Top games for children's development

Despite the personal opinion of some parents about the harm of computer technology, it would be a serious mistake to spread their beliefs to the younger generation. Of course, on the Internet there is a certain amount of what is not intended for children's eyes and ears, and, for that matter, it is in principle for people to contemplate, regardless of their age. Limiting the “freedom of movement on the Internet” to their children is not just possible, but necessary, because, unfortunately, the openness and media of the younger generation use it to the detriment. A certain balance must be maintained. The time that your child spends at the computer should be used efficiently, and not only for his entertainment, but also for learning. The Internet is truly a world of unlimited possibilities, which can and should be used to train, develop certain skills and develop its future full-fledged members of the modern information society. In this article, we will focus on teaching children through various educational gaming products that can be downloaded and installed on computers, tablets and smartphones. Where can I download them? What is their functionality? And most importantly: what is the use of them? You will find answers to these and other questions in this article.

TOP best games for children.

Harm or benefit

Due to their age and personal convictions, many parents over the age of 30 years believe that computer games are evil that will necessarily lead to the degradation of the younger generation. Everyone has heard this opinion and statement many times, and some really accept the evolution of information technologies as something negative. Denials of these prejudices have already been repeatedly provided based on the results of practical research by scientists. The conclusion of these studies is that computer games are not evil, but a tool that, if used properly, will help to comprehensively develop a child, allow it to quickly adapt to social society and instill the skills and habits necessary for choosing a future path.

Perhaps the key words in the above conclusion is “proper use”. That is, it is the parent who is responsible for exactly how their child uses the capabilities of modern technologies and whether this application will be beneficial. You can not just put the child at the computer and give him a mouse, then sit down and wait for the genius to grow out of it, and if the opposite happens, put all the blame on the Internet. Rational use and direct participation in information life is the key to the development of your child. In short, according to the results of previously announced studies, it was proved that:

  • Regardless of the genre affiliation of a gaming product, a person who spends the optimal amount of time playing a game is always in a concentrated state, which effectively trains attentiveness and allows him to develop skills in mastering large amounts of information.
  • Interactive puzzles, quests, tasks instill logical thinking and multi-tasking skills.
  • Constant tactile contact with the keyboard or touch screen trains fine motor skills and visual coordination.
  • The optimal choice of the levels of complexity and the motivational component of the game make it possible to inculcate the skill of determining the level of one's capabilities, as well as to directly motivate him to improve existing knowledge and physiological capabilities and the desire for further learning.
  • Proper use of the genre, where there are elements of restrained aggression, helps the child to relieve the possible nervous tension that has accumulated during the day.
  • And finally. The world of computer games is unlimited. A full flight of fancy, all existing and non-existent worlds are separated only by a mouse click. Such unlimitedness makes it possible to broaden the horizons of the child as much as possible and open to him for study any point of the universe or, to be more precise, universes.

It would be foolish to say that there are only positive points in this question. Of course, there are downsides. For example, these are additional loads on the visual apparatus and on the whole on the state of the body, a possible addiction with unwillingness to do something else, detachment from reality and lack of personal communication skills. But all these negative aspects are leveled with the proper and rational use of existing opportunities. Balance and personal interest in development is the key to solving most of the possible problems.

Top - 7

So, returning to the main issue of the topic in question, you should dwell on 7 games with different genre affiliation, with which time spent at a computer or mobile gadget will be most useful for the development of your child.

“Fixies. Learning math. Preparation for school "from 1C-Publishing

According to the developers themselves, all the tasks that occur in the application are thought out with the involvement of professional child psychologists, which allowed us to create the most effective shell for the development of mathematical skills and logical thinking. The interface is built on a constant interaction with the characters of the cartoon, which helps the learning process to be seen as an exciting adventure with any characters, and this is what motivates the child to further study the material. Colorful, fun and effective.

