Top games for powerful PCs

Powerful technically, a productive gaming computer is a device that allows the user to rid himself of the need to spend his leisure time on morally and programmatically outdated games, to plunge into the world of unreality and fantasy with his head, and using the newest development of gaming direction. Often, even owners of productive, modern laptops are wondering what to play on a powerful PC, due to the large range of products in this category on the World Wide Web, ignorance of which games will be worthy of attention. This nuance determines the need for content selection with diverse, exciting and strong gameplay, storyline and excellent graphics. In this article, we will present the TOP-10 best, spectacular games designed for use on powerful PCs with a different storyline orientation, which will allow each gamer to choose the content of interest, unforgettably and without spending time at home.

Top best games for powerful computers.

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Before proceeding with the review of content, it is worth noting the technical parameters of computers, ranked by developers as “powerful”. According to modern requirements, the user will be able to spend optimal and exciting leisure time through the operation of innovative games, if he has a laptop assembled on Intel I5 and higher, or an AMD processor with a performance modified by a memory of at least eight and three gigabytes for RAM and video cards, respectively. Devices with the lowest technical indicators at the present time are ranked as the middle category in terms of power, they do not always allow to reveal the full potential and graphics of gaming content. So, if you have a device with conditional characteristics, then you can safely begin to search for the "best" game for individual use, and the list of games presented in the article is intended for you.

Vampir - the best action game

In the modern assortment it is difficult to find good content with a vampire direction, however, the developers of Dontnod Entertainment in the game "Vampire", have surpassed themselves, presented to the user a gameplay that deserves attention. The release of the game to the network was carried out in the summer of 2018, for the period of its existence, the game found its consumer due to the unique, breathtaking plot and unreal graphics playback.

The gaming environment is London, in the post-war period, “embraced” by an epidemic of practically incurable Spanish. The main character is a scientist who, waking up in a common grave, under the influence of mystical power, decreases his sister. Realizing what he did, the scientist will have to become a tough vampire, a bloodsucker who can choose two ways to continue to exist: cope with the obsession and the vampire essence without killing everyone, or surrender to the power of “dark” power, becoming a legend of the mythical city.

“Vampire” is a great option to “tickle” the nerves, hiding from the vampire hunters, in the process of searching for the clue to the origin of bloodsuckers, with the need to “kill” enemies or civilians, in order to move to the next levels.

Hitman 2: a representative of the genre stealth action

The eponymous game Hitman found its continuation in the second variation: the work about Agent 47 was effectively released into the network in the fall of 2018, becoming one of the most sought-after entertainment among fans of the conditioned genre. If you are an adventurer in the genre of stealth action, with a well-developed sequel, interesting and thoughtful tasks, complex mechanics, then the second version of Hitman is for you. During the game you need to go through six levels, with complex and variable tasks, with the possibility of choosing a gaming mode, with the need to overcome obstacles, both through force and using intellectual abilities.

Shooter Battlefield V

In the TOP-10 "The best games for powerful PCs" gamers include, according to statistics of downloads and positive reviews, a Battlefield V shooter, the plot of which is based on the events of the Second World War. The developers presented their “offspring” to users in the middle of autumn 2018, and now the game professionals predict no less popularity and recognition than previous variations have received. Users are allowed to choose both single-player and team mode, with the definition of strategies and battlefield dynamics. This is a relatively new, innovative word in the field of gameplay: tasks are available to users with actualization in the style of "Big Operations", with many military "stories", interesting, unique and realistic graphics, a rich arsenal of weapons and the ability to personalize the characters.

Kingdom Come Role Game: Deliverance: Middle Ages

The storyline of the game allows you to plunge into the world of the Middle Ages, with moving to the kingdom of Bohemia, where there was a conflict between brothers - kings, as a result of which the native village of the main character was burned down and parents were killed. In the process of achieving the main goal: revenge for the death of the parents and the restoration of the “injured” king on the throne, the hero will have to go a long and difficult way, with various tasks and obstacles. The game is available for pumping the main character, and on the actions of the hero will depend directly on his ability to further progress and relationships with others. The gameplay is distinguished by a unique drawing of elements of the Middle Ages, with realistic reproduction of events of that time, excellent physics and mechanics.

