Firmware or flashing phone Huawei Honor

Cellular devices provide us with the opportunity to communicate with everyone, a dialogue with whom we consider extremely important or pleasant enough.

We are grateful to the inventors for the fact that we can make calls in any space, without being tied to the city telegraph, as it was in the recent past.

Neither the distance nor the time of day will not become an obstacle for a call, so it is not surprising that every modern person has a mobile device at his disposal, among the varieties of which the Huawei brand phone stands out.

The firmware of the popular smartphone Huawei Honor will not require much effort

Goals and reasons for flashing

Unfortunately, even this “true friend” can bring small problems, provoke confusion and a negative reaction. This happens when, during operation, it refuses to perform a number of functions.

In this case, it is necessary to solve the problem radically, penetrating into its software, namely, updating or installing a new firmware version.

What gives the new firmware

Wizards from the service center can do this, but there is an alternative option when you yourself study the material on how to flash a Huawei phone, after which, rolling up your sleeves and armed with increased attention, carry out all the important manipulations.

The new U8860 firmware will not only make the phone function successfully, but will also open up new unique features that you will appreciate right away.

Please note that after the firmware update process will occur not only successfully, but also in automatic mode.

Before starting such a responsible manipulation it is only important to understand, you are interested in the official firmware or custom.

Custom version is an unlicensed product made by craftsmen. However, quite often it is the custom firmware that is the most requested, since it is accompanied by a large number of new features.

On the Internet, you can find different versions of Android firmware that match your needs.

Flashing process

So, after making a decision on who will be reflashing the smartphone, it is possible to make up the entire subsequent algorithm of actions.

If you do not want to spend time on such manipulations, so you prefer to give the Huawei phone to the service center, prepare a certain amount of money to the masters who will take to flash your mobile unit.

If you decide to learn the basics of such actions yourself, arm yourself with important knowledge of how to flash the Huawei phone, thoroughly study the algorithm, carrying out which a new firmware will be installed on the smartphone.

If you are not confident in your abilities - it is better to contact the service center.

Algorithm of action (option number 1)

Initially, “walk around” on the Internet, read the information on the thematic forums, and eventually find out the version of the firmware that you would like to install on your Huawei phone.

Just remember that you cannot instantly trust all sites offering any product, so as not to pick up serious problems. You should check the site, read the reviews of other visitors, only then download the file.

You can upload firmware only after you have indicated the exact model of your Huawei smartphone on the site. Someone else’s firmware will harm your mobile device, so you shouldn’t be cool about it.

Specify the model for the selection of suitable software versions

After uploading, there will be several boot files in the folder. They all need to be installed one by one, the process should be started only with a file called “Setup” and the extension “exe”.

Reboot your PC, connect your Huawei phone to it, using the USB cable, wait until the bootloader window appears on the PC screen.

Among the list of devices, specify your smartphone that you want to flash. Go to the tab "Active Phone", there find specifically your model.

In the next window called “Program Boot Loaders”, check the box that gives permission to activate the program responsible for loading the firmware. Below is the “Load Build Contents” button, it should be clicked to load important files.

In the window that opens, you need to point to contents.xml, after which the “Download” button will immediately appear, which you need to click on. After that, the download process will start, you just have to wait. However, after completion, the program will ask for permission to format your Huawei phone.

Do not allow this, immediately click on the "Cancel" button, this will prevent the loss of important data.

Now unplug the USB cable before using the safe removal function of the device. Restart your computer and reconnect your Huawei phone to it.

A window will reappear on the screen, but this time the program will ask you for a password. Practice shows that the word “Huawei” acts as a password. Points will appear in the window immediately, check each box next to each one, and then indicate the path where you saved the firmware file at the initial stage.

After specifying the path and pressing the “Next” button, another window will reappear on the screen, in which it will be easy to find the “Scan and Download” button. Click on it and for some time just freeze, without interfering with the ongoing process.

8860 Huawei firmware will start automatically, you can simply watch its progress on the screen. When the program announces the completion of the process, click on "OK", disconnect the phone, and then restart it. This completes the first method of installing the new firmware version.

Algorithm of action (option number 2)

If the first variant of the algorithm of actions is more suitable for flashing the phone with a custom version, then the second one is focused exclusively on the official version.

In this case, you must especially carefully follow all the advice of experienced users. First of all, you need to save the firmware only on the SD-card of the smartphone, on which you first create a folder with the name “Dload”.

Experts recommend to pay attention to such an important circumstance as the volume of the SD card. Strangely enough, but it is recommended that the volume does not exceed four gigabytes. If your SD card is large, it is better to take another one for carrying out such manipulations.

By the way, it is strongly not recommended to focus on the built-in memory if you want to successfully flash your phone.

The firmware that is most important in this process should be accompanied only by the name UPDATE.APP.

During the installation of the firmware, the smartphone may suddenly reboot for you. Be calm, do not interfere in this process, since such reboots are a confirmation that the process is carried out without problems and correctly.

If several files are uploaded in the “Dload” folder, each of them will have to be installed by setting the order.

Next, the process of installing the new firmware version can be done in two ways, so it’s best to get to know both of them, and then choose the one that is understandable to the smallest details and does not cause you any questions.

So, choosing the first method, turn off your mobile device, open the back cover and remove the battery, then put it back in place. This is not an empty action, so they should not be neglected and ignored. When the battery is removed, the quick boot settings are reset.

Remove the battery for a while and put it back in place.

Now hold down the buttons for volume control and press the power button. Release the volume buttons only after you discover that the installation process has started successfully.

The second method involves some actions aimed at making changes to the settings of the mobile device. Initially go to the main menu, go to the "Settings" submenu, then find the line "Memory". After that, click on the section "Software Update", you will see new parameters, among which find the "Update SD-card."

The process starts again automatically, you just have to wait for its successful completion.

So, having studied the proposed algorithms, you can make sure that it is easy to flash a Huawei smartphone. It is only important to remember that even one unwise decision or action can seriously harm your mobile device, so the firmware is the case when you should not allow your own imagination, do not rely on personal flair, but strictly follow the established algorithm. In this case, not only the process will be completed successfully, but you will also get the opportunity to enjoy the new functions that appear.