer.exe there and complete it. At the next stage, a new task is created using a Win + R combination or a new task creation item from the File menu. In the line, enter explorer.exe and confirm. The taskbar and start menu will return to their seats.

IMPORTANT. Before restarting the conductor, it is advisable to close all text and table editors and image processing programs! This will protect against possible file loss.

BIOS Sound Check

Another problem is the lack of a sound controller due to the whim of the BIOS. Often the functionality has the ability to customize the sound. When set to Disabled - Disabled, the system simply will not display the icon on the panel. You can check the parameters in the audio settings. H menu item Integrated Peripherals or Onboard devices configuration. You need to translate everything into Enabled mode and restart the computer.

Driver update

Another option is to update the sound card driver. You need to select it in the Device Manager and use the PCM method to run the update option. Follow the instructions on the screen. Automating the actualization of drivers is easy with the help of special software, but the main thing is not to be mistaken with his choice.

Reset Icon Settings

It is important to be careful here, because you have to use the registry editor. In it you need to open the path Computer \ HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer and see if there is a Hide SCAVolume command there. If it is, delete the parameter, save and restart the computer. Changes will take effect. The badge will return to its original place.

These are simple solutions for a missing volume control icon from the panel. It is easy to return it if you have the necessary skills and administrator rights. Otherwise, have to resort to outside help. And if the situation suddenly repeats, you should think about reinstalling the operating system.