Combining multiple images in Photoshop

Having a little experience in Photoshop, most users are not even going to stop there, continuing to improve their skills. Wanting to create a postcard or a unique holiday photo, novice graphic designers may face another problem, which consists in misunderstanding how to combine the images in Photoshop.

Combining images in Photoshop is an easy task that even beginners can do.

Of course, faced with this new task, beginners may get the wrong opinion that it will be quite difficult to understand, much less learn to master the photo-sharing skills in Photoshop. In fact, everything is not so scary - the process of combining two or more photos is simple. Having learned this business, subsequently newcomers will smile, remembering how much they were wrong for fear of their failures.

Simple ways to combine photos

There are several options that allow in Adobe Photoshop to merge, glue, overlay each other in a certain sequence of photos. A designer who is just beginning to master the capabilities of Photoshop is sufficient to familiarize himself with the instructions of experienced users who can combine photos in Photoshop.

Connecting pictures

The combination of several images in Photoshop can be considered as the simplest action that does not need special skills at all.

To get practical experience and make sure you should open Adobe Photoshop, upload an image that will act as the main background, and then open a few photos to be combined.

Having captured the first photo with the mouse, it should be dragged onto the picture with the main background. If you now activate the image with the main background by clicking on it with the mouse, then on the panel where all layers are displayed, the user will find not one, but two layers. With the rest of the photo should do the same, in turn dragging them to the main background, and then placing in the sequence that was planned.

Of course, in this case, some photos will partially overlap each other. If any pictures are too large relative to the rest, you can change their size.

To do this, you need to select the "Free Transformation". After that, an active frame appears around the image, respectively, by capturing the marker, you can enlarge the image, reduce and expand it, changing its angle.

Of course, this is the easiest way to connect images, so each of them on the general background is still perceived as a separate whole. But in reality, situations arise when it is important to know how to combine the two photos in Photoshop so that they look like one.

Drawing up a quality collage

It is a little more difficult to make a high-quality collage, which is a composition of several photos combined in Photoshop so realistic that even the people in the photo can believe in their reality. Of course, for this to happen, you will need to master additional knowledge.

Insert a fragment of the image

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editor that allows you to cut, edit and paste images. A novice designer can open a photo in which a favorite object or subject is located, and then, using Adobe Photoshop tools, cut it. You can simply circle it and copy it, and then, after moving to the next image, which acts as the main background, simply paste the copied fragment.

Next, you should visually evaluate the connection of two photos. If the dimensions of the inserted fragment do not quite fit, they are adjusted.

Unfortunately, the process of selecting the object that you want to copy and then paste is quite complicated and time consuming. Therefore, many users deliberately try to get away from the problem, making it easier for themselves to complete the task in other ways.

In particular, on the Internet there are many collections of clipart, which are images on a transparent background. Such photos are easier to combine, since the need to trim them is eliminated - it is enough to simply superimpose one photo onto another.

It is also easy to find on the Internet and download isolates representing images on a white and black background. They are also easy to impose on the main image. You can remove the white or black background by using a tool like the Magic Wand. It is able to highlight a uniform background, and then it is easy to delete by clicking on “delete”.

Smooth bonding of two photos

If you have to stick together two photos, accompanied by similar, but still different backgrounds, you should use other tips from experienced designers.

In Photoshop, open two photos at once. One is captured with a mouse and dragged into a second document, in which two backgrounds are formed after that. The top layer is required to be made half transparent. To do this, the user should in the Layers panel find the Opacity parameter, go to it and reduce the parameter by 50-60% using the slider.

After that, the second image under the first one will be easily viewed. The user must move the first or second photo so that they are located relative to each other as perfectly as possible.

Next, you will need to use some tools, including an eraser and a brush. The eraser will erase part of the upper layer according to the user's design vision. The brush tool allows you to accompany the eraser with the desired parameters of stiffness, density, transparency, size and shape.

Be sure to set the stiffness parameter in the brush settings to zero, and the opacity - 20-30%. After the eraser erases all the necessary places on the first photo, the user necessarily returns the opacity parameter 100% to the first layer.

You can also apply a mask, then both photos remain intact, but at the same time part of the image of one of them will be hidden.

On the panel, two primary colors are selected (black and white), then the gradient tool is taken, in the settings of which the transition from black to white is set. Now on the created mask using the gradient, the user creates a gradient transition at his own discretion. To increase the realism, they take a soft brush and draw white and black areas with it, remembering that the areas painted in black will later be opaque, and white in the opposite. It remains only to place a picture on top of the main background, and then add a mask. Thus, it will be possible to glue together two photos as realistically as possible.

Work in Photoshop can bring moral and aesthetic pleasure. After all, thanks to her, you can create magical photos that will receive grateful responses from people. And help with this completely simple skills that are easy to develop even for a beginner.