Error “Memory cannot be Read or Written” in PUBG: causes of failure and possible solutions

Gaming activity is one of the most popular operational trends in the use of computer device resources among young people, and not only. Spending leisure time for an interesting computer game is increasingly becoming a higher priority occupation than hiking or playing in the real world. A huge range of games on the network allows each gamer to choose interesting content, however, some games, after the release, are lost in the World Wide Web, while others occupy flagship positions for a long time, even several years after the release do not lose popularity. One of these games that deserve the attention of users is the multiplayer online game PUBG, as the best, breakthrough survival stimulator. Despite the unprincipled popularity, when you start a game, it is not often, however, precedents occur due to the inability to play it, with the error positioning the error “Memory cannot be Read or Written”, the causes of which, as well as methods for eliminating it, will be discussed in this article .

Resolving the "Memory cannot be Read or Written" error in PUBG.

The essence of the error

Malfunctions from the “Memory cannot be Written or Read” category often occur to gamers, and an error message occurs mainly when trying to play the popular game composition PUBG, or its derived elements. The situation with the appearance of a malfunction may develop according to the following scenarios:

  1. The error occurs at the start of the launch of the application, with the need to close the window with the notification that causes the "departure" from the game.
  2. The problem appears during the game activity, and when trying to close the window, the gamer will face the problem of “flying out” of the game, while the decision not to “touch” the notice by sliding it to the corner of the screen, so as not to interfere with the review, allows you to continue playing.

Regardless of the development of precedent, and the characteristics of the appearance of an error, the problem involves the need to find its solution method, which is impossible to do without realizing the essence of the failure. If you carefully read the appearing text of the notice, it becomes clear that the nature of the problem lies in the “wrong” application of the application to the RAM cells, or the occurrence of an error is due to a conflict between the game and the software or hardware system. To determine how to eliminate the error, it is important to understand what provokes its appearance, namely, to understand the causes of the failure.

Why a problem occurs

The problem, when the memory is not readable - Read, or not written - Written, when trying to enter the PABG, is often associated with insufficient RAM, which owners of powerful PCs are puzzled with finding the answer to the question: “Why can't I go to PUBG when decent technical characteristics of a computer device? " According to experts, the problem is often not in the memory itself, but has the following help:

  1. The application or its elements are incorrectly installed on the PC.
  2. There is a conflict between software and applications, or there are inconsistencies between the game and the operating system.
  3. Exhibited high FPS requirements in the control elements of video cards.
  4. Drivers of video cards in use are outdated.

Since it is visually impossible to determine the cause of the failure, the “Memory cannot be read, or not written” error, it is impossible to determine, it is necessary to eliminate the failure by practical methods, by trial and error.

Troubleshooting Methodology

When it is impossible to start the game PUBG, gamers often start to panic, as they involve a complex and lengthy system recovery process to gain access to the content of interest, and make a lot of mistakes: reinstall Windows, update programs, reinstall the game, but to no avail. As you know, panic is not the best helper in solving a problem, the problem should be addressed carefully and rationally, gradually eliminating the possible causes of failure, starting with simple methods, and if the option does not give the desired result, proceed to the next stage of remediation. On options for dealing with an error, in order from simple to implement, to more complex, and will be discussed further.

Disable web browser and bulk programs

Since the error is expressed by the message “Memory cannot be ...”, it would be most logical to initially check the memory load, simultaneously releasing it from irrelevant processes during a specific period. Some gamers, especially those who own a powerful, productive hardware, with decent memory performance, often overlook this option and implement a global error. The problem lies not in the amount of RAM, but in the available free memory, which may not be enough to play PUBG correctly.

To optimize the performance of the PC, it is important to turn off all unnecessary applications and software components that operate in the background format, loading the RAM. To complete the task, simply go to the Task Manager directory, where all active processes for a specific time period are displayed. Often, in the top five processes running in the background, there is a browser loading the system: it must be disabled before entering the game, as this will significantly increase the chances of its normal launch. If the user assumes the operation of a functioning browser during the game, he can easily activate the browser after launching the gameplay by switching to the "Desktop" by simply pressing the combination of the ALT and TAB buttons.

In parallel, it is worthwhile to analyze the actual tasks performed by the PC and disable unnecessary processes. You can also perform the procedure by using resources of special utilities whose work is aimed at optimizing the functioning of the operating system, which is often effective in the case of an Read / Written class error. If the manipulations did not produce the desired result, the malfunction appeared when the user attempted to launch gambling content again, then it is necessary to proceed to the next troubleshooting.

Disable Add-ons and FPS Class Utilities

The situation when PUBG crashes, and the outburst is accompanied by a notification of memory problems of the category Read or Written, can be triggered by certain applications that, with their functionality, create an impact on the game. These include the add-ons of a specific discharge, or operations of the Overwolf class, which have their own add-ons to games, as well as programs like RTSS, which limit the frequency of frame playback. In such a situation, to eliminate this scenario, it is necessary to fight the error by disabling all add-ons before starting the game. If PUBG has thrown out after that, it will not hurt to check the voice systems involved in the formation of overlays with the names of the game participants. It is the add-ins in the software of this category can act as provocateurs of the caused problem. In the absence of a result, it is worthwhile to proceed to a more complicated method of dealing with an error, which is to update the drivers of installed video cards.

Video card driver upgrade

Often, the cause of the resulting error is the software obsolescence of video card drivers. You can eliminate this cause by updating the drivers, and you need to upgrade the software from the developer’s official site, which guarantees the installation of the latest, current version of video drivers. If there is no desire to search for actual drivers, an alternative option is to operate a special program that works in an automated format that is responsible for finding and installing the actual drivers for devices installed on a PC. Experts recommend for this purpose to use the utility Driver Booster, which has established itself as one of the best applications of the category.

Using Compatibility Mode

Another common cause of an error with reading memory is the incompatibility of the game application and the operating system. This precedent mainly takes place when the program is focused on operating PC owners with Windows 7 installed, and the user tries to run the application on newer versions of the OS. Solve the problem will help setting the compatibility mode, according to the following regulations:

  1. It is necessary in the system to find a file called TslGame.exe. To do this, proceed to C: / Program Files, open the branch Steam / Steamapps / common / PUBG / TslGame / Binaries, where the required file is located in the WIN64 architecture.
  2. Select the file with a mouse click, and then select the “Properties” item in the drop-down menu.
  3. In the window that opens, under the “Compatibility” menu item, opposite the “Run the program in compatibility mode with ...” box, tick the box and select the appropriate version of the operating system in the drop-down menu just below.
  4. For the changes to take effect, you must click the "Apply" directive, and close the window using the "OK" button.

This method solves the problem of incompatibility, with a focus on a positive result in the form of launching the game without additional excesses.


The error in playing gambling content due to memory readability that occurs during the launch or during the operation of the PUBG application is far from being a reason for rejecting an interesting pastime at the computer. In this case, everything is not as critical as it seems: the problem does not have technical support and is often solved by not very complicated manipulations, focused on optimizing PC performance and introducing compatibility mode, with the possible need to update the hardware drivers responsible for playing graphics and video. Following the tips and recommendations imposed in the article, each user will be able to cope with the problem, eliminate the error and plunge into the game world to get a lot of positive impressions, distract from everyday life and it's interesting to spend your leisure time.