The best online services and programs for spell checking and punctuation

Any work associated with writing or editing texts requires careful checking for spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors, as well as their correction. Fortunately, in our age of high technologies, it is not necessary to do this manually, which saves time and effort. The special tools, services and programs designed to identify the author’s shortcomings in the text will help to carry out the correction. Even if you do not take into account people who are experiencing great difficulties with the Russian language, spell checking will always be relevant and can be useful in various activities. Errors make all, after all, under the condition of perfect literacy, the human factor is always present.

TOP programs for spelling and punctuation.

The appearance in the text of numerous misprints and spelling errors is a frequent phenomenon when working with large volumes of text, resulting from loss of concentration. Of course, utilities for checking the grammar of the Russian language cannot always completely determine the correctness of writing, since they do not feel or take into account the context. Even one comma, put grammatically correctly, but in the wrong place of the sentence, can completely turn the whole meaning of what was said, and sometimes the same text carries the opposite semantic load even with the same punctuation. Only the living person catches such subtleties of the Russian language, and then only its bearer.

The topic of misunderstanding the exceptional features of syntax-incompatible foreigners is inexhaustible, and services for checking the quality of the text stumble about sayings with a controversial interpretation. Also, many slang expressions are often absent in the dictionaries of programs, which makes it impossible to perfectly correct what is written. In this case, the use of such software allows you to pay attention to most of the errors in the texts and eliminate them. The “assistants” of the authors can be integrated into a text editor, additionally downloaded to a computer or used online.

Top text error checking tools

To date, there are many services that check the spelling, but in many of them, even with the detection of obvious errors, the full seams. Moreover, correctly stated sentences are often regarded as unacceptable in speech. This is due to the scarcity of vocabulary and the lack of understanding of some lexical chains, as in the example of foreigners comprehending the Russian language.

With the grammar checker programs for correcting errors in the text can cope with a bang, but the analysis of the placement of punctuation marks in the text is implemented in services rather primitively. Frequently, the user is offered only to select introductory words and simple syntactic constructions with commas, and when confronted with sentences complicated by a large number of turns, programs no longer see the need for additional elements of writing and often do not hesitate to ask for simplified spelling. Consider the most popular and adequate tools for working with text checking for errors, of course, with the support of the Russian language.

Microsoft Word

The well-known editor from the Microsoft Office package is equipped with a fairly rich functionality. Among the many Word options, there is a built-in literacy checker for typed text in several languages. The editor includes an automatic underlining of the detected errors, which is very convenient, since it allows the user to instantly correct the flaws, thereby doing the adjustment in the course of work, and not at the end. If the function is inactive, go to the "Reviewing" tab and go to the "Spelling options", where we tick the necessary items, and best of all - except for the exception section.

Spelling errors are underlined by a wavy line in red, and grammatical errors - in green. When you select a word or sentence, you can call the context menu and, selecting the Grammar or Spelling (depending on the nature of the error), clarify why the editor is not pleased with this spelling, you will also be offered replacement options, but, of course, not a fact. In Microsoft Word, there is also a convenient function to add words to the dictionary, after which the editor will not underline them as an error. You can also skip a specific word or sentence, including throughout the document in case of repetition. The ability to customize autochange to your own requirements is available, the program automatically corrects errors in the text according to the selected parameters (replaces characters if you press it accidentally, puts capital letters at the beginning of the line, etc.). You can write in any style, setting the necessary options, including the use of colloquial expressions or expressive vocabulary, if necessary.

Online service allows you to check the quality of the text for uniqueness, spelling errors, as well as perform SEO-analysis. The resource is quite good and is used by representatives of various professions to create high-quality content. At the same time, the punctuation here is very tight, but rather its verification, apparently, is not at all provided, since only simple mistakes are emphasized, for example, in the absence of punctuation marks in front of pretexts. Commas can be put down completely out of place, although after each word, will not notice this - checked.

As in all similar online services, the algorithm of work is simple: you need to insert text into the corresponding field, then start the process by pressing the button. The text is checked quickly enough, after its completion, the detected errors will be highlighted, by clicking on which you can see detailed information with replacement options, if they are present in the service arsenal.


The young multifunctional service, which has already proved itself to be a good one, is currently paid for, but the cost of the subscription is low. To assess the possibility of checking the text for errors, including checking punctuation, the user needs to register or log in using an account of any social network. The service will offer a choice of authorization options. Orthogram provides a package of free checks for 6 thousand characters for review, after which services are available with a commercial subscription.

Despite the excellent functionality of the site, the principle of use is simple: the text needs to be inserted into one of the tabs, and the service has three literacy, Beauty and Quality, press the button to start the check, after which the service will display the results with explanations and error correction options. In the checked text, all found defects concerning grammar, spelling, punctuation, as well as stylistic inconsistencies will be highlighted in different colors. Orthogram perfectly copes with the check, allowing to identify even non-obvious errors, and combines the functions of several services. So a small fee for using the program that checks the text in all respects is nothing compared to the benefits to be gained.

ORFO Online

The service with the ability to edit and execute documents. ORFO offers a fairly wide range of options. To check the spelling, you must insert the text in the appropriate field, click the "Check" button and the results will not take long to wait. Errors will be highlighted by analogy with Word, by the way, the interface of the built-in editor is also like “Word”. The service supports dictionaries of 9 languages, the addition of new words is available, and if necessary, the ORFO package can be integrated into the same Word.

Yandex Speller

The resource is designed to check spelling errors in texts, supports three languages ​​(Russian, English, Ukrainian). To select a replacement, Speller uses the CatBoost library, which makes it possible to decipher words typed with distortion and takes into account the semantic context in the process of identifying typos. The service is interesting to be integrated with applications, using the API, it can be connected to any HTML form. Despite the fact that Yandex Speller was intended for web developers, it can also be used by ordinary users.

Language tool

Multilingual resource for literacy verification of texts, revealing punctuation, grammar, spelling and stylistic errors. You can use the service online, download a version of the program for a computer, or install it as a browser extension. In addition to Russian, the Language Tool program supports more than 40 languages ​​and adverbs and can also independently determine the language in which the text is written. The check is performed by analogy with other services of this purpose, according to the results of the analysis, spelling errors will be highlighted in pink, punctuation errors will be highlighted in orange.

AfterScan Express

A multifunctional spell checker that also performs automatic text correction. The AfterScan Express application allows you to handle recognition errors, punctuation, remove extra padding and spaces. In addition, the program detects abbreviations, formulas, special characters, etc. AfterScan product is available in various versions, AfterScan Professional has a wider functionality than the Express version, intended for home use. For example, it includes the function of handling errors of manual input, as well as other interesting features.

You shouldn’t blindly rely on services and text verification programs, technologies are not yet so perfect as to exceed the human intellect that created these very auxiliary tools. The only exceptions are some individuals who are better off trusting the software unconditionally, without even asking unnecessary questions. Unfortunately, the great desire to write pushes completely illiterate people to numerous publications, but there are no obstacles to this yet. At the same time, and for an experienced author, who does not hold literacy, such tools also often become a lifeline. The main thing is to perform the check reasonably and carefully, in order to avoid such incidents as with the well-known T9.