Rating of keylogger applications for Windows

Spyware is used not only by some outstanding hackers or employees of the intelligence services of the countries of the world, but also ordinary citizens who have decided to attend to gaining knowledge about the facts of using their personal computers or electronic gadgets. But many who really ask this question and want to install certain spyware software that would monitor any computer activity around the clock and collect all the information received into reports for permanent access to it, have difficulty not only with finding this software, but also with the question of the legality of these actions. And it is about this and will be discussed in this article.

TOP best applications keyloggers for Windows.

Top 4

So, you should start with the top 4 spyware applications to track all the information that passes through the resources of the computer running on the Windows operating system. But before any specific search for spyware applications, you need to ask another question, which looks like this: “How can I avoid being under a microscope of a spyware program?”. It should be understood that by virtue of the “conditional legality” of all spyware applications (this issue will be discussed later), most of the available options, especially distributed for free, are viral software, and instead of spying on someone, the user gets spying on himself, which can include not only the compromise of personal data, but also possible financial losses. In this regard, it can be noted that any free software from the category in question can go “in package” with a bunch of possible negative consequences. That is why one key thing is to understand that spyware that has been tested in practice cannot be supplied free of charge, at least for one simple reason, that the development of these programs can have significant legal consequences, which the developers are trying to compensate by providing their products for certain fee. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and it is these exceptions that will be discussed below. This, as well as other general and functional aspects, must be taken into account and taken into account when making a particular choice.


This is probably the most popular keylogger program, distributed free of charge, but with many significant drawbacks. The functionality offered by developers looks as follows:

  • tracking of all information entered using the keyboard / mouse, including the entered passwords (only for NT below 4.0);
  • saving search queries from all browsers used;
  • implemented remote access to the file component on the victim's computer;
  • tracking the activity of instant messengers;
  • tracking mouse clicks;
  • fixing the time of opening / closing of all programs.

To help the user is offered a visual guide (Wizard), which periodically appears on the desktop. This circumstance does not allow to fully ensure the secrecy of the work of the software in question. Since, first of all, “SC-KeyLog” is positioned to monitor its own computer, for obvious reasons, installing it on someone else’s computer (except for factual illegality) is simply meaningless, due to the fact that the user will be notified in just a few minutes by antivirus software software, and the spyware itself.

We should also separately note and to some extent warn that the site where “SC-KeyLog” was most directly distributed was offered for sale, which is reported immediately upon its visit. Therefore, the most sensible idea would be to attend to the correctness of the work of SC-KeyLog in the future, since it is likely that due to the sale of the site, the subsequent development and support of the product is frozen.

IMPORTANT. This is a personal opinion of the author, with whom other persons may not agree, including direct developers.

"Ardamax Keylogger"

The cost of this product is quite high, about $ 35, due to which one should expect more stability and more advanced functionality from it than from free analogues, including with respect to the mentioned “SC-KeyLog”. The practical application of many users has shown the high quality of the “Ardamax Keylogger” with respect to the existing functionality, and with respect to the secrecy and reliability of the final result. The main possibility is to select the complete collection of all information that is traced in one way or another in the operating system. One really worthwhile distinction should be the possibility of sending the collected reports by e-mail and to establish a certain order of periodicity of automatic shipments. All checks for lice demonstrated that standard anti-virus software completely ignores Ardamax Keylogger, which significantly increases the range of possible applications, and the user-friendly and understandable spy interface allows you to sort the information received in the most convenient way for the user.

"Actual Spy"

Immediately it is worth noting the forty-minute trial version, plus this or minus - a rhetorical question, as for a full-fledged sample, the functionality of forty minutes is definitely not enough. Actual Spy offers, in addition to a guaranteed basis - control over clipboard occupancy, - monitors the activity of printers, including network, tracking the activity of Internet connections. It will also be good to say that this development is the merit of Russian craftsmen, which simplifies its use and reduces the actual cost - about 600 rubles. The interface is sufficiently pleasant, taking into account the specifics of the considered software, it is not loaded with elements and well-structured. With all this, the only significant drawback is the size of the installation file (more than 1.50 MB), which is several times larger than all the other candidates described in this article.

"Elite Keylogger"

This option is positioning itself as an elite product in the category under consideration, which has an even more impressive price of $ 69. In general, its elite status “EliteKeylogger” confirms in sufficient volume, offering, in addition to the basic functionality, the following features:

  • work in the low-level driver mode for maximum hidden operation;
  • running the program with the operating system;
  • deleting the program from the victim's computer only if you have an administrator password;
  • there are no alerts, notifications, windows, including in the tray;
  • recognition of service keys (ctrl, alt, shift, F1-F12, etc.);
  • tracking browser pages in which authorization data is filled;
  • click tracking;
  • saving reports and sending them by e-mail;
  • flexible configuration of automatic deletion of old reports, for example, immediately after sending to e-mail or when a log file reaches a certain size.

But it should be understood that the achievement of such secrecy and the abundance of functionality is achieved through a rather complicated process of the initial installation. Another significant advantage that is not implemented in the options described above is the setting to save screenshots for defining key phrases. For example, “spy” can establish that the program needs to take a screenshot immediately after the victim user has entered the key phrase (s) “watch movies online for free”, “social networks”, “download music”, etc. In general, the complexity of the use and initial settings more than pays off excellent functionality, which eliminates all the difficulties and costs of the purchase of "EliteKeylogger".


So, then you should touch on the most important question - is the legality of installing spyware software. It has already been repeatedly said that any attempt to violate the secret / personal life of another person is criminalized, taking into account the provisions of the main legislative act of Russia - the Constitution and taking into account the provisions of the Criminal Code (Articles 137, 138 and 138.1). It should be understood that in order to avoid criminal responsibility, it is necessary to observe at least the following points:

  • the program is installed on your personal computer and users who are authorized to use with them are notified that a tracking program has been installed on the computer;
  • the program is established by the employer on his personal property, which is transferred to the employee for the performance of his job duties, and each employee is notified in writing and under the signature of the inadmissibility of using the work equipment for personal purposes, and that certain software is established to monitor compliance with this internal rule;
  • the program is installed on someone else's computer with the permission of the direct owner. Further responsibility for notifying all users is already assigned to him, and not to the installer.


These are the main points, the observance of which is mandatory; otherwise, for interfering with someone else’s life, you can end up in prison for up to 5 years and with substantial fines, including possible compensation of moral or material damage to the injured party.