“Funny food 2!” From Mage Studio Kid Games

The application is designed for children aged 2 to 5 years. It offers 15 educational topics, including for the development of preschool skills. In its structure it has:

  • Puzzles for the little ones.
  • Parts and whole.
  • Search for items.
  • Logical tasks.
  • The study of colors and shapes.
  • Geometry and mathematics for the smallest and much more.

A colorful interface, interesting and vivid characters, entertaining tasks - all this will surely interest your child, especially with your direct participation in the gameplay.

"Mi-mi-bears" from Interactive Moolt DTv

From the pen of these developers, many interesting applications have already been released on the animated series Mimishki, which has been pleasing children from all over the country on Mult TV channel for years. The abundance of mini-games of various subjects and complexity, memorable and fun main characters, beloved by many characters, the corresponding soundtrack. All this and much more is available for download on Google Play. In the series there are about five applications that are divided according to the main theme, which allows you to pick up games exclusively for the interest of your child. Despite the fact that for the most part these are shareware projects, a smile and joy in the eyes of the future champion are worth all the money spent.

“Masha and the Bear” by AppQuiz

The animated series Masha and the Bear has been pleasing children from all over the world for over 10 years, having gained particular popularity in Asian countries. Such popularity in the early stages of the project’s development led to the cartoon trying to adapt to interactive games. There have been many attempts, but we have not managed to create a really bright project so far. This also applies to the above application, since not everyone appreciated the range of mini-games and puzzles that were properly offered by the developers. Familiar surroundings and characters that catch the attention of the children from the first minutes offer everyone:

  • Drawings and coloring.
  • Search words.
  • Objects and forms.
  • Puzzles
  • Musical instruments.
  • Simple math.

There are some rough edges in terms of optimization and internal purchases, but the attention and interest of the kids is the key, at least, to a fun pastime.

“Lev's truck and cars: children's designer” from Project First LLC

The cartoon, which has already become a hit on the TV channel “Mult”, is on the shortlist of many parents, and the game projects dedicated to this character deserve their attention. As it becomes clear from the above name, this is a car designer, where any created machine can be revived. Download this application, you will get a whole encyclopedia for the smallest on the device of cars, their purpose, types, and most importantly - it allows you to explain to the child in the most understandable way what, how and why. In fact, this is a more advanced analogue of puzzles, the benefits of which are simply not questioned.

"Children's puzzles: animal figures and puzzles" from RV AppStudios

This application may interest not only the younger generation, but their parents. A huge number of colorful puzzles of various difficulty levels, from standard geometries to volume figures. The development of fine motor skills with the help of this application has been repeatedly confirmed by reviews of real users. Without exception, all celebrate the beauty and diversity of the images chosen for the assembly, and despite the fact that the developers are positioning their project as “+4”, the game will also appeal to young children.

Wonder Tales and Coloring Pages by AmayaKids

Fairy tales - this is what has the most direct impact on absolutely every person, regardless of his age. The correct choice of the “made-up story” allows you to immerse the baby in a magical world where there is no place for ordinariness and aggression. Just imagine that, while reading a fairy tale, your child will see the corresponding images on the smartphone screen, which will turn reading into a fascinating interactive journey. Incredibly magical atmosphere, amazing audio, and only beloved fairy tales to everyone - all this you will find in the project of the company “AmayaKids”. It should be said that the choice of the above software to a greater extent should be dictated by the personal preferences of the representative of the younger generation. Therefore, the "Top 7" everyone can have their own.


A tablet or smartphone is the ideal gaming tools, for the purposes in question, due to constant tactile perception, since computers in this regard are significantly inferior to them. Computer capabilities will be extremely useful for finding information or as an interactive library. There is a huge number of sites that specialize in various educational programs and lessons, which will be extremely useful for the general development of the child, and for its preparation for entering the school. Pay attention to:

  • // - games, lessons, crafts.
  • // - encyclopedias, cartoons, tests, crafts
  • // - will be useful for dads and moms.
  • // - fairy tales online.
  • // - tests, puzzles, and more.
  • // - a huge library of colorings.

Leave the prejudices. The Internet offers you unlimited resources, use them wisely.