Having downloaded Kingdom Come, the user will get powerful gameplay that allows you to satisfy your request for a long time: what to play on your existing powerful PC is fascinating, with unrepeatable emotions, due to large-scale features and a variety of behaviors that cause new adventures each time, with non-traded developments.

Forza Horizon 3 autosimulator for racing adventurers

Having a powerful computer in person, you can have a great time not only in the process of “reprising” orcs, ghosts and other demonic creatures, but also to carry yourself along to the exclusive passing of tracks on a “personal” car with many obstacles and “unfriendly” road conditions. Forsa Horizon, in its third performance, is supposed to test the capabilities of different vehicles in difficult situations, where the vast expanses of Australia are the highway.

Grand Theft Auto V: Top Sales 2018

The uniqueness of the game is the presence of as many as three main characters, between which the gamer can switch at any time of the game or task. Events develop in a fictional city in the open spaces of California, where the robbers, in the person of the main characters, defiantly, defiantly and fearlessly rob the US Federal Repository. On the way to fulfilling the task, when trying to escape with money, the heroes have to go through many trials and missions, each of which is unique. Unleash the full potential of the game, the possibilities of the characters, to feel what is happening on the screen from the inside, only authorizes the gamer to have a powerful computer in terms of performance and technical parameters, and with at least seventy-two gigabytes of free disk space.

"Save the Earth" in the game DOOM

The DOOM series of games was developed and released by the American software company, and is intended solely for production with powerful computers, with a processor of at least the seventh Intel Core line, or similar performance. The game is designed for lovers of space, fantastic competition with demons, wandering across the expanses of the space base located on Mars, in order to prevent enemies to the Earth. The mission is allowed to take place both in single and in multiplayer mode, fighting on the web on the side of people or demons. Numerous variations of gaming products will allow to get carried away for a long time, with the expected release of another series, which is predicted a great future.

Medieval "Stimulator": FOR HONOR or "For Honor"

The list of popular, exciting and unforgettable games designed for powerful PCs would be incomplete without the martial work of art FOR HONOR, which immediately after the release received a lot of rave reviews from critics. Of particular admiration is the depth, effectiveness and forethought of the mechanics of fights, and each fight is unique. Some critics call FOR HONOR gameplay a medieval warrior system stimulator, where the graphics and entertainment of what is happening on the battlefield is not inferior to the spectacular cinematic scenes. Fans give preference to the multiplayer, online game mode, where the gamer, having become a participant in one of the real teams, through character pumping, using intellectual and strategic techniques, has the opportunity to move on to subsequent levels, with radically new tasks.

State of Decay 2

The game State of Decay 2 is a logical continuation of the first series, however, with a deeper and meaningful study of graphic details, gameplay and plot. Actions, as in the previous modification of the trailer, take place in the vastness of the zombie apocalypse, where, after a global catastrophe, the heroes will have to fight for life, fight the plague-infected zombies. During the game, participants can build settlements, choose a sheriff, get a vaccine against the plague, food, weapons, look for survivors with whom they can start trading activities, or invite them to their community: generally a good, respectable version of the game for spending free time .

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Game travels and processes are organized in Bolivia, which, according to the plot, is a criminal city where drug trafficking is developed on a global scale. Illegal drug trafficking destabilizes urban livelihoods, which requires the intervention of special forces "Ghost" for the disclosure of criminal activity, with its subsequent liquidation. Absolute freedom of movement and actions of the character, the ability to think through the tactics of assault and neutralization of criminals, upgraded missions and tasks - these are only some positive moments of the game, and all the special effects and advantages can be felt only by downloading the game and engaging in criminal combat.


The article includes the best gaming solutions with orientation to any consumer. Any of their games can be an excellent option for spending your leisure time, and the powerful PC at your disposal will allow you to fully unleash the potential of the game, completely distract from everyday and work problems, and spend exciting time. Choose an interesting version of the game for your subjective preferences, download, experiment and enjoy modern solutions for filling free time. And also follow the news in the network: most likely, in the near future, the list of games for powerful computers will be updated with new products worthy of your attention.