Server are too busy in PUBG - causes of error and how to fix it

The biggest problem players are facing right now is the error message “Connection Error” (or some other option). One of the reasons why you encountered this problem is related to the latest Battlegrounds patch. If you still have problems after the developers fix the situation, you can follow these steps. When it comes to resolving connectivity issues in PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, the easiest way out is to simply restart the computer. While this may seem trivial, one of the main culprits of the “Connection Error” error message is a recent game update. If you did not restart your computer after downloading the update, try this method first. In addition to restarting the computer, you can also restart the router or modem by connecting the PC directly. This can help when it is the router settings that interfere with the game. Also do not forget to check whether the firmware of the gadget is updated.

Bug fix Servers are too busy in PUBG.

What is this mistake

Problems with the server were the most common for PUBG since its inception, but it has recently reached its peak. Most average users experience problems at least a couple of times per hour. Moreover, players who prefer a version for a smartphone are not familiar with this error - it manifests itself for PC versions on Steam. The official website reported that the game has gained incredible popularity much faster than planned, and for the simultaneous processing of thousands of requests servers are not yet sufficiently effective.

Causes of error

Why does PUBG show the error message “Servers are too busy, please try again later” (Servers are too busy) and what to do? The only reason the error message is displayed is because experimental servers or main servers on PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS are down. There are several reasons why servers are overloaded or not working.

More players from one region

This is the main cause of PUBG error. Servers are designed to handle only a certain number of players at a time. If you are playing at peak times, for example, on Sunday evenings, more people can play at the same time. This will increase the load on the server and you will see the error message “The servers are too busy, please try again later.”

Server under maintenance

This is another common reason. PUBG developers will periodically introduce updates and server maintenance. Some updates do not affect the gameplay. You can install the latest update and continue to play without any problems. But sometimes server maintenance takes more time. For example, adding new servers, updating existing capacity, etc. At this point, the servers will be unavailable, and you will see an error message on the screen.

What to do with the Servers are too busy error in PUBG

D this game has many servers around the world that can handle thousands of requests simultaneously. Each time you enter the game, you connect to the nearest one. If the problem is in the server, follow these steps:

  1. Open the game and see if an error occurs. Try pressing the Reconnect button a few times, and if it doesn't work, go to step 2.
  2. If an error message appears, click the Globe icon shown in the lower right.
  3. A full list of servers will open. You can change the server to another location and try connecting again.
IMPORTANT. IMPORTANT! This will only work if your local server is full. Sometimes server maintenance shows a server busy message, and at this point server changes will be unavailable.


Ensure that the servers are working properly by following the recommendations of the previous tip. If you have already tried to reconnect, but still encounter an error, try disconnecting the Internet and then reconnecting it. After you finish reconnecting to the Internet, click the “Reconnect” button again to check if the servers are working.

Wednesday - "Day of the update"

This means that for your PUBG there will be an incoming update that may be important for solving some problems. Be sure to check out the Steam client and check for any incoming updates. After you install a new update, be sure to restart Steam to get the latest version of the game. Also, even if today is not an “update day, ” note that an unexpected minor update can sometimes be launched, which is released from time to time to correct a critical error. In any case, the best solution to stay up to date or to know if there are incoming updates is to log in to the official developer account on Twitter and check for new announcements. If the server is currently being updated, stay tuned and wait for the end. If there is no maintenance, it may indicate that an error has occurred on your part. In this case, proceed to our next tips.

Modem reset

Resetting the modem by turning it off and then turning it on using the power button can help to eliminate the error caused by a poor connection. You can also try to find out if there is a tiny reset hole on the back of the modem that can be used for hard reset - a much more efficient way to revert to factory settings. This helped to eliminate the error for both users on the Steam forums and on the PUBG forums.

Disable proxy settings (Windows 10)

If your computer is running Windows 10, try disabling the proxy settings. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open the Windows search tool, which is indicated by the magnifying glass icon in the lower left corner on your PC. Enter Proxy.
  2. In the list that opens, select “Change proxy server settings (if there is no such option, select Proxy server settings / Change proxy server settings).
  3. On the page that opens, there will be automatic and manual settings for the proxy server. Disable the "Automatically detect settings" option in the "Automatic proxy server settings" section and the "Use a proxy server" option in the "Manual proxy server settings" section.

