Features of the operation of the answering machine on the iPhone: how to enable, configure or disable the service correctly

Answering machine - the essence of this word is known to almost every person, and even from the time when mobile gadgets were only designed, and humanity as an opportunity to communicate with family and friends had only stationary phones at its disposal. With the evolution of phones from conventional stationary phones to modern gadgets, the purpose of the answering machine has not changed, it has only been transformed into current devices in an improved form, however, the attitude towards it has changed. If earlier the answering machine was the only way to identify the presence of calls during the absence of the owner of the house, then modern smartphones allow you to do this by viewing the missed calls, followed by a chime, when needed. Despite the decline in popularity of the function of a non-contact, automatic call acceptance, it has both admirers and opponents. In this article we will tell you how to disable the answering machine on the iPhone, as well as consider the features of connecting the service, with orientation to the diverse requests of the owners of smartphones, which will allow each person to adjust the device's capabilities to personal needs and preferences.

Set up an answering machine on the iPhone.

Features include voicemail

The answer to the question of how to install an answering machine on the iPhone is more rhetorical than practical, since the option was originally connected on Apple smartphones. The World Wide Web has more common questions, how to make the answering machine not work when the user is unable to answer the call, due to the preference of “active” communication by the person, but this will be discussed later. Despite the presence of people who do not perceive the “Answering Machine” function as an important and practical tool, there are also active exploiters of this service, due to its advantages:

  1. The function allows, if it is impossible for the owner of the phone to communicate directly with the caller, leave in a voice format the reason for his absence, asking to call back later, or ask the subscriber to record information with the essence of the call.
  2. The option allows you to efficiently allocate your time, process incoming information, without the need to call back to the subscriber, in order to clarify the purpose of the call.

Regardless of the criterion, are you the owner of the iPhone 6, or do you have a newer smartphone model available? ". In the list that opens, you will need to select the “Sound Source” position, and activate the “Auto Answer Calls” position on the iPhone by putting a preferred pause time before the auto answer.

After the changes have been made, in order for the answering machine to work on your iPhone, it will be necessary to further activate the mailbox, since without this the functionality of the option is impossible, and to make sure that the auto answer service is included in the subscriber’s tariff plan. This question, how to turn on the answering machine, can be considered exhausted; to use the function, it will be enough just to make some settings.

Call Answering Rules

Before you start using the service, you should additionally make certain manipulations, settings for the answering machine and figure out how the option works. It is worth noting that the operation of the answering machine and the setting does not depend on the model of the smartphone, whether it is the fifth or sixth iPhone, a newer version in the form of an iPhone 7, 8 or even a model of the X series. First, let's figure out how to set up an answering machine on the iPhone. To do this, after activating the service and creating a mailbox, you will need:

  1. In the lower menu of the screen, press the Phone function, and open the answering machine settings by clicking on the Voicemail symbol.
  2. In the menu that opens, you need to select the mode that is relevant for you. As a popular and practical option for iPhone owners, and active operators of an answering machine, the choice of call forwarding to mail is positioned in cases where the subscriber is out of range, or cannot communicate at a particular moment, drops the call.
  3. Be sure to set a password for your voicemail: so you can take care of the confidentiality of the information received.
  4. Go to Visual Voicemail: you will need to enter the password twice to enter, and proceed to the service settings, starting with setting up the voice greeting. You can either select it from the proposed options by the system, or create it yourself.
  5. To create a personal greeting, click the “Record” command, read the prepared greeting text, stop the recording with the “Stop” button. Listen to the recording, if it satisfies you in quality, you can save it in the format of the working version.

At this setting can be considered complete. After setting up the service, the user can at any time enter the “Answering Machine” located in the smartphone's applications, view the list of messages, and also listen to them or delete them. If you use an answering machine on the iPhone, do not forget to check your inbox regularly so that important calls are not ignored: received messages may contain relevant information that requires analysis and processing.

