Memory card selection

Even a junior schoolchild can explain what a memory card is, because smartphones are in use not only among adults, but also among schoolchildren. In the old-generation mobile phones there was no need for the mandatory use of a memory card, since their purpose was only to make a call.

When choosing a memory card, there are several factors to consider.

Modern gadgets are crammed with an incredible amount of functionality, so it’s not surprising that users don’t want to limit themselves to making calls. With the help of a smartphone, many perform audio and video recording. However, such files take up a lot of space. At some point it may happen that the owner of a smartphone or digital device will face a dilemma.

The device will warn that there is no way to ensure the preservation of the footage, so you will have to either refuse to continue such actions, or free up part of the built-in memory. Well, if there is such a material with which you can mercilessly say goodbye. Unfortunately, in many cases it is difficult to make such a choice, since each photo, videotape represents a certain value.

To avoid such difficulties of choice, it is best to take care of preventing such a problem in advance by purchasing the best options for a removable memory card. You should not reassure yourself that the choice of memory card is simple, and for this it is quite enough just to visit a specialized store. Everything is not as simple as it seems to a beginner at first glance. It is for this reason that it is recommended to preliminarily examine the recommendations of experienced users how to choose a memory card, and only after that proceed to practical actions.

Technical specifications

When choosing a memory card, it is important to understand that such removable drives have several technical characteristics, which are very important to consider. Only in this case will it be possible to choose a drive that will satisfy the speed of writing and reading, the amount of stored material and an acceptable cost.

Media type

If you look at the samples that are for sale in computer stores, you can find some letters on their case. If on the case you notice two English letters “SD”, it means that this card can be used for use in cameras. However, only on this variety of SD memory cards are not limited. They may differ in capacity. The store will definitely offer a large and extra large capacity.

Of course, there will be a temptation to purchase a removable storage device with extra large capacity. However, if you have an outdated camera in your possession, your purchase will be useless, you will not be able to use extra-large memory cards in such “rare” cameras. If you have not only a new generation camera available, but also a professional-oriented camera, then it is important to give preference to the drive with the designation “CF”.

Such an abbreviation stands for “CompactFlash”, denoting that such a card can be successfully used even as a flash drive. Its advantages are in large volume, as well as a sufficient recording speed. Also, many modern devices are focused on the use of compact microSD cards. It should not be assumed that part of the word “micro” indicates something curtailed, incompletely functional.

ATTENTION. MicroSD is not inferior in functionality to other memory cards.

Sometimes manufacturers can accompany their devices with special removable drives. In this case, they are necessarily equipped with two slots for installing different drives, or they introduce one slot, but a combined one.


If you have to choose a memory card, it is very important to pay attention to its volume. It is not at all difficult to guess that it depends on how much material can be stored on it without deleting the previously saved one. It is also important to bear in mind that the greater the volume, the more money will have to be paid for such a device. Most often, experienced users, answering the question of how to choose a microSD memory card, argue that the choice should depend on which device this drive is selected on.

In particular, if it is important to embed a memory card into a smartphone, then it is quite possible to be satisfied with an option that does not exceed 4 GB. But if a car enthusiast is looking for a drive, wanting to integrate it into an autoregistrar, then in this case it is better to give preference to a variant with a capacity of at least 16 GB. By the way, the quality of the picture, the video depends on what resolution is set in the parameters.

It is no secret that the photograph will be better if the resolution is at least 128dpi. In order for the smartphone to provide such a high-quality photo, it is important not only to set such parameters, but also to choose the right memory card that can support such a high resolution.

Vprosak get newbies, exposing such parameters, and as a result of receiving poor-quality images, while being confident that the problem lies in the device, confidently proving to everyone that it is just "buggy". Likewise, when I really want to get high-quality video.

If you really want to get the best footage, it should be saved in RAW format. Unfortunately, one frame of this video will take at least 30 MB, and a few minutes may require a sufficient amount of free space. Based on this, if you aim to shoot a video, take high-quality photos, it is best to purchase a memory card with a capacity of at least 32 GB.

Card class

Again, to obtain high-quality material, it is important to consider what speed is characteristic of the memory card on which you are ready to make a choice. The speed affects not only the speed of writing and reading. If you decide to record high-quality video FullHD, removable drive with low speed you just will not work. Do not be surprised later, when you begin to view the recorded video, and instead of moral satisfaction from the desired viewing, you will experience nervous disorders.

FullHD video recorded on a low speed memory card will be accompanied by constant jerks, as well as specific freezes. View this video is unlikely anyone wants. Warn such an annoying factor will succeed if you immediately pay attention to high-speed drives.

Each flash drive has its class. The higher this class, the higher the recording speed of the drive. In particular, for high-quality recording of Full HD video, an option of grade 6-10 will do. It is better to refuse smaller classes. For shooting animals that are constantly in motion, it is better to choose a card with a speed of at least 30–45 MB.

Real pros, whose activity is to conduct video shooting, prefer only drives, the speed of which is from 100 MB and above. By the way, when examining a visually removable drive, you can independently understand what the write speed is typical for it and to which class the chosen memory card belongs.

On the case of the drive inside the letter “C” you can easily find the number. This number will indicate the class to which your removable drive belongs. Also on the case will indicate the recording speed of the carrier.


It is also useful to pay attention to who specifically produced “into the world” this “digital miracle”. The result of all subsequent shots and videos also sometimes depends on the choice of the manufacturer. Experienced users strongly recommend to give preference only to proven manufacturers, among which the most distinguished, retaining undoubted leadership, such manufacturers as SanDisk, Transcend and Kingston.

Such commitment is explained quite simply. These companies guarantee a long operational life. In particular, such a manufacturer as Transcend, in general, convinces its users that removable drives made by it both for computers, and for smartphones, cameras, are ready to serve forever, without bringing problems to users. Of course, you can purchase drives and unknown manufacturers, but later to be sure that these drives can ensure correct operation and serve for a long time will be impossible.

By the way, experienced users recommend, in the presence of two slots, to purchase not one large-capacity memory card, but two. In case of a sudden failure of one, you can continue to work further, since there will be a backup option to which you can continue recording.

When choosing a removable drive in the store, you can use the help of an employee of a commercial establishment If it is immediately noticeable that his actions are intended to ensure that you acquire only the sample that is considered personally their “brand”, it is better to refuse such services, use the recommendations that we shared with you.

Only in this case, you can choose a quality drive that suits you in all respects and is accompanied by an acceptable price. So, you can even choose a memory card for a beginner, who will thoroughly study the recommendations of experienced users, write down the parameters that suit him, and go to a computer store with such a specific cheat sheet.

The time spent studying such recommendations will not be wasted. Removable drive will be acquired correctly, it will be able to provide long-term operation, accompanied by high operating comfort.

If you are experiencing temporary financial difficulties, so you cannot afford to acquire what impresses you at a particular moment, it is better to postpone the purchase for a while, accumulate the necessary amount, only after that visit the store. The memory card is purchased by you not for several days, but for many years, therefore saving in such a matter is inappropriate.