Is done. Restart PUBG and try connecting to the servers again to see if the problem with the servers is fixed.

After the last update of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, some players had problems with the connection, namely the screen with the message “Connection failed”. Naturally, this prompted the community to seek remedies until the developers could solve the problem. Several useful solutions were presented, and we gathered them all together to help you get back into the game. Before you send a request to the support service, try to troubleshoot problems with connectivity in PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds with the help of our guide.

Connection error

The following advice may seem trivial, but make sure your Windows version is updated to the latest. If your computer is not configured to update automatically, connectivity problems in the Battlegrounds can be fixed by updating. To check whether you are updated, go to the settings of your computer, and in the "Update and security" section, click "Check for updates".

Another solution is to have your game files present and in proper working condition. To do this, go to Steam, right-click on PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, go to the Properties tab, and then the Local Files tab. There you will find the button "Check the integrity of the game files." If something is wrong, it can cause your connection problems. If not, go to the next option.

Continuing with the “Connection Error” bug fixes on the Battlegrounds, you need to make sure that the correct drivers are installed for your GPU. Nvidia, like AMD, usually uses an auto-update program. However, additional damage never hurts. Go to the GeForce program and select "Automatic driver update". You can also do this on the website - in the support section, select "Automatically detect and install your driver."

If the above simple methods did not help, it's time to move on to more complex ones. If you feel that your Battlegrounds “Connection Failed” error is related to Steam, you can try running Steam as an administrator. To do this, follow the path:

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam

Then right-click "Steam.exe" and select "Run as administrator". The same technique applies to the PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds file itself. If you want to run the Battlegrounds as administrator, you can go to:

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ TsIGame \ Binaries \ Win64

And choose to run as administrator. Please note that this may not work if your games are divided into another disk. If you have had problems with Windows Defender in the past, you may be able to fix connectivity issues in the Battlegrounds by disabling it. To disable Windows Defender, go to the Start menu and find the Windows System tab. Select "Windows Defender". When the window pops up, be sure to click “Turn Off” to make sure that Windows Defender is disabled.

Other problem solving methods

Many users were able to solve the problem after disabling additional system components or third-party programs:

  • Antivirus software.

You may have installed antivirus or antispyware software in one form or another, and although it helps prevent malware from affecting your PC, it can also block the receiving of updates by the Steam client or prevent Steam content servers from connecting to your PC. Here are some vivid examples of antiviruses that persistently do it - Norton, AVG, Avast, depending on the number of users it has affected. If disabling antivirus scares you, Windows Defender is an excellent antivirus software that is preinstalled on your Windows 10 PC and does not interfere with Steam. More than one antivirus is not needed, as it slows down the computer.

  • VPN.

Does your computer have VPN installed, for example, NordVPN, TunnelBear, ExpressVPN? Of course, sometimes connecting to third-party servers or masking the address of your computer can be useful, but it does more harm than good. Especially if you use Steam, because VPN does not allow the Steam client to connect to the main network. It also means that if a game like PUBG requires significant network resources, it can interfere with the connection. Therefore, be sure to turn off any VPN that you may have installed when trying to play PUBG to prevent any server-side errors.

  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) clients and file sharing software.

Simply put, a P2P application is your Skype or any other voice chat software you may have once installed. P2P programs may consume an excessive amount of your bandwidth and other system resources if they are not configured properly. Such clients prevent the connections on which Steam and, in turn, PUBG depend. File sharing software, such as a BitTorrent client (software for downloading torrents), can also affect Steam connections. Be sure to close the program before running Steam.

  • Firewall.

As we are trying to find the main problem explaining why we cannot connect to the PUBG servers, the firewall is one of the key programs that can really be the reason why the game cannot connect to the main servers. This does not mean that a firewall is useless in any sense, because it has its advantages. If in fact the reason lies in the firewall settings, then it must be disabled. In addition, you can turn it on again as soon as you finish playing, if you are not impatient, since it takes less than 10 minutes to turn it on or off.