Methods for disabling services on the iPhone

Despite the many advantages of the service, the answering machine, as a function, is considered irrelevant by many people at the present time, due to the preference for listening to voice messages to real communication. Indeed, in most cases, if only the caller has not taken care of confidentiality, a missed call with a number remains on the gadget, which allows the user to call back on him and solve all necessary questions in real time. If the service is not relevant, and even hinders, then you can turn it off, and how to do it on the iPhone will be highlighted further in the article, and with orientation both on the absolute removal of the option and on the temporary suspension of the answering machine.

Using system resources

The simplest option, suggesting an answer to the question of how to remove the answering machine on the iPhone, is the use of system tools. The advantage of this method is that the disconnection service does not provide for cardinal actions, which allows, if necessary, to connect the answering machine back. You can remove the ability to record a voice message by performing the following simple manipulations:

  1. Enter the ## 002 # character combination from the virtual keyboard.
  2. Confirm the request with a call key.

The actions performed will automatically disable the ability to record voice notifications, the system will cease to send the caller to the voice mail format, if the owner of the iPhone is unable to answer the incoming call. When using this method, it is assumed that the answering machine can be connected by the same, simple introduction of a combination of characters.

Using third-party application resources

If the functionality of the answering machine is irrelevant on an absolute basis, the owner of the smartphone does not provide for its operation under any circumstances, it makes sense to do a full withdrawal of the option from the system. This method is very popular, as it allows not only to disable the useless function, but also involves optimizing the operation of the gadget and freeing memory from the unnecessary component. Before downloading and installing a third-party application, the user must make sure that his smartphone has undergone a Jailbreak operation, which allows extending the capabilities in the category of installing various software products and themes for screening not from ApplStore, with access to the iOS file system. If such an operation was not performed, it will be impossible to install the application, since it will necessitate the rejection of this method of disabling the answering machine, or the need to perform a Jailbreak, which is irrelevant for devices that are still under warranty service.

To complete the task, you will need to download a third-party software called Cydia’s VoicemailRecoveryiOS7, with its subsequent installation. The name of the program includes the criterion of iOS7, which is associated with the fifth iPhone series, and especially with the popular model 5s, which disappoints smartphone owners from Apple’s subsequent product lines, however, you shouldn’t be disappointed in this case. According to the regulations for the program, it can be operated not only on the iPhone 5C or 5S, but also on subsequent models of Apple smartphones.

To perform the operation, you will need to go into the device settings, activate the work of the third-party utility with a standard click on its name, then enter the program settings and switch the switch to the “Off” state. All that remains is to restart the iPhone for the changes to take effect. After rebooting, when dialing a number, the user will no longer contemplate the Voicemail icon, interpreted as “voice mail” or “answering machine”. The absence of the icon indicates that the answering machine is not only disabled, but also deleted from the system. If the user at any time wishes to restore the functionality of voice mail, to return the tool, it will be sufficient to once again use the application's resources by clicking on its name, with the switch in the “Switched” position in the program settings. After the iPhone is restarted, the answering machine functionality will become available.

Disconnection through a mobile operator

Unambiguous instructions on how to activate or deactivate voice mail through a mobile operator do not exist, since each service provider has its own method of working with clients, which provides for diverse criteria for enabling or deactivating the answering machine. To use the services of your “operator”, you can act according to the following scenarios:

  1. Go to the site of the mobile operator, whose services are used by the owner of the smartphone, and in the section where the information on the head of the mail is registered, find instructions on how to perform the conditional task.
  2. Use the services of a hotline specialist: a qualified employee will disconnect the answering machine through his client base, if technically permissible, or explain in detail how a service consumer will cope with this task independently.

This method is relevant for all iPhone owners, regardless of the year of issue or a series of smartphone available to the client.


The “auto-response” service of Apple’s modern smartphones is ambivalent. Some people without this function do not represent their life, consider it an important, necessary and practical component, others categorically reject such an application, explaining their position as a preference to communicate with a calling friend, acquaintance or colleague in real time. In this article, each iPhone owner will be able to find answers to questions concerning the setting, enabling or disabling of the service, according to their subjective preferences and wishes.