The best programs for downloading computer games

Many users use a computer for entertainment, watching movies and TV shows, games of various genres and other ways of hanging out. Some even literally live in virtual reality, completely plunging into the world of computer battles and spending most of their time in them. In any case, games are used for a short leisure time or completely absorb the user, most of the products require installation on a computer, therefore special software is required to download them. Of course, you can use the functionality of the installed browser, but this method is advisable only if you need to download files of small size, since the process is not characterized by high speed.

The choice of programs for downloading games.

Some providers also provide the ability for users to download movies, games and software from a service that is visually presented in the form of a catalog. If the Internet service provider pays enough attention to replenishing the collection, then this option can be used. More comprehensive opportunities will be provided by a full-fledged program for downloading games to a computer, and the user will not be limited in choosing the genres and dimensions of software. The speed of good downloaders is quite high, so I’ll definitely not have to sit in a pose for hours, as if using a browser for this purpose.

The best programs for downloading games

To download a weighty software version using a special application is particularly relevant. Users who are fond of games can choose a program designed exclusively for downloading game content or universal, which also helps to download movies, software and other files. Such services assume a convenient search and download management system, you can pause the process, load it later, interrupt the download, etc. The top, which contains only the best and most popular programs designed for downloading games and other content, will help orient in the selection.


One of the best programs that allows you to download games, movies, music, software, books and other files from the Internet at a good speed. The MediaGet application works with a large number of trackers and gives access to closed peer-to-peer networks, has a built-in media directory with convenient markup by categories, so you can easily find the necessary content, and also have a search line for faster searching by name, format or other criteria.

The navigation menu consists of three main sections: directory, downloads and media player. Having chosen the necessary software, you can read a detailed description to it and view screenshots. Thanks to the integrated player, you can watch videos and listen to audio before downloading, and perhaps instead of it. In the "Downloads" section, you can view statistics, you can watch the download progress, as well as perform various actions (pause, resume the process, turn off the PC when done, delete the download, set up a schedule, and so on). It is possible to load several objects at once.

Download Manager MediaGet works on all versions of Windows, minimizes to tray, which facilitates access, does not load the computer and does not take up much space. It is important to independently specify the path before downloading, so that the program does not distribute the default files to the system disk, which will then fill up very quickly. The software interface is simple and convenient, there is support for the Russian language, so even a beginner will have no difficulty in understanding the functionality.

Game Center

The utility offers the ability to install and run browser and client games, there is a large catalog that includes various genres. To search for software, the interface assumes a search line, the control panel can be customized. Many users will be interested in integration with cloud storage and the social network “My World”, which provides an opportunity to chat with friends. The program is equipped with a media center for playing audio and video, sending news to the mail is enabled, the use of hot keys is available. It is worth noting that the service offers to download games for free, which is without a doubt another advantage of its use.

In addition to the main function and other features, the program allows you to take screenshots and capture video, also supported by a webcam. The process of passing the game, you can save or stream to well-known services such as YouTube or Twitch. Commenting on the content of other users is available, as well as the possibility of participating in eSports tournaments.


The functionality of the program is very similar to MediaGet. With Shareman you can download movies, games, music, books, software and other data. The program integrates a media player, a convenient catalog, there is a detailed description of each product, a search line. At the same time for gamers here is a paradise. Fans of computer games will be able to find a suitable genre in the category menu (the list is quite wide), as well as sort the content alphabetically. There are sections with gaming content for smartphones.

Downloading is carried out using the data transfer technology using the P2P peering protocol, which provides the sharing of “shared” files between people. The organization of your own media library, correspondence in online chat with other users is available. The Shareman loader is distinguished by convenient content systematization, fast download and the availability of all necessary functions, thanks to which the software has earned deserved popularity. The program can work in the background, in the presence of the function "parental control", which is very appropriate if the computer is used by children without adult supervision. Distributed application for free.


Another program for downloading "heterogeneous" content with convenient management and interface in Java. The menu of the multimedia catalog includes several sections, including films, series, games, music, radio and others. There is a possibility of online video viewing thanks to the built-in player. Zona's boot client is an inexhaustible source of content, where you can choose your own torrent. There is a search box that allows you to search for the most popular file sharing.

The game section here is given considerable attention, the games can be sorted by popularity, year of release, rating, and loaded with a single click. It is possible to control the download speed by setting up, and the option to upload a file will be useful if the connection to the Internet has been lost. The program can work in the background, minimizes to tray (on Windows) and does not load computer resources. There is a function to notify the user about the appearance of new games, movies or series. Zona can be downloaded for free for Windows, Mac and Android. Of the minuses of the version of the program downloaded from the official resource is a large amount of advertising.


This is one of the most popular torrent clients, allowing you to download games and other necessary bit-torrent content to a PC or laptop, including fairly weighty files. A primitive a few years ago, uTorrent had many new features after the upgrade. Available to view the video stream during download, control from a smartphone, control the speed of downloads (reception and output), including each separately, if there are several. There is a convenient search and navigation system, a task scheduler, support for RSS feeds, the ability to customize the toolbar and many other useful options. The program has a simple and convenient interface, is absolutely free, takes up little space and works on all versions of Windows. Among the shortcomings - the need to manually add torrents.


A nimble and powerful open source client program that may be of interest to advanced users. Many client functions are similar to the product described above, you can download any data from the Internet, including, of course, games. Bit Torrent is capable of transferring even large-sized files at a sufficiently high speed through peering P2P networks that involve data transfer between users, so that the sources are not the servers, but the users themselves. Considering the principle of the file-sharing procedure, the speed will be higher, the more people distribute content.

The functionality provides the ability to schedule downloads, remote control, control over downloads and other benefits. The program interface is simple, but let it not be misleading - Bit Torrent regularly performs its functions, as well as a number of additional tools. You can search for torrents directly from the application. Bit Torrent is no advertising, occupies a minimum of disk space and allows you to organize effective work.


An application that is a gaming service from Ubisoft that provides all the games from this company for downloading and updating. There are communication gamers, correspondence and adding to friends. The utility options also provide an opportunity to repost news to various social networks, to launch the service on Apple and Android devices. Uplay tools take screenshots and videos, there is a bonus system, free software will be immediately present in your library. In addition, the project provides the opportunity to participate in online tournaments.


A utility for gamers from Electronic Arts and partners. Here are the official versions of the company's products. The functionality of the program allows you to store data and game progress in the cloud storage, conduct online gameplay broadcasts, chat with other gamers. In addition, there is the option of alerts about the news, the launch of the software in automatic mode when you turn on the computer and other tools. The application interface is simple, also in Russian, so even an inexperienced user can work with Origin. For convenience, you need to acquire an account.


The program is a large-scale service for searching, buying and downloading game content, as well as communicating with gamers in the community, and it is not only about the verbal exchange of experience, but also the possibility of transferring different files to each other. In the arsenal of the program a huge range of products, there is the possibility of storing data passes in the cloud storage, create backup copies of downloads, updates. You can customize the interface at your discretion. Many users may also be interested in the ability to access Steam via smartphones and tablets. The service provides an opportunity to arrange fights between users, often holds all sorts of sales and promotions, through which you can buy content on the most favorable terms and even download the game for free.

Which program will be the best, each will determine for themselves individually. Rather, it all depends on the requirements for the software and personal preferences. If there is a desire to combine downloading games with downloading other content in one software solution, then it is better to choose a universal loader option, in the case of preference for specific product manufacturers, a highly specialized tool will suit when downloading miniature toys, for example, presented in the form of flash-files, you can limit and browser.