Here's how to turn off the firewall on Windows 10:

  1. Open the control panel and select System and Security.
  2. Then select Update and Security / Firewall and Network Security.
  3. Now, on the left sidebar of the Windows Firewall screen, you can see that Windows Defender Firewall is turned on. Click "Turn off Windows Defender Firewall".
  4. Check the box next to Disable Windows Defender Firewall in the settings for both private and public networks.
  5. Click OK.

If you're on a Mac:

  1. Go to the "System Settings" and click "Security and Privacy".
  2. Click on the Firewall tab.
  3. Now click on the lock icon in the lower left corner of the window and enter the administrator password.
  4. Click "Disable Firewall."

Done! You can try connecting to the PUBG servers again to see if the error has been fixed.

Other PUBG Errors and Solutions

Since the release of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), this revolutionary royal battle has been named one of the most notorious games of the year. If you are playing a game, you already know the reason for this. But for those who do not, let's clarify. The game is full of various problems that spoiled the overall impression of the game for everyone. Unprecedented problems led to an increase in the number of complaints, which led to the deterioration of more than a third of the total player base in the game. At the same time, PUBG still has the potential to become better. And since the developers are working hard, trying to solve all the problems, the game has a great future.

Rendering errors

When the game was first released, the community was filled with hundreds of thousands of reports about the many rendering problems in the game. Over time, some of them were solved by the developers, although most are still not fixed. For a game like PUBG, which requires a quick reaction, problems with loading can be quite unpleasant, because they do not allow players to enter buildings and houses. Therefore, players die as they fall out of the plane. So how can you get rid of these problems PUBG, you ask? Well, the solution is pretty simple. It occurs when your computer does not meet the requirements of the game. In other words, the data that the game should download is too “heavy” for the PC, so additional time is required. And since the game runs online, time cannot be stopped. Therefore, you see uneven houses and buildings. For greater simplicity, here are the recommended PC requirements for playing without any problems with rendering.

  • 64-bit Windows 10.
  • AMD Ryzen 5-1600 / Intel Core i5-7600K processor.
  • 16 GB of RAM.
  • NVidia GTX 1060 graphics processor 6 GB or better.
  • DirectX version 11.
  • Broadband internet connection.
  • 30 GB of available game space on your hard disk.

To fix this, you can either reduce the graphics settings or upgrade the PC hardware. Since the latter solution requires more time and money, we suggest you change the graphical parameters of the game. We would advise you to check the various available settings and see which ones are best for you. If you want to achieve maximum performance and not worry about how good the game looks, we recommend that you follow the settings below:

  • Screen mode: fullscreen.
  • Quality: Custom.
  • Screen Scale: 100.
  • Smoothing: very low.
  • Postprocessing: very low.
  • Shadows: very low.
  • Textures: medium.
  • Effects: very low.
  • Foliage: very low.
  • Viewing distance: ultra.
  • Motion Blur: Disabled.
  • V-Sync: disabled.
  • Character Rendering: Off

You can also try to optimize your computer, which can slightly improve the performance of the game. To do this, simply follow the instructions below and keep in mind that they are easily reversible, so you can always return to the default settings whenever you want:

  • Go to the desktop and right-click on My Computer and select "Properties."
  • In the left column, click Advanced system settings.
  • Click the Advanced tab at the top of this window. Then, in the "Performance" section, click the "Parameters" button. The Performance Parameters window opens.
  • Once there, select “Ensure the best performance” and click “Apply.”

This reduces the load on your operating system, limiting the number of visual effects. Consequently, the performance is improved for both your PC and PUBG.


As in the aforementioned problem, the frame rate or frame rate drop also disappoints players from the first days of the game. This led to a series of complaints that said the game was poorly optimized. We understand that developers are contributing to optimization updates, but this is a fairly time consuming and lengthy process. Поэтому, в то время как происходит обновление, мы советуем игрокам, которые испытывают проблемы с пропаданием кадров в секунду, снизить графические настройки, разрешение и, если это не сработает, обновить компьютер с использованием новейшего оборудования. Для повышения производительности в игре попробуйте следующие советы:

  • Закройте неиспользуемые/фоновые приложения.
  • Отключите игровой видеорегистратор.
  • Восстановите реестр ПК.
  • Обновите драйверы видеокарты и другие.
  • Установите «Высокий приоритет» для игры в диспетчере задач.
  • Установите для параметров питания значение «Максимальная производительность».

