ESN Sonar: what is this program and why is it needed

Often, users notice the unknown software installed in the system in the list of programs and components or in the Task Manager, and immediately ask themselves what the software is and what functions it performs. If the user himself did not put anything, it is advisable to understand the nature of the unidentified object. Many applications are installed by other programs and are necessary for their full functioning. So in the case of ESN Sonar, which you can find in your browser among other plug-ins, in the list of installed software or in the form of a process sonarhost.exe running in Task Manager.

Using ESN Sonar.

What is ESN Sonar

Since it is not necessary to put the software with your own hands for its operation on the device, and previously installed programs can do it for you, find out what the ESN Sonar program is and what its purpose is still worth.

This application is installed along with the Battlefield online game, and its task is to provide voice communication for the players in the chat. At the same time, the quality of communication is noted to be high enough; VoIP technology is used to transmit voice information. So, being part of BF3 / BF4, the ESN Sonar IP application for Windows, developed by ESN Social Software AB, is necessary for the game client to work fully and is installed immediately when you install the Battlelog plugin for your browser (for example, Google Chrome or Firefox). That is, on the Battlelog platform, you can communicate with players in a voice chat over an IP network thanks to the installed plugin. At the same time, the process sonarhost.exe will be displayed on the computer in the Task Manager.

Now, knowing what the ESN Sonar plugin is for, you can determine for yourself whether you need this feature. If the voice chat function in Battlelog you needlessly, you can remove the software in the "Programs and Features" section of the Control Panel.

Causes of sonarhost.exe Errors

As is the case with any software, sometimes users may encounter various failures related to the executive file of the ESN Sonar application - sonarhost.exe. As a rule, the error message contains information (of course, far from exhaustive), which will help shed light on the cause of the problem. Thus, failures can be triggered by the following factors:

  • The sonarhost.exe file or ESN Sonar related components are missing or damaged due to malware activity.
  • The file was deleted accidentally or intentionally by another program, the user himself.
  • Corrupt Windows registry keys related to ESN Sonar.
  • Conflict of software available on a computer with ESN Sonar API plugin.
  • Damage to components at boot, incomplete installation.

Error messages can appear regardless of the Windows OS version at different times, for example, when the operating system starts or shuts down, during the software installation or when the program is started (then the error causes it to close), etc. The solution to the problem directly depends on reasons for its occurrence. To get rid of the error associated with sonarhost.exe, it is also important to track the moment of the malfunction.

How To Fix sonarhost.exe Errors

Depending on what exactly became the cause of the failure, one or another method of eliminating the problem will be effective. Consider how to fix the errors of the ESN Sonar API application, starting with simple solutions, because often you can not resort to more serious measures, and the issue can be solved in two clicks. Random failures are often eliminated by rebooting the device, but if this did not work, then proceed to correcting the error by other methods.

Cleaning the system from garbage and temporary files

Over time, the system is cluttered with all sorts of data from the programs on the device. In addition to the fact that temporary files take a lot of space, they can also provoke software conflicts, as a result of which errors in sonarhost.exe can also appear. For high-quality cleaning of the system, it is better to use a special tool for these purposes, for example, CCleaner, WinSweeper or others. It will not be superfluous to clean the browser cache. In the future, the system should also be periodically cleaned, which will often help to avoid situations with errors in various programs and increase the operating system speed.

Fix registry entries

As a result of erroneous entries in the Windows registry, various errors also occur, including in sonarhost.exe, so fixing them may solve the problem. It is not recommended to modify the registry entries manually with insufficient experience with it. Even minor seemingly adjustments may entail a number of even more unpleasant consequences than a software failure, so it is better to use specialized software for these purposes. In any case, before starting work, you should back up the registry. A pre-created copy will allow to insure and return the records to their previous places if unwanted actions are committed.

Scan for viruses

Since it is one of the most frequent causes of damage or deletion of files, and therefore the associated software crash factor, is malware, one of the first user actions should be to check the system for viruses. You can perform a scan through the installed antivirus, as well as a supporter of utilities. Well proved to be in terms of high-quality pest control Dr.Web CureIt. This utility is highly efficient, fresh anti-virus databases, while available for free.

System Restore

The built-in Windows function helps users in many situations, it is to some extent a time machine, allowing you to go back in time when no problems have arisen. By completing a system restore, you can undo the changes that led to the error, and you can only return to the point if it is on the computer, so it must be created beforehand.

System File Scanning by SFC Utility

The built-in Windows tool allows you to scan the operating system for errors in system files and fix them during the process. The System File Checker system utility is launched from the command line with administrator rights (using the Run console or the Start button). If there is no possibility to boot Windows, an installation flash drive or disk is used, then the procedure is performed in recovery mode. To scan files do the following:

  • Run the command prompt as administrator.
  • Enter the sfc / scannow command and press Enter.
  • We are waiting for the end of the process, which takes some time.
  • The SFC utility will check the data and find existing errors, in addition, it will also recover damaged files if possible. About the work done at the end of the procedure will be a report.

Reinstalling ESN Sonar API

Often an effective solution to the problem is to reinstall the software, which involves its complete removal and re-installation. To remove an application, you can use the Control Panel, where in the "Programs and Features" section you need to find the ESN Sonar API and select the "Delete" option that appears when you click the object name. Also, for the high-quality removal of software, special utilities are used to get rid of not only the program itself, but also its “tails”. After restarting the device after the removal procedure, you should install ESN Sonar from the official source again.

Update device drivers

Irrelevant device drivers are frequent provocateurs of various kinds of system errors, so you need to check the available versions and update them. For these purposes, a special utility can also be used, which allows you to automate the process. Updates do not interfere with other components of Windows; in the Update Center you can search for updates and install the latest ones. If there is an error associated with the sonarhost.exe file, usually these methods are enough to cope with the problem that has arisen, only in exceptional cases, when none of the possible solutions have helped, it is necessary to take extreme measures and reinstall the system.