7 best hidden games in google search and other easter eggs

Programmers guys with a great sense of humor and from time to time present in their products all sorts of surprises in the form of hidden mini-games or options. Interesting "chips", hidden from users, are present in various services and programs. Google developers are also pleased with such unexpected and pleasant trifles, called "Easter eggs." Secret games and functions are embedded in various services of the company, including the search engine. Using the search even day after day, it is not always possible to accidentally discover one of the surprises. Consider what hidden games are available in the Google search engine, because as it turns out, Google is also a well of secrets.

Mini games

We have collected for you the best entertainment from the developers of the Corporation of Good, for which the famous search engine is rich and if you did not know about such built-in features, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Dinosaur T-Rex

You can see the cutest dinosaur T-Rex in a search engine if you are not connected to the Internet. The phenomenon of lack of connection is far from uncommon, so the next time this happens, instead of waiting for the connection, play with this wonderful creature. Dinosaur runs, overcoming all sorts of obstacles in the form of cacti or pterodactyls. To start the game when the message about the absence of the network appears, press the spacebar, and T-Rex will start its race. You are required to help the dinosaur jump over obstacles by pressing the spacebar and thereby gain points.


Probably every child of the nineties, who still remembers the old DOS, played this wonderful toy Pac-Man (or CD-Man, the essence is the same). In 2010, Google developers introduced a doodle in honor of the 30th anniversary of the legendary game. After so many years and, despite serious advances in the development of the gaming industry, it is still interesting to play this game. Its essence is to manage a kolobok, eating crumbs and bonuses appearing in different places in the maze - all crumbs should be eaten on the field to go to the next level. But not everything is so simple. Four ghosts hunt for our hero, from which he should stay away, because when meeting with any of them, life is lost. Eating flashing crumbs in the corners and you can chase the ghosts yourself, when they are destroyed, points are added. We drive in the search query "pacman" and enjoy your favorite childhood game right in the browser.

Solitaire Solitaire

Favorite game of office workers suffering from idleness. Card games are often removed from the functionality of the PC system administrator, but Google does not give up its own - the search engine can always be used, and here the developers have saved another surprise in the form of the most famous solitaire game. When requesting "solitaire" in a small window, a classic solitaire will be available directly in the browser.

Atari breakout

Who does not remember the iconic arcade game Breakout, dragging on for long hours. It will have to control the platform (arrows on the keyboard), moving from side to side at the bottom of the window and beat the ball with it, which in turn breaks the bricks lined up from above. You need to pick up the ball until it will be able to break all the blocks. This is incredible, but Atari Breakout has long been over 40 years old and, despite its old age, it is still interesting. To start the game, go to the Google Images search service, where we enter the query "atari breakout".


Another game that has become a classic. It is also present among the secrets of Google and how people of all ages know how to play it. The colorful snake, controlled by the arrows on the keyboard, should move continuously, eating apples. Due to this, it grows, which complicates the gameplay. The main thing is not to stumble on the wall and do not bite off the tail! To enjoy the legendary game we drive in the search box Google query "snake".

Tic tac toe

The Google search engine also introduced a familiar childish game to everyone, which sometimes adults are not averse to playing. If you want to return to childhood for a few minutes, just write “tic-tac-toe” in the search bar and press the enter key.

What other interesting things is fraught with Google

In addition to interactive games, the developers have prepared other surprises that you might like:

  • "Animal voices" - this search query will give you the opportunity to listen to the sounds that a bat, horse, camel, alpaca, tiger, lizard and other fauna emit. Pictures with these animals will also be displayed. Such a "trick" from Google without a doubt will help parents entertain their kids;
  • “Metronome” is a good thing for musicians. Having hammered the command into the search bar, you will see a virtual metronome, measuring the intervals of time with uniform beats. The default setting is 100 beats per minute, but by moving the slider, you can select any value from 40 to 218 beats;
  • "Zergrush" - this command, scored in the search bar, will launch a whole invasion of zeros that will crush the search results on the page, and when they do, they form two letters G (referring to the game Starcraft);
  • “Doabarrelroll” - after this request, the page will turn 360 ° clockwise. The same effect will be if you type "Z or R twice";
  • “Askew” - the team will tilt the Google page a little.

Finally, we’ll talk about where you can see the unique Google doodles. You, probably, noticed that the logo of the company often changes, transforming into a theme of every possible events. These pictures with the words “Google” in a thematic guise can be viewed at the link: //www.google.com/doodles.

Of course, this is not all the hidden games and functions of Google, besides the collection of Easter eggs is replenished more than once. Typically, such ventures are timed to any events and in the future, developers are unlikely to miss the opportunity to add new interesting options.