Пользователи Nvidia могут немного повысить производительность через фирменную панель управления. Перед этим убедитесь, что у вас установлены последние версии драйверов:

  1. Нажмите на стрелку в правом нижнем углу панели задач, чтобы открыть меню значков. Щёлкните правой кнопкой мыши логотип Nvidia (зелёный и чёрный) и выберите «Панель управления NVIDIA».
  2. Выберите «Управление настройками 3D», затем «Настройки программы» и в раскрывающемся меню найдите «PUBG» или «TslGame». Если вы не можете их найти, нажмите «Добавить» и укажите путь к расположению установленной игры.
  3. Оказавшись в меню, измените следующие настройки:
    • Установите «Максимум предварительно отрендеренных кадров» на 1.
    • Установите «Monitor Technology» на «G-SYNC», если это возможно. В противном случае оставьте как есть.
    • Установите «Режим управления питанием» на «Предпочитать максимальную производительность».
    • Установите для параметра «Предпочтительная частота обновления» значение «Максимально доступная».
    • Установите «Потоковая оптимизация» на «Вкл».
    • Установите для параметра «Вертикальная синхронизация» значение «Использовать настройку приложения 3D».

Проблемы с подключением

Теперь, когда у вас есть представление о том, как можно решить проблемы с производительностью PUBG, можно переходить к устранению проблем с подключением. Именно из-за них игроки проклинают разработчиков за их неудачные попытки стабилизировать игру. Но большинство геймеров просто не знают, что ошибки могут быть вызваны по их вине. Чтобы убедиться, что проблема не в ПК, мы советуем игрокам PUBG придерживаться нескольких указаний, которые важны при игре в онлайн-игры. Вот несколько рабочих советов для оптимизации и стабилизации проблем с соединением PUBG, обнаруженных в игре:

  • Используйте проводное соединение.
  • Дефрагментируйте все ваши диски.
  • Удалите файлы аварийного восстановления.
  • Проверьте настройки антивируса.
  • Поставьте Высокий приоритет для PUBG в диспетчере задач.
  • Проверьте настройки VPN и посмотрите, не ограничивают ли они ваше соединение.
  • Включите UPnP.
  • Измените параметры переадресации портов и NAT.
  • Включите функцию QoS (доступно не на всех маршрутизаторах).

Проблемы с сервером

Упомянутые выше обходные пути помогут вам повысить производительность в интернете, что приведёт к устранению проблем с подключением к PUBG. Однако, если проблема все ещё остаётся, то есть как хорошие, так и плохие новости. Хорошей новостью является то, что ваша связь в порядке. Тем не менее, плохая новость заключается в том, что именно сервер вызывает у вас проблемы с PUBG. Исправить это можно с помощью Kill Ping. Когда серверы вызывают проблему, сделать вы можете очень мало. Тем не менее, есть программное обеспечение, которое поможет вам получить лучшие маршруты к игровому серверу и позволит избавиться от надоедливых проблем с сервером. Яркий тому пример – пинг-редуктор Kill Ping.

Kill Ping – это программа для сокращения пингов, которая помогает избавиться от проблем, связанных с пингом и лагами. Следовательно, если вы сталкиваетесь с такими проблемами, как проблемы с сервером PUBG, для вас она может быть единственным решением. Kill Ping делает это через свои выделенные игровые серверы, которые позволяют играть в любую игру без каких-либо хлопот. Другими словами, он оптимизирует ваше игровое соединение, подключая вас через выделенные серверы, которые специально разработаны для улучшения пинга игры. Следовательно, с активированной функцией Kill Ping вам не придётся беспокоиться о других проблемах, связанных с сетью. Скачать программу можно с официального сайта совершенно бесплатно.

Если серверы обновляются или находятся на профилактике, решить проблему сети в PUBG может только ожидание. Если же происходит крупное обновление сервера, ждать придётся долго. Но если ошибка вызвана перегрузкой сервера, вы можете сменить его на другое ближайшее место и продолжить играть в игру.

На данный момент это все советы. Если вы всё ещё испытываете проблемы с PUBG, не падайте духом. Поделитесь своими комментариями под этой статьёй, и, возможно, в следующей статье мы поможем решить именно вашу проблему.