How to fix a broken "Store" Windows

The app Store for buying programs directly in Windows is not unique. Its analogues can be found in the Linux-based OS, as well as in earlier versions of Windows - except 10, also in 8, 8.1. Perhaps during the programming of the "dozens" Microsoft experts incorrectly optimized it.

How to fix the problem of "departures" from the Store

Many Windows users have already managed to encounter "crashes" in the Store. Forums and directories are full of reviews of similar problems. Let's figure out how to fix this problem.

Typical causes of failures

Often the source of the problem is incorrect activation of the operating system. The use of so-called assemblies gives rise to nuances that an ordinary user cannot solve. Therefore, it is better to use the original OS images. Applications such as Windows 10 Store are common programs. This means that they may conflict with other software, incorrectly interact with the “external environment” of the operating system.

TIP. Perhaps, the behavior of the software is due to problems with the account. Windows works on the basis of separate desktops and personal files of users. Therefore, many paths to the utility components are recorded through folders of different people.

To check if everything is in order, check out ...:

  • "Control Panel";
  • "Family Safety";
  • "Accounts".

Most likely, you will need to change the Windows 10 control settings. Move the security indicator to the desired position. If you are confident in your antivirus, it is better to use the lower position of the indicator.

ATTENTION. Some software may not work during technical sessions conducted with updates. For example, when they are downloaded. This happens rarely and, as a rule, at night.

How to fix problems?

Troubleshooter Utility

Everything is simple here:

  1. Download and run the Troubleshooter application for Windows 10.
  2. Wait until it opens.

  3. Turn off the power using the standard method, and then restart the computer.
  4. Check if the problem is fixed.

System file recovery

How to check the integrity of the OS?

Run the command prompt on behalf of the Administrator (right click on the "Start"). Then the procedure starts:

sfc / scannow

Restart your PC and enter the following in the command line:

DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Restorehealth

Such an operation will start checking all important system files for integrity and correctness of the contents. Wait until it is finished. If Windows 10 still doesn’t work properly with the Store, try reinstalling it. This solution is quite radical and effective.

Shop: Reinstall

Applications like Store in Windows 10 cannot be removed normally. To reinstall them, you can use PowerShell.

Run PowerChell as administrator.

Enter the instruction in the input area:

Get-AppxPackage windowsstore | Remove-AppxPackage

Run it by pressing the Enter key. Once you do this, the application will stop working. To make the application work again in Windows 10, start the PowerShell program with administrator privileges. A list of all software that “sees” Windows should be displayed:

Get-Appxpackage –Allusers

In the list, find the name "WindowsStore". Copy the parameter to the clipboard:


Run the instruction:

Add-AppxPackage -register "C: \ Program Files \ WindowsApps \ XXX \ AppxManifest.xml" -DisableDevelopmentMode

Here, instead of XXX, the value that you copied earlier should be indicated.

Other methods

  • It is possible that an error occurred during the download of the Store application on Windows 10. If it constantly crashes, try to log out, restart your computer and log in again.
  • The Control Panel has a useful “Troubleshooting” feature. It helps to cope with all standard system problems. The computer finds the solution for you.

  • When downloading new programs, be careful. Perhaps one of them was the cause of the failure?
  • Try resetting Windows 10 Update.
  • A good solution is to use the store cache reset. Go to the window "Run" with the key combination Win + R and enter the command wsreset.

    There will be an attempt to reset the store. If it still works, restart the PC and try again.


A rare standard application can cause as many problems as the Store. We have provided you with an effective list of tools to combat these troubles.

Do you have any questions? Administrators and visitors to our site regularly review comments. Describe your problems - and the resource community will gladly help you!