Methods for recovering dead pixels on the monitor

Broken pixels seriously ruin the lives of users, regardless of the type of activity. Because they distort your favorite movies, it is impossible to perform photo processing. And to procrastinate with its decision is prohibited, otherwise they will die.

Methods of recovering pixels on the screen of a monitor or laptop.

What it is

Dead pixels are called with a frozen one color. In the normal mode, each point changes its color depending on the applied voltage and the characteristics of the processed signal over the spectrum. Especially purple, red, green, blue or yellow dots interfere with viewing, being at eye level or in the center of the screen or when there are too many of them. Most of all dead pixels are striking in their unpredictability. They can appear or disappear suddenly, and they can turn white or black, as if hinting at their own death. The causes of such deviations are different. These include monitor wear, video card malfunctions (not to be confused with artifacts), factory defects or an unfavorable screen location environment.

Software treatment of dead pixels

Eliminate stuck pixels can be programmed. Some of the software options may cost money or lose relevance shortly after the publication of the article. As you upgrade options will change.

Dead pixel

The free utility. The algorithm of work is to stimulate potentially dead pixels with various combinations of subpixels. The recommended parameters are the Solid color pattern (Pattern) and an automatic cycle time of 2500 ms (Auto color cycle). For an hour or two, you can work on your own business, and during this time, some pixels may return to normal operation, or the result will be the identification of dead white and black pixels.

Pixel healer

A program of similar action. It quickly displays different colors for mixing subpixels. At this time, it is not recommended to sit near the monitor. The program itself runs in the background. Before closing the program you need to set the preferred time of work. After this time, restore the workflow. The main objective of the program is the restoration of dead pixels or a statement of their death, but it is by no means a definition. If you want to know which pixels are defective and try to restore them, then run this software after running Dead Pixel Tester.

Pixel Repair

Also used for working with pixels. The principle of operation is identical to the previous one, but it is able to first find broken points and then reanimate them.


The probability of successful treatment is 60%. But compared to the above programs, this one has a significant drawback. The service is displayed in the browser, respectively, and the search for dead pixels will be only in its area. However, there is a life hack - in order to use it to cover the area of ​​the browser panels and tasks of the operating system, it is enough to switch the browser to full-screen mode.


Find for users of operating systems from Mac. The principle of its work is to identify all the dead pixels, followed by resuscitation. You can download it in the company's online store for poppies.


A tiny utility for Linux machines. Its interface is in English, but intuitive. The user can play with the background colors from light to dark, patterns (solid, diagonal, squares, parallel lines). Such a technique can not only help calibrate the screen, but also identify broken pixels on a different background. Software for the treatment of pixels for these operating systems are missing or require professional level of training of the computer master. The only solution to ordinary Linux users is to install the Windows shell emulation and run the applications described above from under it.

Mechanical impact

Be careful with this solution. Inaccurate treatment will lead to the opposite result - broken pixels will be added in double volume. Do not use sharp objects and fingers. Exclusively cotton pads or ear sticks. Avoid excessive effort, do not aspire to pave all your anger on the monitor. But the chance of success is much lower.